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Microsoft SharePoint is the highly preferred platform for the development and hosting of enterprise-level intranet and internet sites and web applications. The platform guarantees an extended and secure environment, which is basically designed for exceptional team association. This platform formulates the entire process effortlessly and in an unproblematic way for managers to develop, design, and control the website. The creative Sharepoint Designing Team holds a highly professional and experienced team of certified Microsoft SharePoint developers that are talented and skilled in SharePoint Development. Our highly talented and qualified team of SharePoint developers gives high-class revelation for each Microsoft office SharePoint server or MOSS.

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With our SharePoint development either it is on premise or sharepoint online, we endeavor to facilitate you to shelter the web application below the most dominating platform of customer-centric and high-performance applications. We have in-depth knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint and the latest market trends and this enables us to successfully accomplish all entrusted projects using SharePoint 2013,2016,2019, SharePoint 2007 (WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007), Office 365- SharePoint Online, and more. At Nextwebi, we strive to render the most powerful and robust process of execution, content management, dynamic websites, decision making, and data analysis by MOSS.

Our SharePoint Development services allow our clients to efficiently enjoy the benefits of SharePoint deployment- optimizing and customizing the core capabilities of this platform. We have the right skills to offer a custom feel and look to the live sites of our clients by managing and optimizing the templates, custom site definitions, themes, etc.

Unique features of custom sharepoint development service @Nextwebi

Nextwebi has rich experience and expertise in customizing the SharePoint services to meet unique business needs. We have an in-house team of certified and highly qualified SharePoint developers that can help you find the effective ways SharePoint can make your business process better. Our dedicated and highly professional SharePoint experts give us the advantage of efficiently designing and executing all types of SharePoint projects and delivering them within the stipulated deadlines. We believe in using industry best practices to ensure best-in-class SharePoint solutions that meet the individual requirements of businesses efficiently.

Our SharePoint Development services promise to offer you the most suitable and effective solutions within the stipulated deadlines and specific budgets.

  • Agile web development with advanced technologies
  • Browser compatibility with robust architecture
  • Can be upgraded any time with new features
  • Better ROI adaptation to business process
  • Robust information architecture and navigation flow
  • Diverse industry experience and domain expertise
  • Constant innovation and integrated approach
  • Customer-centric and agile web development

Customized sharepoint solutions, to secure and manage
your business details

SharePoint consulting

Microsoft SharePoint is the most advanced and powerful platform that is globally used today by different leading organizations to streamline their information and increase productivity and efficiency. However, without appropriate and professional support and guidance, it would be quite challenging for organizations to navigate the process of transitioning to SharePoint and adapt it to the organization’s specific requirements and maintain the system. We at Nextwebi provide end-to-end SharePoint consulting services for SharePoint integration, implementation, custom development, and migration. We have years of rich experience and expertise in providing a complete range of Microsoft SharePoint consulting services to assist our clients to leverage their investments.

Nextwebi is equipped with a highly qualified and talented team of SharePoint consultants and they are well-versed with industry best practices to help you meet your unique business needs. We are aware of both the “soft” and “hard” side of SharePoint consulting and hence help you to meet your SharePoint needs in the best way possible.

We not only have the technical know-how required to meet the unique SharePoint needs of clients but also better understand the business-related requirements that allow us to position our clients to efficiently utilize SharePoint for businesses.

We work with companies of all sizes as trusted advisors and SharePoint consultants and help them leverage the power of SharePoint. We perfectly understand that every situation and client’s need is unique and thereby customize our SharePoint consulting services accordingly to meet the unique needs of your business. We believe in working collaboratively with clients rather than providing packaged services and this allows us to deliver individually tailored consulting services to meet the exact SharePoint needs.

Sharepoint migration

Whether you are looking for an up-gradation to the latest version of SharePoint or simply want to shift your existing SharePoint instance to the cloud server, Nextwebi has the right skill set to ensure a smooth, affordable and efficient SharePoint migration with the limited end-user disruption and downtime. Nextwebi has its own advanced and revolutionary migration methodology that comprises industry best practices to promote a precise alignment between the business objectives and the design & implementation of work conducted to meet the specific objectives of your business.

