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Simplifying the hiring journey with our tech-powered online job portal solutions. Our custom recruitment solution makes it easier for recruiters and job seekers to find the right fit for the organization. Job searching and applying are made faster and easier with Nextwebi's custom online job portal software development, which is responsive and reaches out to the maximum audience with easy accessibility.

Being a leading job portal development company, Nextwebi has successfully delivered the job portal solution in many recruitment systems to simplify the recruitment journey. Post jobs, explore categories, opportunities, job listings, assessment exams, and more with our online job portal applications. Attract potentially qualified candidates with Nextwebi's online job portal web applications. Design and build customized career pages that are easy to navigate and visually attractive with your preferred categories and detail options.

Core features of online job portal applications

Customized job listing

List job openings in the company along with relevant details and priority levels for hiring.

Job posting

Post jobs and reach out to the maximum number audience to hire the perfect fit for your company.

Job search filter

Customised and optimized job searching tool which advanced filters to help you shortlist jobs you want to apply for based on your requirements.

Company-wise filter

Filter and apply to companies based on your choice of location, package, location, and much more.

Department filter

Shortlist jobs based on the departments for which you are interested in applying.

User registration

One-time sign up, access and track your job applications with candidate login, reset the password if required.

OTP verification

Login with OTP verification for optimized security.

Apply for jobs

Apply for any number of jobs with a verified candidate profile.

View applied jobs

Track the list of jobs applied for and the status of each.

Upload resume

Upload resume in pdf or word format, or create a resume in the particular format available with resume builder.

Email confirmation

Get email confirmation for updates on the candidate login portal or track progress for the same.

Admin panel to manage

Dedicated admin panel to manage and post, manage and delete jobs.

Bulk export

Bulk resume export for candidates, the recruiter is interested in for the interview.

Job alerts

Get notified about relevant jobs via push notifications and emails and apply for those you are interested in.

Candidate assessment

Conduct online tests, and video interviews with the interview scheduling feature.

Application tracking system

Track the end-to-end hiring process from shortlisting to onboarding and save on time and cost.

Types of Job Portal you can get

Job portal mobile application

Get a cross-platform, android, or ios mobile application to reach out and attract maximum potential candidates for your job openings.

  • Regular job alerts
  • Easy job hunting
  • Promote brand
  • Easy resume access feature
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Customized job portal website

Find the right fit for your job requirement and company with Nextwebi's online job portal with interactive real-time features.

  • Recruitment software management
  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Brand promotion and visibility
  • Save hiring costs and time
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Profile builder

Provide resume and profile builder for your applicants with vital details which are a must on the resume and the recruiter requires. Provide resume and cover templates for easy job application.

  • Resume templates
  • Flexible and intuitive
  • Easy job applying
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Online screening tests

Conduct online pre-assessment tests or video interviews to assess your candidates virtually before the final selection process.

  • Analysis of tech and nontech skills
  • AI-driven behavior analysis
  • Assess skills and competency
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Types of Job Portal you can get

Why choose Nextwebi for job portal development

At Nextwebi, we specialize in job portal development tailored to your brand requirements and desired features. Our expertise lies in building feature-rich custom job portal websites capable of efficiently managing sizable databases. Professionals and recruiters can effortlessly find the best opportunities with our well-organized structure.

Responsive job portal development

Recruitment analysis with details

Seamless navigation with a user-friendly layout

GDPR data protection

Real-time data tracking

Customised user interface

Scalable solution

Multilingual support

Job portal development process at Nextwebi

At Nextwebi, our Job Portal Development process ensures a seamless and efficient journey from ideation to deployment. We follow a structured approach to deliver exceptional job portal solutions tailored to your needs. Our process includes:

Requirement Gathering

Requirement gathering

We begin by thoroughly understanding your requirements, target audience, and desired features for the job portal.

Website designing and development

UI/UX design & development

Our expert UI/UX designers create intuitive and visually appealing job portal designs, while our development team seamlessly integrates them into the development process.

Website Testing

Testing and quality assurance

We conduct rigorous testing to ensure the functionality, performance, and security of the job portal, eliminating any bugs or issues.

Website Launching

Deployment and launch

Once the job portal is thoroughly tested, we deploy it to a production environment and assist in its successful launch.

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Scalable job portal development solutions

Nextwebi focuses on providing the best recruitment solutions with our customized job portal software solution powered by AI.

Job seeker panel

Sign up, create profile, and search for jobs with data security features on our Online Job portal solution.

Recruiter panel

Register, list company profile, post job, profile finder and shortlist candidates with our interactive recruitment panel.

Admin panel

Recruitment reports and analytics, push notifications, job posting management, and overall management with a dedicated admin panel.

One stop hassle free solution for recruiter and recruit

Get a complete end-to-end complete hiring solution by leveraging the features of an online job portal designed for recruiter and recruit’s comfort. Find relevant jobs and candidates which fit right in your requirements.

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The cost of job portal website development can vary depending on several factors such as the complexity of features, design requirements, development time, and additional customizations. At Nextwebi, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. To get an accurate estimate of the development cost, we recommend contacting us directly for a detailed discussion about your project requirements.

Yes, we sign an NDA before proceeding with your requirements. We protect our data under GDPR policies which ensures your and your candidates’ data is well-protected.

Yes, we offer customized job portal solution, including specially created software for these portals and white-label software solutions. According to the needs of the client and the market, we can modify the solutions.

A portal provides a wide range of services and serves as a gateway to the internet. Websites, on the other hand, are collections of web pages.

Our Job Portal Development Company provides customizable job portals, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), recruitment analytics, and a scalable SaaS infrastructure for employers. Benefit from user-friendly solutions tailored to your needs and easy deployment and maintenance.

At Nextwebi, we prioritize the security of our clients' job portals and user data. We implement robust security measures, including data encryption, secure user authentication, and regular security audits, to safeguard sensitive information.

The timeline for job portal development can vary depending on the complexity of the project and specific requirements. Our team will work closely with you to determine a realistic timeline based on your needs and ensure timely delivery of the job portal.

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