Innovative and advanced RFID solutions

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At Nextwebi, one of the leading RFID Solutions providers we help you obtain reliable business data right from manufacturing, and inspection to tracking goods through distribution. It is highly difficult and is a challenge for most organizations to keep track of their assets and materials. With our advanced RFID Solutions, we help you operate faster while simultaneously keeping track of the assets without counting them. It will aid to manage inventories, finding misplaced items, performing stock checks and much more.

Comprehensive real-time digital asset tracking method to automate and streamline your asset management process. RFID technology leverages radio waves to track and identify objects and helps you to see in real-time where and how assets are being used to reduce cost and increase asset utilization. RFID services at Nextwebi are designed to provide you with smart identification in your business operations, enhancing your competitive edge and giving you full visibility of the processes. Streamline your data collection and asset management process and get accurate asset attribute information unique to any organization, location, or department.

RFID Solutions designed to simplify your business processes

Successful implementation of RFID solutions across business processes will help you monitor and track the movement of assets, resources, and inventory. At nextwebi, a reputed RFID Solutions provider, with our years of expertise, will help you to understand and decide which RFID Solution will be perfect for you and the way it can be implemented or integrated into your current system. Some of the RFID solution components are:

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RFID tag

Tracking system with bar code to identify items

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RFID reader

System used for collecting data from tags

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GPS devices

Track exact GPS Locations of the Asset or resources

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RFID cards

Network-connected device used for tracking personnel

Features that make our RFID solutions unique

RFID tags provide data to RFID readers using radio waves, which are then converted into a more unstable form of data. As a result, the acquired tag information is utilized to transport the data to the host computer system, where it is saved in a database and analyzed later. RFID solutions may be used to track the movement of assets, inventories, and resources. Nearly every sector has a use case for RFID. Nextwebi excels in delivering RFID technology-based products which are adaptable, allowing it to generate data for numerous uses at the same time and simplifying your business processes.

  • Unique ID with automatic recognition
  • Can read multiple tags at once
  • Detects 'hidden' objects
  • Real-time data without human error
  • Custom solutions with RFID Integration
  • Multiple RFID readings
  • Available scanners support both RFID and barcoding
  • Cross-referenced against assigned locations and with status record

Custom RFID solutions @Nextwebi

RFID consulting

At Nextwebi, we understand that every business is different and evaluate the best way to meet your needs via a customized RFID system. We help you by understanding your current business solutions and business objective with our expertise and solutions architecture knowledge. Post assessment we customize an RFID chip to smoothly fit into your current business system. We conduct onsite evaluations to understand the feasibility of RFID technology in the existing business technology. We conduct an in-depth analysis of risks, challenges, constraints, and plans to help you with the best custom RFID solution. When it comes to RFID services, Nextwebi will advise you on which devices are appropriate, how to implement them, how they will interact with your current operations, and what ideal performance you may expect.

RFID attendance management system

The productivity rate and higher ROI is greatly based on the performance and attendance of the employees at the workplace. RFID attendance management system is highly crucial as well as beneficial to implement into your workplace or educational system to enhance productivity and performance. So, our RFID attendance system can be used to keep a vigilant record of all the employees’ and students' attendance. We have designed this RFID-based system with a microcontroller that not only records the attendance of the students or employees but also stores them safely for further reference. It has a microcontroller memory where all the data and information are stored for further use. The advanced attended monitoring system is based on RFID technology and it serves as an effective time log which is installed as a computerized database. The prime focus of the system is to monitor and maintain daily records of a person’s time of arrival and departure from school or work. The system’s database is a software application that stores all the electronic files and data about the person’s history, name and date of birth, address, and attendance history.

RFID-based file tracking system

Most employees at the workplace spend a large amount of their time coping with the avalanche of files and documents instead of spending time on other crucial tasks at the workplace. So, to address such issues we at Nextwebi have come forth with an exceptional and result-oriented File Tracking System that is based on advanced RFID technology. It is a fully automated local tracking or positioning system that is widely used in offices and other institutions to track and identify and manage documents and business files with ease and in less time.

Nextwebi has been serving the industry with its revolutionary RFID-based File Tracking System that facilitates quick reissuing, issuing, and returning of business files and other documents using RFID-enabled modules and tags. The system is designed to offer instant file and member information to the file manager without any manual intervention.

Our RFID File Management solutions require no line of sight to interpret the RFID tags and can easily read multiple tags consistently from a fixed distance. Moreover, each tag has its own unique tag ID; therefore the file management system is totally free from counterfeiting and bogus reports. Moreover, the system is designed with a supreme quality anti-theft system. The system consistently monitors the movement of the files and ensures that no file is taken out without prior issuing is tracked and the same will be intimated to the management with an auto alarm.