Though the process of SharePoint migration is quite complicated, our highly qualified team of SharePoint migration starts every entrusted project with an in-depth analysis of your business needs and present SharePoint infrastructure. Our team works in coordination with our clients to better understand their specific requirements and business objectives. In adherence to all these factors, we will determine and define the best-suited SharePoint migration plan that is tailored to your objectives.

Nextwebi implements the right set of tools that simplifies the entire process of migrating content from a wide variety of sources including, Stellent, Documentum, eRoom, Jive, AppXtender, Lotus Notes, and File Shares over SharePoint 2007-2013, both in-house and over the cloud server. The SharePoint migration services we offer include in-depth analysis, prototype, planning, and implementation of different sources. Our revolutionary and proven methodology has already migrated Terabytes of data to SharePoint in the most sophisticated customer environments.

Being the leading SharePoint consultants, we are not just limited to complex SharePoint deployments; instead, we specialize in both Microsoft technologies and other modern and legacy applications that you may want to integrate with your existing SharePoint.

Document management

It is the biggest challenge to manage information in today’s digital business environment. Due to the introduction of the latest versions of SharePoint that increase document sharing, search, organization, and governance, the IT team usually faces the challenges of quickly adopting powerful and proven document management systems that can allow the business environment to implement new ways to report, protect, secure, recover documents and user content. We at Nextwebi can help you leverage SharePoint for all your document management needs, providing you the ability and aptitude to:

  • Organize, store and locate documents
  • Filter and Tag Documents
  • Ensuring the consistency of documents
  • Protecting the documents from unauthorized access
  • Making documents protected and secured during editing with Document Check-in and Check-out
  • Version History and Retention Policies
  • 24/7 access to the documents from anywhere and anytime
  • Document Management

Our SharePoint document management services allow businesses to make the information readily available for end users and employees and even help businesses to easily track down the information as it moves throughout the organization. Our SharePoint Document Management system allows employees to find the most reliable data as it is easily retrievable and discoverable in SharePoint document libraries. With our document management services you have complete control over the documents with versioning, search, and audit trails.

Nextwebi customizes the SharePoint-based document management solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization. With our SharePoint Document Management solutions, we help companies and organizations comply with industry regulations, eliminate hassles of searching for and re-creating existing documents and increase employee productivity.

Office 365 apps

Office 365 is the most effective and ultimate business app platform that provides businesses a core set of services that are much required in today’s advanced environment like collaboration, integrated and presence workflows, the central location of installation, managing, and discovering the apps. These business apps become very crucial for users who have already spent time in Office and SharePoint. Nextwebi has specialization in streamlining the way developers build and develop modern business applications for Office 365 and SharePoint with Office 365 Apps project. We have a team of highly talented and qualified developers that can build social, cross-platform, touch-centric Office 365 Apps that perform exceptionally on all modern devices.

The applications for SharePoint and Office 365 we develop extend and customize the way we create and use information by integrating Office 365 cloud services and web technologies within the familiar environment of SharePoint and Office.

Nextwebi has the skill set to help you deploy, maintain and upgrade the Office 365 Apps faster. We can help you design, develop, publish and upgrade your Apps on Office Store and even list them and sell them through Office Store. We can also help you to distribute the IT-approved Apps within your organization by using the internal corporate catalog. Therefore, changing the way your organization works.

Windows azure integration

Windows Azure is the flexible and most advanced open cloud platform that is acclaimed to provide hosting as well as monitoring capabilities for the applications that are deployed within Microsoft-managed datacenters. Whether you want to use Windows Azure for your infrastructure like storage & virtual machines or as platform capabilities like mobile services, cloud, or websites, Nextwebi can provide you best Microsoft Windows Azure integration solutions that can receive those alerts from the platform and ensure that correct individual is notified via SMS, phone calls, push notification and emails.

We also have specialization in integrating billing-related alerts so that you will never be surprised by a sudden spike in costs. Our Windows Azure integration services will help organizations to reduce administrative costs, improve security, availability, and scalability and minimize the response time of your applications and websites. Nextwebi is equipped with highly talented and experienced engineers that can create applications for Windows Azure Integration both from the scratch and through modernization of infrastructure and code of existing products.

