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At Nextwebi we offer end-to-end maintenance and support services for all types of software applications in multiple technologies to our existing and new clients. Our maintenance and support services include bug tracking and fixing, tech updates, security, backups, feature enhancement, regular updates, and reinventing tech landscapes to help meet the business needs. We take care of software maintenance proactively to make sure that it is bug-free when it is deployed. To make your web application resilient and secure, we adhere to the latest application software maintenance methods.

Nextwebi provides customized corporate software maintenance services so you may focus on your key business operations. Our team of highly skilled software professionals has more than eight years of expertise and strives to provide you with the best and hassle-free maintenance services in your timezone. For all of your softwares, web application needs, we offer efficient long-term ongoing maintenance and real-time support services to save your time and costs.

Maintenance and support service solutions

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Adaptive maintenance

We help you keep your application versatile to change in the operating environment by fine-tuning, updating that perform optimally. With adaptive maintenance the application continues performing in a stable manner even under altered conditions before the application becomes outdated.

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Perfective maintenance

Enhance your application functionality, performance, security and usability while by regular updates and old data and log management, add new features if required. Utilize transformational features with reports on regular basis.

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Corrective maintenance

Perform corrective repairs finding and eliminating bugs and malfunctions to get rid of situations that degrade the quality of your application. Enhance your ROI by enhancing your user experience by fixing defects and getting bugs fixed.

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Preventive maintenance

Future proof your application and enhance overall stability by detecting and rectifying latent faults before it becomes operational faults. Effectively improve current operational features while adding pertinent features and capabilities and removing unnecessary components.

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Third-party maintenance

Develop new features with our third-party maintenance services by ensuring stability in daily operations while simultaneously fixing bugs. We analyze applications' current infrastructure and development scope before implementing the third-party maintenance services.

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Server migration

Overcome the server migration challenges that come with unforeseen operational demands, increased operational costs, and inefficient processes. Get data storage assistance and ensure your team gets access to application-related data and maintain higher security.

Key differentiator

We constantly strive to provide you with the best support and maintenance services by maintaining your application function smoothly and in optimal conditions. Scale and secure your software, websites & web applications to increase efficiency with our reliable support and maintenance services.

Secure & stable

Get end-to-end secure maintenance and support services from our diverse range of custom maintenance solutions designed for your business needs.

On-time support

While working with various clients in different time zone, we are provide on demand support on call, email and whatsapp, we also overlap the working hours to provide the efficient maintenance services.

Customized billing

Customized billing options are available with us, our clients can choose from the hourly billing, on-demand support or monthly retainership options.

SLA driven support

We address your service requests in a timely and prompt way with our SLA-driven support which varies based on the ticket priority from critical, urgent, high and moderate priority.

Backups & recovery

Your confidential business data will be kept safe with our external AWS servers, we provide on-demand and regular check-up with backup and uptime monitoring automation.


Everyone loves automation and we too; our support process is equipped with lot of automation, testing and security level tools which gives us an upper hand in our maintenance and support services.

How we work for maintenance and support

Maintenance and Support Requirement Collection

Requirement collection & consulting

Our senior team will have the initial consultation and understand your requirement and value with our expertise to establish clear and detailed maintenance objectives.

Maintenance Proposal

Maintenance proposal

We formulate your requirements sign NDA, and work on a commitment-based SLA in a detailed manner and present you with a proposal outlining the workflow and costing details.

Maintenance Evaluation and Testing

Evaluation and testing

We analyze your current IT infrastructure to analyze the scope of implementing maintenance services. Post implementation of maintenance protocol, a thorough test will be conducted to evaluate the scalability and reliability.

Launch and Reporting

Launch and reporting

Utilize teams with specialized knowledge for organizing answers and actions into comprehensible reports for record-keeping and as a guide for future maintenance.

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Technologies we work with

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.NET Core
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Corel draw
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Visual studio
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Visual studio code
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Office 365
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Microsoft dynamics
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Google Cloud
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Digital ocean
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SQL Server
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Technologies we work with

Robust IT support and maintenance services for your business.

Leverage Nextwebi's support and maintenance services to keep your applications updated and bug free to drive higher business conversions. Get consistent, reliable, secure, and updated services to protect applications from errors.

Maintenance and support features

Nextwebi provides comprehensive maintenance and support services and create agile process that provide ongoing, adaptable support for bridging the gap between software development and business operations. Whether your needs are for ongoing administrative management, hosting and server configuration, technical advising, third-party integration, or enhancement of your website or web-based application, our support and maintenance experts have got you covered.

