Important Fundamentals of Content Marketing

Digital Marketing | February 14, 2022 | By Team Nextwebi
Important Fundamentals of Content Marketing

Each year, traditional ways of marketing channels are going out of fashion and people are more drawn to great information on Internet. By providing that, you will be create a media outlet that readers want to return to and draws them effectively. With great content, comes great power and benefits like below:

  • Makes your brand unique and stand out to people
  • People keep coming back to your site thus more traffic around your site
  • People will come from other sites as those will be pointing to your content on search
  • Long term business gains

1)    Create your content strategy

Before you write all the things, it’s important to get your strategy right o reap maximum benefits. So what is content strategy? It is the guidelines and governance that helps you achieve the vision, goals, ideation and style of your customer. It guides you in how and why your content will be created and can be anything from blog, post, whitepaper to social media. It builds a trust bridge between the product/service offered and the market that will be purchasing it. Strategy is required for: 

  • The subject and matter of your content
  • Type of content to be produced
  • Your target readers
  • Long term business gains
  • Plan and platform to publish, host or promote the content

2)    Audience Targeting

After analyzing the market of the product/service you are promoting, it is important to know whether you want to focus on new customers or beginners or existing customers. Observe the trend and maximum searches for the services most popular and write more content and knowledge on it. Find the audience and field people are interested in and publicize it. Below questions should be answered and analyzed while targeting the audience:

  • Demographic info i.e. location, age etc
  • What is their channel of communication?
  • Which sites they visit frequently?
  • What are their influences and who do they listen to?
  • What are their pain points?

3)    Choose your subject and topics

When you are writing content it is important to note that you have to write quality content that resonates with you and the customer and which the reader absolutely loves! It should also be a guide for readers to learn and gain knowledge from, which helps them to move forward with their decisions. It’s not about the number of articles but the quality of the content that matters to a reader. Writing content keeping the below points in mind:

  • Content should provide some value, help or guidance to the reader
  • With the content, you should look like a professional
  • The content should show that you master it and are a subject matter expert
  • Don’t repeat topics which might bore the reader
  • Content can be written in the below ways
  • Blogs
  • White Papers
  • Online video

4)    Content Promotion

Content promotion is as important as the content itself. Content should be promoted at the appropriate place for example if it’s a company that’s sells bakery items then content should be promoted on bakery sites and bakery product shops. Another way to promote is to highlight the awesome work they have done by writing blog about them or their customer which will give them free publicity as well as catch the eye of the reader. Also, share it with social media to give it the charm it needs. Write an excerpt to highlight, share a reaction to the post, share your own thoughts, etc. to enhance it.

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