Make a difference with Nextwebi

At Nextwebi, we are looking for talented individuals who aim to bring meaningful change to our client's businesses by enabling them to create and develop innovative technology solutions. We believe in developing talent in all stages of their career and hence continuously invest in upskilling and nurturing the talents of our workforce. Discover what we have to offer, and what we can do together.

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Inclusion and diversity

At Nextwebi we believe in nurturing an inclusive and diverse work environment that is not only beneficial for business but also fosters deeper trust and commitment from employees.

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Growth and opportunity

We empower employees to produce better results and meet their goals throughout the year by keeping them motivated and productive.

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Constant learning

We encourage employees to pursue their curiosity and foster the lifelong learning instinct to keep up with the advancements of today's world.

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Work, Grow and Inspire

Join us and explore the realm of growth opportunities available to expand your career in an inclusive and learning-oriented environment. In the quest for building an agile organization, we aim to turn jobs into highly specialized roles by building a dynamic professional network with industry experts and leaders and focusing on experience and expertise.

Employees speak

Recruitment disclaimer

Neither Nextwebi IT Solutions Pvt ltd nor any of its authorized recruitment agencies/partners charge any fee from talent (candidates) towards appearing for an interview or securing an employment/internship. Candidates shall be solely responsible for verifying the credentials of any agency/consultant that claims to be working with Nextwebi IT Solutions Pvt ltd for recruitment.

Please note that anyone who relies on the representations made by fraud employment agencies, does so at his / her own risk and Nextwebi disclaims any liability in case of loss or damage suffered by you. If you encounter any suspicious advertisement, mail or person who offers jobs/internships at Nextwebi IT Solutions Pvt ltd, please do let us know by contacting us at

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Nextwebi IT Solutions Private Limited (‘the Company, or Nextwebi), is committed to ethical conduct and good corporate decision-making, as well as compliance with the letter and spirit of the law. It is also committed to ensuring that it has appropriate policies and procedures in place to address any complaints or allegations (by the company’s personnel, clients or Third Parties) that it or its personnel have failed to comply with appropriate professional, ethical, regulatory or legal requirements or its own systems of quality control. From time to time, challenging ethical situations or conduct may arise that appear to violate our policy. Employees and Third Parties are required (and have a responsibility) to report any conduct or activity that they believe may bring about legal or ethical problems or violate applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Our Code of Conduct encourages everyone to report and express their concerns and to do so in good faith, fairly, honestly, and respectfully. It also confirms our commitment to protecting everyone against retaliation.

Company has also set up the Ethics & Compliance Help Line. The Ethics & Compliance Help Line operates the following options for reporting concerns and seeking guidance:

The Ethics & Compliance HelpLine may be contacted if guidance is required, or to report real or perceived violations. Inquiries or reports may be made anonymously if preferred. Anonymity will be maintained within the limits of the law and to the extent, it will not impede or hinder the investigation process. If confidentiality is not possible due to the nature of the complaint, every attempt will be made to limit disclosure of the individual's identity and notice, where reasonably possible, would be given to the complaining party.

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