  • Cost-effective and robust solutions
  • Complete testing support with technological upgrades
  • Better ROI adaptation to business process
  • Streamlined methodologies with regular checks
  • Scheduled backups and version upgrades
  • Well-aligned agile process
  • Regular analysis of IT infrastructure
  • Updated according to recent tech advancements and upgrades
  • On-demand server migration
  • Reliable maintenance services with an agile strategy

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Learn from our work

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We are proudly associated and have maintained long term relationship with several clients over the years. Meet our esteemed clientele with whom we are working.

Scope of maintenance and support services

Website updates and support

We ensure that the operation of your websites or applications functions smoothly at all times, we offer experienced website support services for your periodic recurring requirements such as continuous updates, enhancements, re-design, and re-development, site speed optimization, etc.

  • Content and image updates
  • Website quality and traffic analysis
  • Web pages upgrades and optimization
  • New form creation, mail setup, with tracking page, thank you page, response mail,
  • 24x7 uptime monitoring
  • New landing page creation
  • Email template creation
  • li>Update CSS styling (colors, text size, fonts, etc.), mobile alignment issue, browser compatibility issues, usability issue of the certain sections
  • Adding, events blogs, news & updates, &linking with the main menu, etc.
  • Add new content including text, products, post, images, and video to existing pages
  • Archiving old data
  • Page Speed optimization & SEO correction as per the Digital team guidelines
  • Google Analytics and website console maintenance
  • 404 error fixing
  • Troubleshooting any technical issue.
  • Security header update.

Bugs tracking and fixing

The application may be having bugs and issues, and you wish to upgrade it for a flawless experience. Any such problems with the application can be located and resolved in the best manner possible. For the best application improvement, our strategy involves running development and testing concurrently.

  • Industry-specific
  • Security and vulnerability checkups
  • Seamless solutions for resolving issues
  • Comprehensive solutions to fixing defects

Continuous monitoring

Our dedication to providing high-quality solutions constantly motivates us to produce the trustworthy items you anticipated and planned when evaluating.

  • Regular backups and updates
  • Constant testing
  • Security check analysis
  • Optimization and use analysis

Development support

With our outsourcing service provides qualified and experienced IT personnel for software development and team augmentation to help you develop and optimize your websites or applications

  • Hassle-free team augmentation
  • Dedicated expert team deployed for you
  • On-demand and on-time support

Performance monitoring

We work towards ensuring your application always operates at peak efficiency. Any bottlenecks that can hinder its operation or effectiveness can be addressed by our performance monitoring services. To counter new risks, we also aim to release frequent updates for your application.

  • User experience testing
  • Application performance analysis
  • User-friendly optimization
  • End-to-end application monitoring

Management of your digital services and IT infrastructure

  • Domain name- If you don't have a domain name booked already, we help you register your unique domain name which serves as a digital identity of your business.
  • Privacy protection for domain- We keep your data protected and prevent it from exposure on the WHOIS directory. Avoiding privacy protection for your domain name publicly exposes your domain's information which includes the registrar’s personal and sensitive details.
  • SSL security- SSL certificates are provided for your website to prevent unauthorized users from accessing, reading, or altering any personal information, it protects sensitive data, such as credit card numbers and financial information, from capture or change as it is sent and received between two systems.
  • Hosting- Make your website accessible on the web with a hosting service that makes your website go live providing easy accessibility for your audience.
  • Business email- We provide business emails customized according to your domain name which is based on your project details.
  • Logins- All vital login details of your website-related platforms, and protected and kept secure with our data protection service.
  • Backups- regular backups are taken for the website based on the updates done.
  • Technology upgrade- Based on the latest market trends and technologies we ensure that your website and applications are up to date to provide you with a competitive edge.

Nextwebi your technology partner

  • Serving startups to Fortune 500s across the globe
  • Expertise in customized IT Solutions and Digital transformation
  • Experienced development team with training and upscaling
  • Consulting, Development, DevOps, support in-house team
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The price of application support will vary depending on the number of factors that need to be worked upon. We will first analyze your project and requirements based on which maintenance proposal will be shared. To discuss this in detail, contact us today as discussions are free:)

Yes we have an Annual Maintenance Contract for the year-round support. Contact for more details.

We have 6 months and annual maintenance support available.

Yes the contract is available for renewal

Maintenance refers to the constant development of the application, support typically refers to finding and repairing the application's problems. As part of our all-inclusive application support and maintenance services, we provide both services to help your business grow.

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