Amadeus GDS API integration

Amadeus is a leading travel technology company and many travel companies across the world. Amadeous is the major GDS API provider in the world. Amadeus has api across the major travel verticals such as airlines, airports, cruise, tour operators, car rental, rail, ground handellers, b2b travel agencies, retail travel agencies and travel insurance.

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Amadeus allows integration with their api which is given to travel companies with tie-ups with amadeus. We at Nextwebi do the integration with amadeus api’s SOAP/XML and JSON based api, on top of that we also develop custom api’s to make the global IBE for which allows the integration directly with airlines and other gds.

Nextwebi is a preferred travel IT solutions and web application development company, we are serving multiple customers across the globe for all kinds of solutions needs in the travel industry. We are a custom software development company based in Bangalore, India has a longlasting partnership with the travel companies.

Amadeus API integration benefits

  • Single point to get access of live data from the amadeus api
  • Set your custom price make markup and sell the your preferred country
  • Can show extensive range of the airlines/cars and hotels
  • Allow integration for custom solution and choose a channel
  • Design your custom workflow and get certified with amadeus
  • Real time booking data
  • Best price for your travel companies
  • Make agent based system and sell b2b and business customers
  • Act as a single source of aggregated data
  • Build-in loyalty program
  • Centralised payment processing
  • Book and cancel tickets any time
  • Auto content update
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How to get amadeus api for travel company

Connect us

Nextwebi team will understand your business requirement and design a workflow based on the need and prepare the project SRS.

Meeting with amadeus

Our client meeting with amadeus we join as a development partner for your solution integration and share the workflow and define the SOW.

Get certification

Amadeus tech team gives access to your office id for production and development use of api we do the successful integration and get the certification.

Go live

Once we get the certification we use the production api’s and integrate the custom business logic and make the application live and offer maintenance and support.

Why do you choose amadeus application from Nextwebi

Integrating all content in the one platform

The Travel Platform from Nextwebi with integration of amadeus api enables airlines, hotels, vehicle rental businesses, and any other travel supplier data integration and allowing consumers to shop for and book travel in the way that they desire.

Open to different technology sources

Content comes in a variety of formats and from a variety of sources. Amadeus Travel Platform from Nextwebi will aggregate content from any source and normalize it so that it is usable by travel companies.

Experienced development team

While working with amadeus we have got the certification by doing the successful integration of the amadeus api, we make sure your travel solutions will work perfectly and helps to get you a new edge in your business.

Intelligent algorithms

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning in the Amadeus Travel Platform to acquire insight into travelers' experiences and behavior, as well as to extend our clients' search capabilities.


Web Services and Travel Innovation Sandbox are two API packages offered by Amadeus. The former is designed for students or companies as an exploratory stage prior to production. Amadeus Web Services additionally provides two API sets: Self-Service and Enterprise.

Create an account and visit your Self-Service Workspace, where you will be promoted to create your first project, to obtain your API key and secret. Following the creation of your project, you will be able to obtain an API Key and API Secret associated with your newly formed app. To use any Self-Service API, your PHP programme (the OAuth2 client) will utilize the API Key and API Secret values as client credentials to request an access token from an Amadeus authorization server.

Amadeus Web Services provide a low-cost option to create and maintain your own bespoke travel booking applications. Furthermore, because of the ease of implementation and interaction with your existing systems, you will always be on the bleeding edge of technology. Online travel agencies are the product.

Amadeus is a computer reservation system (sometimes known as a global distribution system because it sells tickets for multiple airlines) owned by the Amadeus IT Group, which is headquartered in Madrid, Spain.

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