New Search Console Video index report

Recent updates | July 14, 2022 | By Nikita Dhiman
New Search Console Video index report

The production and consumption of videos on the internet are constantly expanding, and Google Search indexes videos from millions of different websites so that users can quickly find and view this content. Search Console is introducing a new report called Video indexing to assist you in comprehending the performance of your videos on Google and pinpointing potential areas for improvement. Users might not notice any changes right away because the change will be implemented gradually over the coming months.

What is Video Indexing

The video indexing report displays the number of indexed pages on your website that contain one or more videos as well as the likelihood that a video will be indexed on each of those pages. Videos that are indexed may show up in Google search results.

Report on Video Indexing

The Video indexing report will show up in the coverage part of the left navigation bar if Google finds videos on your website. You won't see the report if Google has not identified a video on your website.

The report displays the current state of your website's video indexing. It assists you in responding to the following queries:

  • How many pages have videos been found by Google?
  • Which videos were successfully indexed?
  • What problems are standing in the way of videos being indexed?

Additionally, if you resolve a problem, you may utilize the report to confirm the resolution and monitor the updating of your corrected video pages in the Google index.

This report is distinct from the Video Rich results report, so please be aware of that. The report described in today's post is about video indexing, not video structured data, so it cannot demonstrate the accuracy of the items in video structured data. Which Video structured data pieces are valid or invalid on your site is still displayed in the Video Rich results report.

Inspecting a specific video page

Along with the new report, the URL Inspection tool was improved to let the users verify the progress of a particular page's video indexing. If Google found a video on a page you were looking at, the following information would appear in the search results:

  • Information like the URLs for the thumbnail and the video.
  • The page's status reveals whether or not the video was indexed.
  • Issues that prohibit the video from being indexed are listed.

This is not applicable to live inspection, which merely indicates whether a video was found on the page being inspected and does not provide the status of video indexing.

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