Nextwebi provides complete range of Windows Azure Integration Services including:

  • Architecture development and implementation
  • Business reviews and audits
  • Application development and integration
  • Fully range integration solutions
  • Migration of cloud and on-premise applications to Windows Azure

Nextwebi provides integration services for Windows Azure in adherence to your organization’s business process and strategic objectives and this allows our clients to achieve the complete benefits of Windows Azure adoption and integration. We streamline the entire process of scaling, creating, and extending applications into the cloud.

SharePoint integration

SharePoint integration is just like having all the doors open to your business world. With just a single dashboard or portal, one can have easy access to several applications and data in a safe environment. When it comes to SharePoint Integration services, Nextwebi always remains the top choice of businesses, owing to its deep expertise and experience in office and collaboration products. Nextwebi has had the inside track to SharePoint Products Group as a trusted and reliable vendor since its conception.

Nextwebi is well accustomed to all the versions of Microsoft SharePoint, including the latest versions. Being the leading and Microsoft Certified service provider we have successfully worked with several businesses of different sizes and rendered them victorious SharePoint integration projects. Our SharePoint integration services are masterly designed around the industry’s best practices that are recommended by Microsoft and internally developed and tested methods.

Microsoft power apps and power automate

Microsoft Power Apps is a low-code platform that allows users to build custom business applications for various devices and platforms. It is a part of the Microsoft Power Platform, which also includes Power Automate for automation and integration, and Power BI for data visualization and analysis. Our company, Nextwebi, has extensive experience in the development and customization of Microsoft Power Apps. Our team of experienced developers and consultants are skilled in using the platform to build custom business solutions that can help our clients improve their operations and productivity.

One of the key advantages of using Microsoft Power Apps is its low-code approach, which allows even non-technical users to create custom apps without the need for extensive programming knowledge. This makes it an ideal solution for organizations that want to quickly and easily build custom apps to meet their specific needs. In addition to development and customization, our team at Nextwebi also offers support and maintenance services for Power Apps. This includes troubleshooting any issues that may arise, providing guidance and best practices for app development, and helping our clients stay up-to-date with the latest features and capabilities of the platform.

Microsoft Power Automate, also known as Microsoft Flow, is a cloud-based service that allows users to automate and integrate various business processes and systems. It allows users to create custom workflow solutions that can automate repetitive tasks, trigger actions based on certain events or conditions, and integrate with a wide range of applications and services. At Nextwebi, we have experience in using Power Automate to help our clients streamline their operations and improve productivity. Our team can help you create custom workflows that can automate tasks and processes, integrate with your existing systems and applications, and provide real-time visibility into the status of your workflow solutions. Overall, our team at Nextwebi has the expertise and experience to help organizations of all sizes leverage the power of Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate to build custom solutions that can improve their operations and drive business success.

Why choose us

Microsoft SharePoint is no longer an unknown name in today’s ever-expanding software and information technology-based industries. It is undeniable fact that the sphere of the service sector is going truly very high with the passing of time. If you will have a glance at the modern IT and software sector, you will notice a great dominance of SharePoint services there. Nextwebi takes pride in having unique strength in rendering a full array of SharePoint services ranging from branding to strategic design, and capacity planning, to governance, to consulting, development, implementation, and training.

Nextwebi is equipped with Microsoft-certified pre-sales experts and .Net developers, and project managers and strives to use only best practices to help our clients achieve their SharePoint integration goals. We are the leading and renowned consultants for Collaboration and Content Management that make us the partner of choice for all SharePoint integration needs. Our successful methodology includes assessing, planning, and analyzing the SharePoint integration environment and the outcomes that our partners endeavor to achieve. This allows our developers and project managers to follow a vision-specific SharePoint integration approach. Our expertise and rich experience in the SharePoint framework enable us to extend our SharePoint Integration services to the following applications:

  • MS Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Quick Search Integration
  • SharePoint ERP Integration
  • Exchange Server 2010
  • Microsoft's Productivity Suites
  • Different 3rd Party Integration

Technologies we work with

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Office 365
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Google Cloud
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Digital ocean
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SQL Server
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Technologies we work with

Secure your business collabration with the custom sharepoint development service

At Nextwebi, a custom share point development solution provider, we have the required expertise and skill set to change Office 365 ad Sharepoint into robust platforms which will easily streamline your business processes. This will provide you with great benefits by reducing overall costs, increasing efficiency, improving service levels, and offering analytics.

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