Most trusted education App development company in Bangalore, India

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At Nextwebi, we take immense pride in being the most trusted education app development company in Bangalore, India. With our expertise in eLearning app development, we strive to revolutionize the education sector by creating custom eLearning applications that empower educators and inspire students. Our team of skilled developers has delivered 1500+ successful projects and has gained the trust of 1000+ clients worldwide.

We understand the importance of personalized learning experiences in the digital era. That's why we specialize in providing tailor-made solutions that cater to the unique needs of universities, colleges, schools, corporate training programs, training centers, and certification training institutes. Our custom eLearning solutions have been implemented across various industries, driving enhanced learning outcomes and boosting engagement.

Partner with Nextwebi to unlock the potential of eLearning applications and take your education offerings to the next level. Our custom eLearning application development services are designed to empower educators, inspire learners, and transform education. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and embark on a journey of educational excellence.

Customized eLearning portal features for students, trainers, and admins

Manage, track and attain your eLearning Goals with a robust LMS portal customized according to your requirements.

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Student login

Personalized learning experience for each student with a dedicated student portal with interactive features and easily accessible segments. Facilitate easy communication, provide course information, conduct tests, and much more with an engaging feature-rich eLearning Application.

  • Student registration with admin approval
  • Assign multiple batches with live class links
  • Joining link for everyday class (auto attendance capture)
  • Test series and hackathons with reports
  • Customized Pay online and refer a friend
  • Live class recordings
  • Message admin feature
  • Student engagement model
  • Test series
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Trainer login

Create learning modules, track attendance, and monitor the growth of students with a dedicated trainer login. Get access to data and share information with the batch as per the needs and requirements.

  • Dedicated login access
  • Manage attendance
  • Student performance reports
  • Conduct discussions, hackathons, and tests
  • Share course material
  • Review and assess students’ projects
  • Assessment tools
  • Student Engagement model
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Admin login

Manage educators, students, and program managers with master admin login. Get overall access to each module and handle core functionalities with dedicated login access. This administrative level access provides you the authority to access and manage the entire LMS Portal.

  • Add new courses and assign batches
  • Enabling and disabling student accounts
  • Map course details to batches
  • Managing sub-admin accounts
  • Update course details including prices
  • Dedicated login access for various segments
  • Payment Scheduling
  • Manage online, offline and live classes
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Attendance management

Track the attendance of students for classes, project submissions, tests, and much more with an automated or manual attendance tracking system. Our developers provide access to trainers or admin to monitor and track the attendance of each student.

  • Auto attendance system
  • Manual attendance system
  • Authorizing student leave requests
  • Calendar integration
  • Login- logout time monitoring system
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Online exams

We conduct proctored-based as well as automated online exams. We combine our in-depth knowledge of video analytics and artificial intelligence with the creation of educational software to provide you with non-intrusive, scalable, and economical monitoring solutions.

  • Question Bank management
  • Test reports post completion
  • Analyze results and track student progress
  • Assigning marks and ranks
  • Advance-level online proctoring
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Content manager

A dedicated portal to handle the course detail, website content, and content for various segments of the portal. Manage, update, and customize based on the recent industry trends and requirements.

  • Course detail page
  • Blogs with images
  • Pricing details, FAQs
  • Course material
  • Batch details and testimonials

eLearning App development services we offer

At Nextwebi, , we offer a wide range of eLearning app development services to cater to the unique needs of our clients. Whether you're a small business or a large organization, we can develop a custom eLearning solution that meets your specific requirements. Here are some of the eLearning app development services we offer:

Apps for exam preparation

We develop interactive and engaging apps that help students prepare for exams. Our exam preparation apps are designed to improve retention and provide an immersive learning experience.

Application integration with CRM

Our eLearning app development services also include application integration with CRM software. We can integrate your eLearning app with popular CRM tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho to streamline your sales and marketing processes.

On-Demand eLearning app

With our on-demand eLearning app development services, you can provide instant access to your eLearning content on-the-go. Our on-demand eLearning apps are designed to be user-friendly and accessible from any device.

Customized learning management platforms

We develop customized learning management platforms that cater to the unique needs of your organization. Our learning management platforms are designed to be user-friendly and scalable to accommodate your growing needs.

Microlearning apps

We specialize in developing microlearning apps that provide bite-sized learning content to improve knowledge retention. Our microlearning apps are designed to be engaging and interactive, making learning fun and easy.

eLearning website development

We design and develop user-friendly eLearning websites that provide a seamless learning experience to your users. Our eLearning websites are optimized for search engines, making it easy for your users to find your content.

