Microsoft Office 365 from Nextwebi

Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, and Lync Online are just a few of the cutting-edge collaborative technologies that are included in Microsoft Office 365. It also includes well-known desktop apps like Office 2010 and social media platforms. For cost-efficiency in the same sector, the Microsoft Office 365 platform is based on the concept of the cloud.

Microsoft Office 365, a sizable collection of services from Nextwebi that includes numerous products like Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, and Lync Online for collaboration and communication, is available. By utilizing the proper web viewer, users of the Microsoft Office 365 web apps can view and edit documents created with the desktop versions of Microsoft Office, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Onenote. Office 365 is a service that is conceptually geared for businesses, institutions, or groups that have a significant demand for internal communication and document sharing without the need to set up elaborate infrastructures based on Microsoft Exchange or Sharepoint servers.

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For easy access to any documents from any computer, including mobile platforms, Nextwebi offers a Microsoft integrated software package. It also offers audio and video chat capabilities for easy internal communication. Microsoft Office 365 is a multi-instance product that offers options for every client. Real-time detection for organization investigations, a helpful tool for the threat hunting process, is also included in Microsoft Office 365. Additionally, each firm solution is given ease of use, simple collaboration features, and support for custom development. With the help of this cloud-based tool, you may connect remote workflows to one another and work online with clients and coworkers. The most major improvement we have made to your convenience is for quick and easy access to teamwork workflows within Microsoft office 365 which is the most recent version of Microsoft office 365 for evaluating the performance and user interface.

Microsoft office 365 Consulting

The Microsoft Office 365 consultants from Nextwebi can assist you in integrating your cloud solution into the corporate digital ecosystem and turning it into a valuable tool for each employee. Depending on your company's needs, we offer both consulting and technical support. Microsoft Office 365 Consulting assists in identifying the business problems that require appropriate solutions and offers guidance on office 365 deployment, user uptake, and evolution. We provide comprehensive Office 365 consulting to give your business efficient internal and distant collaboration.

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Microsoft Office 365 Support System

The most recent Microsoft Add-In from Nextwebi will handle all the labor-intensive tasks within a number of Microsoft Office Suite programmes, including Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Visio, and Outlook. We also offer the benefit of using this Add-In support system with Microsoft Office 365 project to keep your MS project server and collaboration project in sync.

Microsoft Office 365 Encryption

By enabling email authentication and protecting against organization spoofing intelligence, Nextwebi's Microsoft Office 365 Defender for information protection and encryption enables the organization to prevent and detect risks. Spam, Phish, Malware, Bulk Email, Impersonation Detection, Admin Quarantine, Admin and User Submissions of False Positives and False Negatives, Allow/Block for URLs and Files, Reports, and Safe Attachments and Safe Links are all features of the Microsoft Office 365 Upgrade System. Microsoft Defender for Office 365 includes anti-phishing, user and domain impersonation protection, alarms, and SIEM Integration API for notifications. It also offers workload protection, time-of-click protection in email, office clients, and Teams.

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Microsoft Office 365 Integration

For native IOS/Android, React Native, and JavaScript developers, Nextwebi provides a wide range of tools and services to support development workflows. Learn how simple it is to create, deploy, and use your device—even if you're not familiar with the Microsoft app. Secure apps that instantly scale from a prototype to millions of users are delivered thanks to the efficiency and dependability of the Nextwebi infrastructure. Through our amplifier, we provide specially designed tools and services for front-end online and mobile developers, making it simpler to produce user-friendly cloud-based apps for your device. We offer a complete solution so you can create, deliver, test, and keep track of the app while it serves your changing business needs. The foundation of front-end web and mobile tools and services.

Microsoft Office 365 Customization

We comprehend the organization's and Microsoft's requirement to use Office 365 to secure confidential information that users access from both company-owned and privately owned devices. Chart, table, and report installation statuses are included in Microsoft office 365 along with software update policies and device app configuration policies. People frequently own a variety of devices running several operating systems, such as a Surface Pro for business and an Android smartphone for personal use. You may manage many devices per user and several platforms that operate on each device, such as iOS/iPad OS, MacOS, Android, and Windows, with Microsoft Office 365. By device platform, Office 365 divides policies and settings. Therefore, managing and viewing devices for a certain platform is simple.

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Microsoft Office 365 Migration

You will be relieved of the physical and financial burdens of in-house servers which are provided by Nextwebi with our “Unique Subscription Service” with Microsoft Office 365. No complex on-premises infrastructure needs to be built or maintained because it is a Microsoft office product. Therefore, you can do away with an internal server's financial expense as well as its physical space by using our Microsoft office 365.

Microsoft office 365 Cloud Service Models

Microsoft Office 365 is not a software application, but an opportunity to grow.

