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Nextwebi assists you in creating a boundaryless organization by providing a talented workforce powered by innovation, technical and engineering expertise, and deep contextual understanding across various domains in IT industry. Our resource augmentation services offer you customized resources/staff augmentation contracts tailored to fill your resource requirements. Nextwebi's is having highly skilled IT professionals work under client direction and supervision requires very limited training and start-up time, and also expand the skills of your in-house IT team.

Nextwebi expertise spans the technology expert spectrum and includes such skills as IT consulting, systems programming, software development & administration, systems and application management, testing & system support engineer, front-end developers, server security services, and more. We also advise highly specialized abilities in a variety of high-level technologies. We understand that our clients require flexibility and scalability to meet the fluctuating requirements of their businesses.

Resource outsourcing services

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Executive outsourcing

Get strategic expertise on a full-time or part-time basis which would be a right fit for your business and project requirements. Our expert developers have multiple years of experience and industry knowledge which they will implement to generate greater revenues and complete your projects on time.

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Dedicated IT team

Hire a dedicated team of developers that enables technical expertise inhouse by solving tech-based business problems by delivering expertise. Our team of expert developers will help you manage and meet your software development requirements while you concentrate on your core business strengths.

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Contractual staffing

Temporary staffing solutions for the short-term project requirements. We understand the importance of hiring the right candidate for the job and hence we provide you with a dedicated development and IT operations team for your requirements.

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Intern outsourcing

Recruit in-house trained interns for your business requirements. Get fresh perspectives and freshly gained knowledge for your project.

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Process outsourcing

Save on cost and time and focus on your core business by outsourcing tasks or projects for specific projects, our team can work remotly for your projects.

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IT outsourcing

Businesses look for IT outsourcing as a strategic way to tackle application development requirements in-house using state-of-the-art technology stacks and software development services.

Key differentiator

Nextwebi advises customized resource augmentation services tailored to satisfy each client’s requirements. We believe in long-term client relationships. We’ve developed a great expertise on resource augmentation engagements.

Technical expertise

We have multiple years of industry and technological expertise in various domains and hence we understand and analyze your business requirements to provide the best candidates on-time.

In-house trained

The team is guided and trained by our expert developers who have significant experience in the relevant domain.

Highly experienced

The team deployed for your project will ensure professional workflow and on-time project delivery with commitment.


We have resources who have experience in various industries and will help you enhance your business process with risk minimization.

Smoother onboarding

We ensure a strong background verification process is done for each candidate and all the documents are in place for a smooth onboarding process.

Higher retention rate

We deploy quality candidates post a thorough recruitment process based and ensure that employees and employers have high satisfaction.

How we work

Resource Outsourcing Requirements

Share your requirements

Get in touch with our recruitment team and share your requirement for current openings.

Hiring Model

Select your hiring model

We offered varied hiring models which will help you select the right candidate based on your business needs.

Interview Shortlisted Candidates

Interview shortlisted candidates

Conduct a final interview with the shortlisted candidates and find the perfect candidates to deliver quality work.

Professional Team

Work with the professional team

Work with a team of professionals and get your projects delivered on time with exceptional results.

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Technologies we work with

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.NET Core
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Corel draw
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Visual studio
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Visual studio code
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Office 365
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Microsoft dynamics
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Google Cloud
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Digital ocean
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SQL Server
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Technologies we work with

Deploy techies team without hiring hassles!

Hire self-managed and skilled tech team with Nextwebi and deploy on your projects with zero recruitment hassle and hiring efforts. Complete your business requirements with a qualified team with exquisite skill sets and a flair for accuracy and consistency capable of creating end-to-end.

Resource outsourcing features

Build resiliency, hire strategic IT developer with commitment and drive engaging employee experiences at a much lesser time and cost with Nextwebi's resource outsourcing service. We determine the scope of work and skills required based on which full-time or contractual team members are deployed on the client site. Nextwebi provides customized Resource Augmentation Services tailored to satisfy each client’s requirements. Get skilled resources within a stipulated time to work within your firm with our resource augmentation services. We keep a database of all such employees in our company and are equipped to give access to a professional in that field for as long as the project is expected to take to complete, we offer easy replacement of the resources on the demand of the client.

