Get a responsive site and know why it’s needed?

Digital Marketing | February 15, 2022 | By Team Nextwebi
Get a responsive site and know why it’s needed?

Get a responsive site and know why it’s needed?

Responsiveness in a website is an approach to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices. A responsive site works in a regular computer also in tablets and smartphones without its UI getting distorted or not clearly accessible. It is the same design but transforms itself to fit in any sized screen.

Important things to know about a responsive site are:


1)  Excessive use of smartphones/tablets for browsing is leading to the use of responsive websites

Nowadays everybody is using their smartphones to brows contents through internet. Any thought, idea or query, smartphones are used at any point of day to get information. If your website is not designed properly and content is not rendered properly on phone/tablet, then the visitor might go back and search for another product which might impact your business. You might lose business due to a site’s distorted UI and a valuable customer might not return. So it’s very important to have your site as responsive which works for every device and any sized screen.


2)  Getting a responsive site

A responsive website is very important when a keyword is searched in search engine as nowadays Google and other search engines are paying a lot of attention to responsiveness and results are fetched based on this. So it’s very important to have responsive website which is easily searchable and looks good while browsing.


3)  Page speed also matters with responsiveness

Making a site responsive shouldn’t reduce the loading speed of site. Both should go hand in hand giving a smooth and easy experience to the visitor. The company in charge of designing should be aware of technology and should have the resources and optimizations to make it work.


4)  Why NextWebi for responsive website?

We are making responsive websites from a long time with satisfied and happy customers all around the world. NextWebi has firsthand experience on this and also we have the technology and talent for it. We have the experience to take any kind of project so just give us a call! You will get the best services and response.

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