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Users can easily and conveniently book rooms, check in, and pay easily with our online hotel booking solution. Our hotel booking app development team has the skills and expertise to create a specific hotel booking app for the needs of consumers. We are equipped to create a feature-rich hotel booking software that will benefit our clients' operations and enable them to make good profits.

Nextwebi's online hotel booking app provides you with a feature-rich and scalable app that is useful to meet the requirements of all your customers. Provide your customers with easy booking options on their choice of date and requirements with real-time data updates. Accept direct booking through your website and show real-time live rates and inventory updates across the channels to provide your customers select from the options and confirm the reservation.

Custom Travel application development Services

Leverage the power of technology to plan and manage your customers’ holiday plans

Channel manager integration

Synchronize your hotel listing from one platform with real-time data updates and minimize the risk of overbooking.

Online payment gateway

Integrate the payment gateway and provide your customers easy payment option with a partial payment feature.

Inventory management

Manage date, prices, bookings and cancellations with one-stop online hotel booking solution.

Front desk management

Get live updates on booking from front desk and keep inventory updated for avoiding overbooking.

SMS/ Email alerts

Provide SMS and email alerts to your customers and provide live order status including booking and cancellation.

CRM System

Manage enquiry, leads and sales with live data tracking with integrated CRM system.

Promos and Coupons

Entice your customers by providing them promotional and seasonal discounts.

Dynamic calendar

Dynamic calendar integration with regular data updates and real-time tracking.

Bulk room booking

Bulk room booking for events with variable pax ( adult, children, infant).

Daily and monthly reports

Detailed report on bookings, cancellation, sales, and much more with an intuitive and interactive back-end panel.

Online hotel booking solution available for

Group Booking

Utilize a single dashboard to manage group bookings, group discounts, packages, and amenity upgrades. Send personalized booking confirmation emails, separate dining preferences, and handle group discounts and corporate packages from outside vendors.

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Corporate Booking

Manage corporate reservations in comparison to individual reservations and room occupancy, and keep up with each guest's dialogue for a hassle-free reservation and support system. When a room cancellation is made, make the room available for occupation.

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Individual Booking

Compare prices, reviews, features, location, amenities, and price range to select the hotel which fits right into the travel plan. With the use of hotel reservation software, a user can examine a hotel by looking at thorough descriptions and pictures of the rooms. They are not required to invest time traveling to each hotel and individually reviewing the rooms and preparing in advance.

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Event Booking

People, businesses, or organizations constantly organize one-time or ongoing events for a variety of gatherings around the globe. Many of these events have a cap on the total number of attendees, so it's critical that people book their spots when this is the case. An online hotel booking solution can be quite helpful in these situations because people can pay at the same time they make a booking.

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Online hotel booking solution available for

Key Differentiator

In order to meet the expectations of the customers, our hotel app development team provides you with a custom hotel booking app with great ability and competence. Users of the hotel booking service would find it simple to make reservations, check-in, and payments. With this method, the user can quickly reserve a hotel room.

Real-time data insights

User-friendly interface

Comprehensive booking management

Customized and scalable solution

Multi-language and currency feature

Real-time inventory management

White-label solution

Scalable online hotel booking solution

Nextwebi focuses on providing the best online hotel booking experience with our customized online hotel booking solution with real-time inventory updates.


Best fit tour and travel solution Nextwebi’s B2B hotel booking portal is built on strong and dynamic technology.


B2C Hotel Booking Portal that offers hotel, restaurants, and package search and booking features to B2C customers around the world.

Restaurant management

Integrate nearby restaurants to provide your customers with a comprehensive and convenient experience.

One-stop solution for direct hotel and room bookings

Tighten your seat belts and explore the wide range of travel solutions available for your travel agencies & companies. Integrate interesting features and custom travel packages and boost your business growth with our travel solution software.

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