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Nextwebi meet all of the requirements for the Google infrastructure, we are Google cloud partner which means we must scale (especially in terms of data volume and client count), be dependable, perform well, and be open in order to support the creation of new web applications. Google cloud does suite of computing services to do everything from data management to delivering web and video. Deploy and scale your application on Google cloud platform that gives you an high performance and free trial period.

Google app engine was launch in 2008 as a platform as a service (PaaS), it allows developer to build and host the apps on google infrastructure, app engine come along with lots of complimentary tools such as data storage layer and Infrastracture as a service (IaaS).

Google Technological Infrastructure

Google is made up of a number of distributed services that offer the fundamental functionality. Nextwebi's Google cloud application services play an important role in cloud computing technology, which is described as a set of internet-based applications capable of storing and processing the majority of user requirements.

With the creation of Google App Engine from our experience, the company has progressed beyond software services and now provides the infrastructure for distributed services as cloud services, allowing enterprises and organizations to run their web apps using the Google framework.

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Google App Engine

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Google App Engine is a web application that is accessible in the Nextwebi hosting service; it is a platform that provides capacity to host applications, store data, and provide networking capabilities. apart from the usual online content, the engine's principal job is to serve applications that are accessed by several people at the same time; Google App Engine from our platform delivers services such as mobile applications, social networking web sites, and multiplayer games. Google App Engine applications have the same capabilities as Google applications that we use every day.

Google Datastore

Nextwebi provides many of the same capabilities that relational databases use to work on data for your organization that Datastore is emerging as a potential approach to storing and organizing data. The Relational Databases model is the most commonly utilized strategy for web application data storage. Other methods of organization include file systems, XML-based databases, and object databases, which are based on a hierarchical structure.

The database system supported by Google App Engine from the Nextwebi platform has many of the same features as object databases, but does not provide join operations on queries. Datastore stores and performs typical create, read, update, and delete actions on data for your company using tables, rows, columns, and queries comparable to relational databases.

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Google App Engine and Cloud Computing

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Google App Engine Platform services is a service for hosting web applications that are often accessed through online browsers and can take the form of social networks, games, mobile applications, newspapers, and so on. The engine may also provide typical applications for businesses, such as papers and photos, although its major use is for real-time dynamic applications.

The engine achieves this via scaling, which is especially important given that we intended for storing applications with numerous users that are accessed at the same time. As the number of users grows, the engine allocates more resources, and the applications no longer have to care about the procedures that occur during the resource adoption process.

Google file system

Our Google File System (GFS) is at the heart of Google's data processing and storage as a search engine. Nextwebi's GFS file services are organized in chunks similar to clusters or sectors in a traditional file system. BigTable allows for huge data processing in applications.

Nextwebi manages handling large amounts of data, processing numerous queries, and generating excellent results for clients using unique search algorithms and data operation features. Nextwebi is capable of meeting critical needs such as reliability and continuous data provision.

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Google Query Language

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Nextwebi's implementation of GQL is based on the Google Visualization API Query Language. Despite the fact that the syntax is similar to SQL, which is used in most database applications, it has several drawbacks. Query formulation in the engine's execution environment, such as Java and Python, is done in such a way that the Datastore is required to return the entities or keys that fulfill the various criteria for your company.

The engine achieves this via scaling, which is especially important given that we intended for storing applications with numerous users that are accessed at the same time. As the number of users grows, the engine allocates more resources, and the applications no longer have to care about the procedures that occur during the resource adoption process.

Why do you choose Google Cloud Application from Nextwebi

Better Pricing Plans Availability

Google Cloud Hosting Plans from Nextwebi are less expensive than other Platforms Hosting Plans. It has more affordable price plans than its competitors. Our platform offers Google Cloud Hosting with per-second charging. Users only need to sign up with all of the necessary information to use this service. He or she only needs a credit card or bank account information. The key benefit of Nextwebi's Google Cloud Hosting is that the user is not bound by its subscription if he or she has subscribed to any of the price plans. The subscription can be canceled at any time.

Enhanced Execution

Our Google services improved the performance of Google Cloud Hosting. The data can be accessed remotely from any location. We have a large infrastructure, which allows us to effortlessly execute numerous complex operations on its network. Google Cloud Machines can accommodate a large number of visitors at any same moment. If you decide to switch to Google Cloud Hosting, you will notice a reduction in website load time.

Live Migration

"Live Migration" is one of the most significant benefits of Google Cloud Hosting. It is also the most significant advantage because other platforms do not offer this feature. It is simply a migration of Virtual Machines. Google Cloud Hosting's huge network enables users to transfer their machines.

Commitment to Constant Development

Google Cloud Hosting, as we well know, is a component of Google Cloud Platform. It also has a big infrastructure that is open to the public. Our Google platform services are likewise fast expanding their infrastructure to meet the needs of their customers. Google Infrastructure will be expanded to other sites in the near future, which will benefit our clients greatly.


Google from Nextwebi provides the following alternatives for dealing with Cloud Storage in addition to the JSON API and the XML API:

  • The Google Cloud console, which is browser-based, provides basic operations on buckets and objects.
  • The command-line utility gsutil provides a command-line interface to Cloud Storage.
  • The Cloud Storage Client Libraries support a variety of programming languages, including Java, Python, and Ruby.

Nextwebi Cloud Storage is designed for 99.999999999% (11 9's) annual durability, making it suitable for primary storage and mission-critical applications. This high level of durability is achieved using erasure coding, which saves data fragments redundantly across several devices in multiple availability zones.

If high availability is a must, consider storing your data in a multi-region or dual-region bucket location. In these locations, all data is geo-redundantly stored, which means it is saved in at least two geographically separated regions.

The location of your data in Cloud Storage is determined by the bucket in which it sits. See the Bucket Locations page for information on available locations and the ramifications of choosing a bucket.

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