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Leverage the power of cloud and scale your application with the azure suites.

The use of robust cloud platforms like Azure is essential to a company's success in today's business environment. As a result, Nextwebi, a top cloud service provider, uses a comprehensive range of Azure cloud development & integration services to assist your company in keeping a competitive advantage. Developing reliable and flexible online software applications is made easier by Windows of Azure Services. The ability to build apps and services on Microsoft Windows Azure using the company's most recent Microsoft technologies or non-Microsoft programming languages and tools, such PHP, is really an open point that supports both Microsoft and non-Microsoft tech.

Azure development by Nextwebi

In order to create distinctive azure software development solutions that help businesses achieve their objectives while lowering costs and accelerating growth, Nextwebi has partnered with over 200 enterprises globally. With more than 500 companies, we have a track record of successfully delivering software engineering and IT consulting solutions. We are a top provider of custom Azure hosting & software solutions, assisting companies in effectively resolving challenging business issues. We specialize in developing innovative solutions for a range of sectors, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, financial services, insurance, healthcare, and retail. In order to offer cutting-edge solutions for Azure hosting infrastructure that meet our clients' business goals, our team of qualified azure developers and project managers collaborate, understand client goals and implement the right solutions.

Azure will be at ease integrating online features into current desktop apps or hosting entirely cloud-based applications. In other words, you could create a desktop work schedule, office 365 integration, that syncs with an online calendar or create a website calendar or task management service and host it on Microsoft Windows Azure. Otherwise, you have a lot more Visual Studio software understanding of one crucial concept. Using the most efficient Azure tools and frameworks, we develop, manage, and deploy applications over global data centers to produce projects that are future-proof and catered to your needs. Utilizing cloud-native controls and services increases business agility and lowers costs for security infrastructure, regardless of whether you are transferring workloads or modernizing apps on Azure. Applying a Zero Trust strategy to network segmentation, intelligent threat protection, and traffic encryption can strengthen the security of cloud networks. Our team of professionals from Nextwebi will design your cloud-based application in the language and framework of your choice!

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As a microsoft azure application development & hosting service company, Nextwebi has an assortment of services to offer:

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  • Azure development & consulting
  • Azure hosting
  • Azure migration services
  • Azure application assessment
  • Azure billing management
  • Azure AD integration
  • Azure mobile app development
  • Azure advisory solutions
  • Azure integrated solutions
  • Azure web app services
  • Hybrid solution development (On-premise and cloud)
  • Website development and hosting
  • Application backend solution development
  • Data management and business analytics
  • Azure storage services
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Azure application consulting

Azure IoT platform from Nextwebi becomes a good consideration to construct such scalable solutions because industrial firms want IoT solutions that interact smoothly with Microsoft goods or solutions. We offer consultancy to helpful guidance on how and which of Azure's services can benefit the company. To guide you through your cloud transformation journey, we do a deep-root study on Cloud architecture, tools & technologies, and processes. Get all the advice you need to plan and carry out your migration to the cloud, as well as the best strategy to test the cloud within your company.

Azure integration services

Nextwebi Understand the importance of IT integration, things have fundamentally changed. Until a few years ago, organizations could only turn to integration specialists and architects for assistance. Things are different now, Integration is today driven by enterprises' need to quicken the pace of business change (digital transformation). Many different types of mission-critical apps are used by businesses. Cloud workloads that are mission-critical are easily handled by Azure applications from Nextwebi. The value of the apps decreases if a corporation is unable to incorporate mission-critical apps into an organization. Enterprises can benefit greatly from Azure's integration services and capabilities both internally and outside.

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Azure application development

Azure from Nextwebi is an excellent choice for hosting your material in the cloud because it is a well-known Microsoft cloud computing platform that is open, versatile, and cost-effective. We provide a variety of services that can execute concurrently, taking care of several duties for your app or website. We offer a straightforward approach to working on the global network. Azure, in addition to well-known programming languages, databases, tools, and frameworks, unleashes the power of SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service). Our skilled team of Nextwebi Azure developers has been demonstrating their abilities in creating and deploying Windows Azure cloud solutions that are tailored to your company's needs as well as your timetable and budget.

Azure migration

We advise you to take a look at Nextwebi's integrated migration service's Azure Migration procedure as well. Your cloud migration is made simple with the help of Azure Migration's central hub. The hub offers complete support for workloads like databases, applications, and real and virtual servers. End-to-end visibility makes it simple to monitor development during discovery, evaluation, and migration. Azure Migration offers a wide range of functionality thanks to the integrated Azure tools, such as the ability to discover both virtual and physical servers, do performance-based rightsizing, estimate costs, conduct import-based assessments, and analyze the dependencies of agentless apps.