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Users, Groups, and Licenses

Our Expertise is well-versed with thorough knowledge of Office 365 users, groups and licenses. This will help you in managing Office 365 in a better way.

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Activate RMS in the Office 365 admin center

Activation of the Rights Management Service (RMS) will be provided by our expertise before one can use the Information Rights Management (IRM) features of Office 365 applications and services.

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Troubleshooting Office 365 Connectivity Issues

Our Expert provides you the tools to modify web pages with all fundamental features of Office 365 which can tackle a specific end-user problem.

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Basic Excel Functionality

Excel is a powerful tool built into Office 365. To solve problems and manage verbose data, one should be familiar with excel. As a user, you should be able to sort out the data, create tables and use the always reliable if-then-else statement which will be trained by us.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts can be vital cog in your repertoire. By allowing you to complete your task quickly, shortcuts help you in increasing your efficiency and output.

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Knowledge of Data security and control

Data security controls are used to safeguard sensitive and important information or to have a countermeasure against its unauthorized use.

Core Competent Technology in Microsoft office 365

Rise your challenges and competition with Microsoft Office 365 Because it all works together.

Why choose nextwebi for Microsoft Office 365

When choosing an intranet system for their company, organizations frequently opt for Microsoft Office 365 from Nextwebi. Many firms decide to host their intranet using Microsoft's SharePoint Online, in part because they are familiar with SharePoint and in part because of the additional advantages it can offer. Learn more about these advantages to decide if Office 365 from Nextwebi is the best platform for the new intranet in your company.

Cloud base access

We offer a cloud-based platform for Microsoft 365 that enables secure access to corporate data from any device, at any time, anywhere. For businesses with staff members who work on-site, remotely, or in satellite offices, this can be a huge advantage.

Complete platform

At Nextwebi, Microsoft Office 365 offers a full platform that can be helpful for many businesses. This includes email, social networks, instant messaging, online meetings, private cloud file sharing, and an enterprise portal platform. Office 365 also offers everything employees need for efficient intra-organizational communication and collaboration. Additionally, it enables teams to collaborate on joint projects regardless of their geographical location. Additionally, Office 365 enables the sharing of content with third parties, which is crucial for some businesses.


Since Nextwebi is familiar with the requirements of the company that uses Sharepoint, using Office 365 as the platform for your new Intranet may be a good idea. A fresh intranet rollout with an unfamiliar user interface might cause significant organizational disruptions. If your company already uses sharepoint technology, Office 365 connects seamlessly with existing Sharepoint Systems, reducing downtime. Microsoft office, the most widely used desktop office programme, interfaces well with it as well. The degree of the learning curve you will apply should be taken into account when thinking about a new intranet solution because the steeper it is, the harder user acceptance will be.

Content sharing & creation

The companies who require their intranet to be optimized for content creation and sharing are perhaps the best candidates for Microsoft Office 365 from nextwebi. Users inside and outside the company can work together on content-based initiatives using the online sharepoint platform. Additionally, it makes it easier to share content with coworkers, clients, and consumers.

Hiring models

At Nextwebi we inculcate a hybrid and agile approach to leverage our domain expertise in IT Solutions and help our client’s business boost their revenue exponentially. Every business has distinctive requirements, hence we focus on understanding the core business, functional and technological model of every business to provide the best-customized solutions.

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Time & material

Through this agile development process, we enable our clients to have more control over the project development process and the cost involved. This model is an impetus for your business if:

  • Your business has constantly evolved or unclear requirements
  • Extensive project with constant iterations planned
  • Your requirements will deviate or enhance on a constant basis
  • You appreciate transparency in customer-vendor relationships
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Dedicated team

We provide you with complete project management control by enabling you to work directly with our expert teams. This model is recommended for your business if:

  • Require manpower for the in-house development team
  • Fond of cross-border knowledge sharing and encourage external minds
  • A fair vision of how your project should evolve & have time and resources to keep abreast of all management perspectives
  • Cost-effective and scalable team
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Fixed price

If your project has strictly transparent and precisely defined requirements and scope, the fixed price approach is highly recommended. Any change required in the scope of work will alter the price and delivery time.

  • Requirements with timeline are frozen, clear, well defined, and unlikely to change
  • Small or medium projects which won't last for more than a few months
  • You agree a change in project scope will affect the price and delivery time
  • Worked on similar projects before


Yes. We provide you the details with desktop clients for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 and Mac OS X (10.9 and above). There are also mobile clients for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile.

You can upload most document file types. For security reasons, you cannot upload applications.

The following Microsoft Application from Nextwebi will show you how to:

  • Upload one document
  • Upload multiple documents at the same time
  • Create a new document inside the Outlook Web App

For information on sharing documents from your ITS-supported Office 365 account with non-USC colleagues and others that do not have ITS-supported Office 365 accounts will be given by Nextwebi to their clients.

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