RFID-based inventory management system

Whether you operate a retail store or involve in some kind of industry where up-to-date, precise tool crib software and tracking tools for inventory are required, you might be well aware of how disastrous it can be when some problem occurs with the supply chain. Fortunately, if you are looking for some something upgraded tool for exceptional inventory management and control to cut down the waste and organize the business process then Nextwebi can help you with its exceptional RFID-based inventory management system.

Our RFID inventory management system comprises innovative RFID displace cases, a robust software program, and RFID tags which you can incorporate all the high-tech products into one solution, especially if you are running a retail store and looking for retail applications to streamline the business process.

Our RFID Inventory management solutions are based on exceptional technology that provides you with real-time inventory management and focuses on precise measures of supplies and hence enabling you to streamline the purchasing process with ease. So, now you don’t have to worry about overstocking the shelves, running out of particular items, or any other similar investor management problems. The RFID inventory control system is masterfully designed to let you know when the item is removed from the case and when the employee removed it and replaced it with a new one and when it was sold to customers. It will give you complete details about the inventory and hence you streamline the process of buying and selling inventory. Our solutions will give you in-depth and innovative inventory management control.

RFID-based waste bin tracking

Precise waste management details are very crucial for most of the companies that deal in regulated industries and healthcare sectors and to achieve this robust waste-bin tracking system is required. Therefore, we at Nextwebi endeavor to offer exceptional waste-bin management and tracking solutions that are based on the latest RFID technology. Our RFID-based Waste Bin Tracking is masterly designed to track the waste from distant locations is the point of creation to the point of shipment and disposal. The system is basically designed to keep detailed information and a waste history database to track the waste and the movements of the waste. RFID Waste Bin Tracking system by Nextwebi is supplied with required data and information and coding that are applicable in different industries and are used as part of waste labeling.

Waste Bin Tracking Solutions by Nextwebi are compatible in managing multiple sites with just a single system and exceptionally aid the inter-site waste management and transfers.

Moreover, the details and information from the system can easily be merged later for reporting purposes and further usage. The tracking of waste material starts when the waste is created and the Waste Bin tracking system implements a unique system of pre-printed labels to track down the waste containers and bags at the point of origin, thus allowing you to track the accurate departmental and cost center analysis. Our RFID-based Waste Bin Tracking Solutions can incorporate weighing scales and other important measurement systems so as to ensure waste quantities are tracked precisely and efficiently.

RFID campus automation

College administrations across the world are finding effective ways to reduce the overall burden of the administrative division of the college so that they can focus on strategic planning for the betterment of the institutions while keeping track of other functions and operations of the colleges. So, to address the need of the colleges Nextwebi has come forth with their revolutionary RFID Campus Automation solutions that streamline the management process of the administration of the colleges.

The RFID-based Campus Automation system is a comprehensive tool that is masterly designed to ease the workload of the management team of the college. Now, colleges are not required to worry about the administrative management of the college as they can have a close tab on all the operations of the institutions while planning for the betterment of the college. In nutshell, our campus automation system is a complete package that is designed to lessen the overall burden on the administrative function of the college.

Nextwebi has designed this comprehensive campus automation system that provides the administration of the college with automated campus management solutions for institutions. It helps them to get accurate time attendance records and access the library management systems, control system canteen management, and track the school buses. So, you must consider leveraging our advanced campus automation system based on RFID in your institution today.

Our RFID-based Campus Automation solution promises to decrease the burden of the management team, enabling them to get involved in other activities like planning strategies for the betterment of the institutions.

RFID library management system

Radio Frequency Identification is the most advanced technology and the latest addition to library management. RFID Library Management System is widely used today in libraries for circulation systems and theft detection. Days are gone when manual RF and EM systems were used in libraries for management. Today, in the era of advanced technology most librarians are using RFID management systems for libraries that surpass security and offer exceptional tracking systems to the librarians. This advanced management tool offers exceptional security and effective tracking of materials in the library 24/7.

Nextwebi is the leading provider of Library Management Solutions based on RFID and the system is quite effective and user-friendly that can be used easily in modern-day libraries for ultimate management solutions. Our library management solutions are masterly designed to customize and fully modernize the process of a library, thereby promoting effectiveness and efficiency in library management. We at Nextwebi plan masterly and implement and enhance the library process with constant innovation and library automation. Our unique library management solutions are totally based on RFID technology that guarantees to offer a supreme level of certainty along with better efficiency, high quality, and responsiveness.

RFID toll automation

In the past few years, different industries have realized the potential the RFID technology and hence they are widely using this technology in diverse applications to boost the overall performance and productivity. Similarly, RFID technology is now integrated into tool booth management allowing the toll plazas in developing an automated toll collection system with manual intervention. The RFID Toll automation system by Nextwebi is the revolutionary solution for all toll plazas as it provides solutions for several issues including, traffic congestion, time consumption, and various other related issues.