Custom eLearning solutions for your business

Our developers provide you with robust eLearning software with all required functionalities to outperform your competitors. Customize the learning experiences of your students with an interactive and dynamic learning portal.

eLearning portal development

As an eLearning software development firm, we are aware of the significant difficulties that online learning presents, and we make full use of our expertise in web portals created to provide the best solutions. For schools, colleges, institutes, management institutes, and service providers, we offer complete educational software development services, including e-learning portals. We can help you construct a new eLearning site, modify the one you already have, or add cutting-edge functionality to it.

  • Admin, user, and course management
  • Online exam and certifications
  • Student progress analysis with grades
  • Proctoring and test series, hackathons
  • Detailed report and evaluations
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Online courses

Online training courses and materials that promote your brand and are simple to manage can be created with eLearning App Development. We create eLearning applications for clients who want to promote and sell their online courses. Provide access to online courses to students and ensure they have an enjoyable educational experience. By integrating cutting-edge software solutions like marketing tools, sales automation, social networking, lead collection sites, content management systems, and more, our eLearning Experts can cater to the specific demands of your company.

  • Add multiple course modules
  • Certificate sharing option
  • Add course materials and videos
  • Handle leads and sales
  • Payment gateway integration
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Virtual classrooms

Our virtual classroom software solutions create a learning pattern between students and teachers through live class video streaming and online lessons. Online course materials, live video lectures, online assessments, and student evaluations are all included in virtual classroom solutions.

  • Screen sharing and virtual whiteboard feature
  • Breakout rooms, poll, quizzes
  • Record live instructor-led sessions
  • Projects assessment tools
  • Attendance monitoring
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LMS portal

Manage and deliver eLearning courses with a customized eLearning portal. Deliver academic content, organize, carry out, and evaluate the online learning process through LMS portals.

  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Online classes
  • Course timeline record
  • Progress and performance tracking
  • Evaluation and assessment modules
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Corporate training

Boost employee productivity and engagement with custom eLearning custom software solutions for your company. We can help you whether you need to modify an existing eLearning system, create a new one, or add cutting-edge capabilities.

  • Online training and skill development
  • Performance and engagement tracking
  • Quiz, assessments, and test modules
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Custom eLearning solutions for your business

Advanced eLearning app features we provide:

As a leading eLearning app development company, Nextwebi offers cutting-edge features to enhance your learning experience:

AI Personalization
AI Personalization

Tailor-made learning paths based on individual preferences and performance for a personalized educational journey.

Chatbot Integration
Chatbot Integration

Interactive chatbots provide real-time assistance, answering queries and guiding learners throughout their eLearning journey.

Microlearning Modules
Microlearning Modules

Bite-sized, focused content chunks to enhance retention and engagement, making learning more efficient.

Gamification Elements
Gamification Elements

Add game-like elements such as badges, rewards, and leaderboards to foster motivation and increase learner engagement.

Virtual Reality (VR) Integration
Virtual Reality (VR) Integration

Immersive learning experiences through virtual reality simulations, enabling learners to practice skills in realistic environments.

Adaptive Assessments
Adaptive Assessments

Dynamic assessments that adapt to learners' progress, ensuring a tailored evaluation and targeted feedback.

Why choose Nextwebi as an eLearning application development company

At Nextwebi, we have expertise in developing eLearning platforms by transforming your ideas into an interactive platform. We help create an engaging and customized experience for your learners and provide you with a competitive edge. We have worked with schools, startups, universities, and colleges where our solutions are running successfully for years.

Scalable and agile platform

Comprehensive reports

Multi-user perspective

Personalized visually appealing platform

Interactive modules

Cross-platform availability

Custom eLearning software development

Our custom E-Learning solutions are deployed and running in various industries like:

Training institutes

Get a dedicated LMS portal to manage students and provide them with quality tech-assisted learning. Engage them with interactive features and learning modules.


Enhance productivity and employee engagement with a corporate learning platform. Develop skills and provide them with career enhancement programs.

Educational institutes

eLearning portal for schools, colleges, and universities that tracks students' progress and maintains course detail information that helps students learn and grow.

Unlock and explore the potential of tech-assisted experiential learning

Radically transform your education landscape with customized eLearning app development with engage the students beyond the traditional classrooms with personalized learning. Modernize learning with Nextwebi's custom-developed eLearning platform.

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The cost of the project depends on the scope of the project and the features which are to be embedded in your application.

Usually, it takes 20-25 days to develop an eLearning app, however, the time may vary based on the project scope and requirements.

As a eLearning app development company, we have multiple years of expertise in developing eLearning application for various industries. We provide on-time delivery, competitive costs, and tech-oriented features which enhance the learning experience.

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