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Azure cloud security

The infrastructure of Nextwebi is built for hosting millions of consumers concurrently, from the physical space to the software, and we give you a solid base on which to build the security needs. Azure is a platform for public cloud services that supports a wide range of devices, operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, and tools. You can operate Linux containers with Docker integration, run JavaScript, Python, .NET, PHP, Java programmes, and create back ends for iOS, Android, and Windows server integration.

Azure database development

For the demands of contemporary app developers, Azure from Nextwebi offers a selection of fully managed relational, SQL, and in-memory databases, spanning proprietary and open-source engines. You save time and money by having automated infrastructure management, including scalability, availability, and security. Concentrate on developing applications while Azure managed databases streamline your work by controlling security concerns, uncovering performance insights with embedded intelligence, and growing without bounds.

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Cloud services with azure

"Microsoft Azure, the only permanent hybrid cloud, is renowned for assisting companies in overcoming obstacles linked to cloud services."

Why do you choose azure services from Nextwebi

Azure Web Apps, staging and production deployment slots, and a robust SDK are all provided by Nextwebi in order to automate service provisioning and deployment. The Web Apps Service's auto-scaling and traffic management capabilities enable web apps created with it to deliver high-performance user experiences with little to no downtime and no data loss. The following are just a few of the many advantages that Nextwebi's Azure Web Apps Service offers:

Highly secured web app development

By making PCI security standards, SOC2 accounting standards, and ISO information security standards available for use, Azure Web Apps aids in the delivery of enterprise-level SLA. Since security is now "everyone's responsibility," it is our duty as a developer to build secure cloud applications. You will learn about the ways of creating applications on Azure from Nextwebi which might increase their security in this course. You'll discover in detail what is up to you and what Azure can accomplish for you.

Multilingual and versatile framework

Unique support for ASP.NET, Java, PHP, and Python is offered by the Web App Service. Azure also used to run scripts or executables from the App Service. You only need to deploy our apps using Azure Web Apps; all other tasks will be handled automatically. You are spared the inconvenience of server upkeep. It does away with the requirement for server room space, infrastructure, management costs, and staff.

Visual studio integration

With the specialized tools at its disposal, Visual Studio speeds the job of designing, deploying, and debugging. In order to load and build managed projects, Visual Studio hosts MSBuild. Since MSBuild is in charge of the project, practically any MSBuild-formatted project—even one that was created using a different tool and has a unique build process—can be effectively utilized in Visual Studio.

Quick analytical and actionable insight

To help with business improvement, the Nextwebi platform offers a thorough picture of application Quality and performance. Additionally, we offer in-depth analyses of the app's reaction times, CPU and memory usage, throughout, and error trends.


Microsoft provides the best security for their data centers, it's not only the most trusted environment but also highly scalable and loved by developers across the globe. For its security and scalability features azure has been chosen by small to large companies.

Scalability and flexibility

Scalability is crucial for any business and any cloud service provider should have the option to provide that kind of support and data centers across the globe azure cognitive and data processing services have the capabilities to develop, test and deploy and monitor the real time traffic with scalability.

Hiring models

At Nextwebi we inculcate a hybrid and agile approach to leverage our domain expertise in IT Solutions and help our client’s business boost their revenue exponentially. Every business has distinctive requirements, hence we focus on understanding the core business, functional and technological model of every business to provide the best-customized solutions.

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Time & material

Through this agile development process, we enable our clients to have more control over the project development process and the cost involved. This model is an impetus for your business if:

  • Your business has constantly evolved or unclear requirements
  • Extensive project with constant iterations planned
  • Your requirements will deviate or enhance on a constant basis
  • You appreciate transparency in customer-vendor relationships
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Dedicated team

We provide you with complete project management control by enabling you to work directly with our expert teams. This model is recommended for your business if:

  • Require manpower for the in-house development team
  • Fond of cross-border knowledge sharing and encourage external minds
  • A fair vision of how your project should evolve & have time and resources to keep abreast of all management perspectives
  • Cost-effective and scalable team
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Fixed price

If your project has strictly transparent and precisely defined requirements and scope, the fixed price approach is highly recommended. Any change required in the scope of work will alter the price and delivery time.

  • Requirements with timeline are frozen, clear, well defined, and unlikely to change
  • Small or medium projects which won't last for more than a few months
  • You agree a change in project scope will affect the price and delivery time
  • Worked on similar projects before


Our Cloud Services (extended support) Azure Application is available in all public and sovereign cloud regions.

Customers will need to request quota using the same processes as any other Azure Resource Manager product. Quota in Azure Resource in all regions is constant.

Cloud Services (extended support) from Azure application does not support the logical concept of a hosted service, which includes two slots (Production & Staging). Each deployment is an independent Cloud Service (extended support) deployment. To test and stage a new release of a cloud service, deploy a cloud service (extended support) and tag it as VIP swappable with another cloud service (extended support)

The concept of hosted service names does not exist anymore, you cannot create an empty Cloud Service (extended support) from Azure Application.

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