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Email marketing services help you build a proactive brand, a stronger relationship with your consumers, and a good online reputation for your business. With our extensive knowledge, Nextwebi can help you not only with email marketing, but also with maintaining a favorable brand image. We are a leading digital marketing agency that provides full-service digital marketing.

We can assist you in sending a commercial email message to your 'email subscribers,' or those who have joined your email list and given you explicit permission to send them emails. Email marketing is a technique for keeping consumers informed, increasing sales, and building a community around your company. Nextwebi, one of India's top Email marketing firms, can assist you in improving your reach to your customers and help your company benefit from marketing and engaging your customers' approach.

Advantages of Email Marketing with Nextwebi

Emails are an important part of your business's development and administration, from purchase confirmations to newsletters. We will assist in the achievement of the following important objectives through email marketing:

Higher Conversion Rates

Are you planning a sale or a promotion? To increase sales and retarget your customers, we help you launch an email marketing campaign to your subscribers. Our other email marketing strategies that have been shown to boost conversion rates including diversified customised emails.

Brand recognition

Since Email is confidential to oneself, we help manage it carefully and make it easy to provide commercials about one’s favorite brands and publications. Scalability is one of the primary advantages of email marketing cheap cost, emails may be delivered to a huge number of recipients (compared to other marketing channels).

Customer satisfaction

At every point of the buyer experience, including lead nurturing, conversion, onboarding, and retention, email increases client loyalty. We help you develop and deliver email content that is so outstanding that readers will look forward to receiving it every week.

Various sorts of marketing emails:

Emails can be promotional or informative, and they all have a role along the buyer's journey.


Promotional emails

Whether it's to advertise a special deal, a new product release, an ebook, or a webinar, email marketing campaigns are employed. A campaign might be made up of three to ten emails that are delivered over a period of days or weeks. We design a clear call-to-action(CTA) that appears in promotional communications. Whether it's visiting a website or completing a purchase, the CTA indicates the precise action you want the reader to do. This sort of marketing email is delivered when needed, in accordance with your company's rhythm and we at Nextwebi are committed to increasing it.

Informational emails

Informational emails are one-to-many emails that you may send to keep people up to date on your newest content, product releases, and other things. It's important to remember that you should only send them to those who have signed in to receive your emails. The following can be the instances of sending an informational email:

  • Newsletters: Newsletter is used to communicate news about your company (new milestones achieved, new product features) or to showcase a product use case. Newsletters, which are sent on a regular basis, help you establish a constant relationship with your readers.We help you focus on the letter component, as email masters we at Nextwebi suggest throughout the campaign. A newsletter is an opportunity to provide insights, opinions, and suggestions - whatever your readers find most valuable.
  • Announcements: Email is an excellent method to keep consumers informed about corporate news, new releases, service updates, and so on. Email offers the required formality for conveying significant communications as a medium. This might explain why, during COVID-19, brands preferred to deliver crisis messages via email and we helped our clients by providing a seamless experience during these tough situations.

Our Email marketing Methodology

We've highlighted several recommended practices which we consider when creating an email marketing strategy to make the planning process easier.

Make an email marketing strategy

Nextwebi allows you to segment users within your audience in order to send them tailored and targeted emails. Knowing where your consumers joined your list will offer you a better idea of how to engage with them and where we should focus your marketing efforts moving ahead.

We make your emails visually appealing

We focus on your message and keep your design simple while creating customized email marketing. We arrange all of your campaign's parts in a hierarchy, with the most significant information or key takeaway at the top, so that readers can swiftly skim your email if they're short on time.

We check your emails for errors

We experiment with several email applications and ISPs. Because every email client is different, the campaign we generate at Nextwebi may seem somewhat different in your subscribers' inboxes.

We automate your email marketing campaigns

From a welcome email series to follow up emails after a purchase to rewarding your customers with a special incentive, automation helps you streamline your communications with customers so you have more time to focus on creating content and increasing return on investment (ROI).

We keep track of your progress

Your Nextwebi reports' marketing analytics data can help you enhance your marketing approach in the future. We provide monthly data to record your progress and channelise your targets. We provide detailed analytical reports on campaign engagement, purchase statistics, visitors etc.


You may split your consumers into multiple lists based on their interests and provide highly tailored information to them using email marketing. Email is the ideal channel for driving engagement, from writing the right subject line to graphics that appeal with your customers and meaningful information that benefits your audience.

Email marketing is a subset of internet marketing, which includes website, social media, and blog marketing, among other things. Newsletters featuring corporate information, as well as sales promotions and exclusive discounts for subscribers, are examples of email marketing.

While it still faces competition, it is undeniably effective. Email marketing offers a 4400 percent return on investment. Companies that use email effectively might benefit from increased sales and a more cost-effective marketing strategy overall. The age of email is the major reason why many wonder if it still works.

Nextwebi helps you enhance your email marketing by offering a well-defined plan and state-of-the-art execution, thanks to our outstanding practices and experienced staff.

5 strategies for better email marketing campaigns

  • Identify your target market
  • Identify sources of registration
  • Divide your audience into groups and segments
  • Determine your sending frequency and objectives
  • Devise your plan

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