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All in one travel app development company

As a premier travel app development company in India, Nextwebi offers customized services and delivers personalized customer experiences through innovative travel websites and web application development. With years of expertise, we have successfully developed multiple applications in the travel domain, assisting travel agencies, agents, tour operators, hotels, and travel companies in integrating multiple channels, APIs and website development.

Our custom travel application development enhances operational efficiency, making us a leading travel software development company in Bangalore, India. Experience hassle-free and pleasant journeys with our web-based solutions and engage in effective digital marketing. Our feature-rich offerings include inventory management, seamless booking processes, secure payments, and more, all customizable to suit your travel business needs.

Core features we offer in custom travel application development

Leverage the power of technology to plan and manage your customers’ holiday plans

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Payment gateway integration

We provide payment gateway integration for your travel solution to easily collect domestic as well as international payments to help your customers buy the services online.

  • Payment gateway solutions
  • Whitelabel payment gateway integration
  • Multicurrency processing
  • Payment processing security solutions
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Inventory management

Maximize ROI and enhance productivity by tracking the availability of flights, hotels, packages, and much more. Custom inventory in-house application and integration with GDS and hotel channel manager application.

  • Venue availability
  • Rooms availability
  • Flight availability
  • Fix departure
  • Package availability
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Visa booking

Online visa booking system that makes the document collection and payment process easy and provides your users an easy way to book visas easily.

  • Document collection
  • Information sharing
  • Payment collections
  • Make Hassle-free visa process
  • Digital application form issuance
  • Easy to apply user-friendly portal
  • Online progress tracking
  • e-Visa Process
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Vehicle renting

Vehicle rental application module in our travel application suite is effective and used by many travel agencies it works with having its inventory in the multi-city and collecting the booking online for the outstation, airport, and hourly rental.

  • Transparent pricing
  • Vehicle range options
  • Book according to preferred dates
  • Fare estimation
  • Drive fee calculation
  • Day & night charges management
  • Online payment
  • Billing and invoice management
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Channel management

Compare and book features according to the availability of various packages, hotels, and rooms.

  • Automatic information sync
  • Fast booking management
  • All-in-one feature
  • Booking engine
  • Shared inventory management
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Tour and travel packages

Customers can book packages based on their travel plans, budgets, date and time preferences, and other customizations option for users to choose from FIT or GIT.

  • Escorted travel plan
  • Solo travel plan
  • Group travel plan
  • Fixed departure
  • Cruise booking

Travel software development solutions at Nextwebi

Simplifies the travel ecosystem to provide your customers with all-in-one travel solutions

Travel portal

We provide a fully customized travel portal solution to travel companies and agencies with all the necessary features and functionalities. With the dynamic travel portal for your customers with central booking administration, travel content mapping, revenue management system, and layered access for the travel agency, our team creates online travel portals for B2B and B2C. The online travel portal has various features integrated like GDS, XML, and any API to add modules like social media, price comparison, mobile ticketing, payment gateways, etc. We design and develop interactive travel websites so that your customers can quickly browse and choose from the many services you provide.

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Hotel Booking

It's never been easier to book your hotel stay with Nextwebi's hotel booking management solution that allows you to search through thousands of properties or have your own inventory, manage seasonal rates and provide a direct checkout option using your website. The application takes guest credit card and reservation information and seamlessly links it with other hotel management software, like PMS, channel manager, CRS, or payment gateways, to offer users a hassle-free hotel booking experience while streamlining a hotel's & resort business processes.

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Ticket Booking

For direct trip booking, passenger tracking, confirmation/cancellations, and more, we create online booking engines and Central Reservation Systems (CRS) that are easily linked with GDSs, Online Booking Tools, extranets, and open distribution channels. By integrating the websites of OTAs and tour operators for scheduling, payments, and CRM of travel business processes, we design and develop end-to-end travel technology solutions. Our main goal is to develop user-friendly interfaces that boost user engagement and maximize ROI.

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Travel Planning Solution

Being a leading firm that develops travel planning solutions, we make sure that the solution we provide for you makes your traveling enjoyable and hassle-free. The system we create offers all travel-related services under one roof, including trip planning, ticket purchasing, hotel booking, and site visits. The personalized app includes location-based dine-in choices and flight reminders. Our travel planning solution enables your clients to make reservations for tickets through your internet portal and mobile apps. It also assists in automating your sales and makes it simple to run your business from anywhere at any time. With our online booking app, you may now order your travel tickets whenever you want. Our comprehensive set of feature caters to the needs of your business and enhance your ROI.

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Travel CRM Software

Manage the huge customer data with customized travel CRM solutions developed with cutting-edge tools and technologies. Enhance ROI and brand loyalty by providing personalized services for your customers. Maximize engagement rates by providing the best Travel CRM solution to partnered hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies. Manage end-to-end business operations including customer data management, loyalty programs, feedback, and much more.

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Custom travel application development

Simplifies the travel ecosystem to provide your customers with all-in-one travel solutions

Why choose Nextwebi for travel software development services?

Being a reputed travel software development company we have successfully deployed the software at various locations which are running successfully across the globe. We develop and deliver agile and scalable travel industry software & app development solutions that facilitate hassle-free domestic and international traveling by transforming the way the travel industry performs.

Scalable and agile platform

Multicurrency and multilingual platform

Hotel and Tour extranet

Centralized booking management

Secured payment gateway integration

Multipurpose Catalog View

Dynamic CMS

Responsive & SEO Friendly

Scalable travel software development solution

Provide remarkable customer experience by digital empowering your travel solution and increasing operational efficiency

Scalable solution

Our travel solutions are designed futuristically to accommodate your growth and expansion plans and provide you with a competitive edge.

Domain expertise

We have significant years of expertise in developing travel solutions that are functioning successfully across the globe.

Consistent quality

We strive to provide consistent and supreme quality in our solutions and provide your customers with a remarkable experience.

Plan, travel, and explore with Nextwebi’s travel solution development

Tighten your seat belts and explore the wide range of travel solutions available for your travel agencies & companies. Integrate interesting features and custom travel packages and boost your business growth with our travel solution software.

What Our Customers Say

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We provide fully automated, specialized software and apps for the travel sector that meet the needs of each specific client. It might have advanced features like AI integration in addition to the essential functionality that every travels mobile app must have.

Depending on the project's complexity, functionality and scope, customizing it would require 4-6 weeks, however, the time may vary based on the project scope and requirements.

We provide weekly updates about the progress of your project and provide you will a URL which you can monitor the progress as well.

Contact us, for discussing your projects our team will get in touch with you to discuss further on the same.

We give you the complete source code of your project for your future reference.

Custom travel software development involves designing and building software solutions specifically for a travel business's unique needs and requirements. This type of software can help a business streamline operations, manage bookings and reservations, and track and analyze important business metrics.

Travel software can greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of a travel business. It can help automate tasks, eliminate manual errors, and provide a more user-friendly experience for both the business and its customers.

Yes, our custom travel software can be integrated with your existing systems and processes to ensure a seamless transition.

The cost of travel software development varies based on the complexity and scope of the project. We provide detailed proposals and work with you to find a solution that fits your budget.

Custom travel software is designed specifically to meet the unique needs and requirements of your business. It can be tailored to your specific workflow and business processes, which can result in a more efficient and streamlined operation. Off-the-shelf software, on the other hand, is often generic and may not provide the same level of customization or integration with your existing systems.

The time required to build a custom travel solution depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the project, specific requirements, and desired features. At Nextwebi, we follow a streamlined software development process to ensure efficient delivery. Contact us to discuss your project, and we'll provide you with a tailored timeline based on your unique needs.

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