Using our RFID Electronic Toll Collection system can help you to eliminate manual labor which is a time-consuming process. Moreover, drivers need to stop at the booth for regular payment and take receipts for the same which consumes a huge sum of time. So, using RFID-based Toll Automation at plazas can automate the collection process efficiently and can be a cost-effective alternative to manual collection indeed.

There is an RFID reader installed at the toll booths and when the car approaches the toll booth it reads the tags attached to the vehicle and deducts the toll automatically through its prepaid card assigned to the motorists and the gate opens automatically. The entire process is totally automated and no manual labor is involved.

RFID Toll Automation system is the most cost-effective and convenient solution for all motorists because it helps them to save time on toll collection and allows them to maintain the same speed while crossing the toll without any hindrance. The system is masterly designed to make the transaction at the toll gate automatically.

RFID warehouse tracking system

Integration of RFID technology into warehouse operations has really enhanced operational efficiency and productivity at the distribution centers and warehouses across the world today. The utilization of RFID technology greatly complements the data capture system and it is widely used today in distribution and warehouses for precise reports and inventory management. Nextwebi is the leading services provider that specializes in providing world-class RFID Warehouse Tracking systems.

Our RFID-based warehouse tracking system is designed to minimize the primary functions of warehouse workers and exceptionally manage everything from inventory to packing, picking, shipping, and put away. The system focuses on increasing the inventory accuracy to enhance the receiving accuracy and efficiency and picking and order accuracy at the warehouse. Our warehouse management system promises to boost the stock and demand generation visibility exceptionally and reduce the usability and out-of-stock items. The radio frequency identification warehouse management system guarantees that the right product is delivered to the right customers at the right time.

Using the radio frequencies to track down the items and offer real-time details of product status and location, the RFID warehouse management system really makes the supply chain effective and productive. The system receives real-time data on the products and provides you with complete information about the inventories which are sold and the stock limit of the products in warehouses and distribution centers. These precise details about inventory allow you to have complete control over the distribution channel management, and inventory control and reduce costs.

Why choose us

At Nextwebi we provide RFID Solutions that can be implemented across a variety of business solutions. Once the RFID hardware and software are properly implemented in your business operations, you'll get the most out of them. We produce and develop RFID tags based on your specifications. You'll have a cohesive solution tailored to your specific demands thanks to our experience and vast RFID portfolio. Because every component communicates with one another and with your existing systems, you can concentrate on your company rather than technology. RFID signals won't get lost or crossed, and tags will stay place and legible, so you can keep an eye on what's on the shelf and on the move.

Nextwebi offers a variety of RFID solutions to help you expand your business. Advanced RFID tags, RFID readers, RFID solution software, RFID printers, and much more are available from us. Nextwebi offers a wide variety of RFID solutions. We have a highly qualified staff of RFID consultants with experience in business knowledge, planning, and strategy, as well as assisting with the cost-effective evaluation and implementation of feasible RFID systems.

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Technologies we work with

Easy to Use RFID Solutions to simplify your business process

At Nextwebi, We understand that every business has unique requirements and needs. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the distinctive business processes of our customers is essential in order to deliver best-in-class RFID solutions and make the business processes simpler. As a technology-agnostic company, Nextwebi will provide you with any hardware and software solutions required to run your company at its best. We will set you up with a bespoke set of asset tracking devices made for your particular business needs, drawing on our numerous areas of experience.

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RFID is a fantastic tool for managing assets and goods in your company. Organizations will find it simple to track employee progress and the quantity of things through RFID. Additionally, RFID aids with audits, stock inspections, and even "shrinkage" control.

There are two primary categories of RFID tags: active and passive. Active tags have built-in batteries so they can send data continuously. These tags frequently have an excellent read range in addition to being able to store much more data. Instead of using batteries, passive RFID tags rely on electromagnetic waves. Costs can be decreased by omitting the battery, although read range and storage capacity may be constrained.

The cost of tags will depend on the kind of requirement based on your business model. To know the exact costing details contact us today.

In the case of barcodes, the scanner must have a clear line of sight to the code. As a near-field technology, RFID enables the scanner to read tags from a distance and without having to be in the line of sight.

In addition to barcodes, this technology offers a number of advantages. The benefits in a given industry will vary depending on the chosen usage.

  • Minimizing labor-intensive tracking processes to cut costs.
  • Enhancing inventory and asset visibility through real-time tracking to stop losses.
  • Monitoring parameters like temperature to guarantee product security.
  • Enhancing picking precision to reduce eCommerce errors.
  • Increasing adaptability to make it simpler to adjust to seasonal variations or other unforeseen changes in the data flow.

The RFID Implementation process depends entirely on the size and scope of the project.

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