  • Timeline-friendly
  • Overcome training expense
  • Reduce payroll processing
  • Increased flexibility
  • Background verification
  • Reduce operations cost
  • Transparent and streamlined collaboration between partners
  • Hassle-free resource deployment
  • Easy Replacement

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Learn from our work

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We are proudly associated and have maintained long term relationship with several clients over the years. Meet our esteemed clientele with whom we are working.

How do we ensure a fast hiring process?

Hiring @ Nextwebi

Nextwebi successfully handles urgent requests where prompt resource availability is essential for the project's due to a well-established process for establishing staff augmentation transactions. The features of our teams include:

  • Technical expert team in a variety of technoscientific skill sets over a wide range of technology environments.
  • The in-house team of certified technical specialists ready to deploy
  • Highly experienced team assistance services
  • Capability to leverage partnerships with top technology corporations.
  • An unequivocal dedication to the client relationship and your organization’s progress
  • As needed during gearing up for a worker-intensive project.
  • When you expect advanced technical skills beyond your in-house abilities.
  • To fulfill short or long-term skills gaps created by sudden incidents or planned leaves of deficiency.
  • Easy Replacement
  • On-Demand training and deployment

Hiring models

  • Resource Augmentation- Use staff augmentation, a flexible outsourcing method, to add qualified technical personnel to your internal team on a temporary or permanent basis. This concept enables you to include particular people who will enhance your current team and the project's requirements. Additionally, you retain authority over the project and can manage your staff any way you see fit for your company. Reduce recruitment and overhead costs with this recruitment model.
  • Hire a Team- In a dedicated team model, we will deploy an onsite or remote staff that will be solely focused on your project. The group may still be viewed as an addition to your inside staff. The outsourced staff would contact your team every day, outlining the project's activities and general progress. The management of the project and teams remains entirely in your hands. On the other side, the committed team must deliver measurable results based on the specifications and objectives established. It's the ideal business model for entrepreneurs who want to concentrate on delivering their product rather than on hiring and preparing a staff of software developers.
  • Project Based- With a project-based outsourcing strategy, you provide the outsourcing company with complete administration and development of the project. The outsourcing firm collaborates with the client. Simply make sure that your requirements and specs are clearly conveyed and documented. Then you talk about a predetermined plan for testing and approving the deliverables. In this strategy, you provide your outsourcing partner complete, end-to-end control over the project's development. This enables you to completely concentrate on your business while getting ready in advance for the project's delivery. It is important to keep in mind that with this design, some control is also lost. You must create a communication strategy with your outsourcing partner and monitor the progress as necessary.

Hiring process

  • The resource outsourcing contract is discussed and signed once the requirements are discussed.
  • The hiring model will be finalized and the recruitment process will be initiated.
  • Based on your team augmentation request we check our resource ready to join pool, also we conduct interviews and shortlist candidates initial round of technical screening, BG is done by us, whose final interview will be conducted with the client.
  • The shortlisted candidates will then be deployed on your projects based on the business requirements.

Nextwebi your technology partner

  • Serving startups to Fortune 500s across the globe
  • Expertise in customized IT Solutions and Digital transformation
  • Experienced development team with training and upscaling
  • Consulting, Development, DevOps, support in-house team
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Resource augmentation is one of the outsourcing processes that allow staff hiring to ensure up-to-date delivery of a particular project. We have two types of stuff/Resource augmentation services - short-term and long-term or for a client and project ones.

Resource augmentation is the process of hiring external staff to complement the skills of the current in-house staff. The majority of the project would still be done in the house, while some minor roles will be assigned to the external team for support or assistance.

On the other hand, Project outsourcing is the process of transferring the entire project acording to scope of work to an external team or company. The resources, strategy, and output are all done externally.

Resources are outsourced by the Nextwebi based on the required skill set and duration at the client location at a fixed monthly cost.

Resource Augmentation: It is an additional hand to your team temporarily with expert knowledge in a particular field.

Outsourcing: In Outsourcing, you hire a team from an agency or from a different business that accommodates skilled workers for an amount of time or a particular project.

The cost of the outsourcing service depends on the type of staff requirement and location. It can charge hourly rates or fixed rates.

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