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Do you require assistance with your search engine optimization efforts? Our SEO consultancy services will assist your website in achieving its traffic and ranking objectives. With in-house SEO specialists, we are a Google Partner Agency providing all SEO services including SEO advice that are detailed and tailored to your needs.

Monitoring and advising on SEO implementation and thus helping your business towards a successful B2B, B2C, eCommerce, and lead generation experience. Our SEO consulting service covers everything you'll need to know about where you are now, where you want to go, and how we'll get there. Because each website is unique, your SEO strategy must be as well. Depending on your objectives, the following is a list of what our SEO consulting services can contain.

Our SEO consulting services include the following:

We provide our clients with Strategic profitable SEO Consulting services with
our domain specific experience of over 8 years.

SEO Audit in Depth

Our experts will go deep into your website to uncover SEO possibilities and places for improvement. On-page optimizations, content, off-site optimization, HTML markup, backlinks, site structure, and other areas of SEO are all included in our audits.

Keywords: planning and research

Our SEO specialists will do in-depth keyword research to discover which keywords would make the most sense to rank for, in order to assist in the development of a plan for achieving top ranks and driving more search engine traffic.

The SEO Success Roadmap

Following the completion of an audit, our team will devise a strategy for improvement, beginning with what will have the most impact in the shortest period of time.

Implementation Tips for SEO

As part of our SEO consulting service, our team will assist you in implementing best practices, creating guidelines and tools for teaching the rest of your team, and making recommendations with context on why you should consider them.

SEO Analysis of Competitors

If SEO is essential to you, it is likely to be important to your competitors as well. Our SEO experts will investigate what your top rivals are doing well in terms of SEO, what they aren't doing well in terms of SEO, and how to efficiently use this knowledge for your site.

Audit of Backlinks

A website's backlink profile may make or break its success. We'll look at your backlink profile with a number of tools to see if it's helping or harming your rankings. We'll next devise a strategy for repairing, enhancing, and expanding your current links in order to improve your SEO.

In-Depth Reporting on a Monthly Basis

You will receive a monthly report of your key performance indicators, what we did for you, our observations, and the strategy for the coming months to help you see how your data affects outcomes.

Building High-Quality Links

Following an assessment of your backlink profile, our team will look for unique and relevant link building possibilities for your website. In every link-building effort, our SEO experts aim for high-quality backlinks rather than large numbers of low-quality connections.

Consultation on Website Redesign

Our SEO consultants will provide visual design feedback, conversion recommendations, review your site structure, check content, provide foundational on-page optimization, and identify all the redirects you need to maintain user experience.

The Various Types of SEO Consultancy Services We Offer:

Nextwebi knows exactly the many methods in which we as an SEO Consultant may assist you in ranking your content. It's not only about producing text and employing keywords when it comes to SEO. When it comes to your Google ranking, there are several things to consider. So, before we start, we make sure you know exactly what you need assistance with. Asking yourself, "Which portion of your business pulls in the most sales?" is an easy approach to find out. Here are a few ways that our SEO Consulting Services may assist your company.

SEO Optimization of a Company's Website

If your website is the source of the majority of your sales and market placement, it's likely that it's the ideal location to direct traffic. We then start producing more blogs about topics related to your products and services. All of these will provide you with a significant amount of relevant traffic that we can direct to your products and services. Here are a few samples about how we handle things:

  • We write reviews of items in your niche and link them to your products
  • Step-by-step instructions that truly assist the reader
  • For those who are just getting started, we make sure there are tutorials and walkthroughs available
  • We provide a best-of lists of all the products, services, software, or anything you work with

SEO Optimization for Ecommerce Stores

Do you work in the e-commerce industry? Then you must begin optimizing these extremely important to your firm product descriptions. A consultant, of course, may assist you with optimizing pages such as your homepage, about us page, and products/services page. However, you may forget about earning consistent revenue through SEO if your items aren't properly rated. That's why we provide and stick to a tried-and-true SEO Product Description Strategy that you can simply apply to all of your existing and future items.

SEO Optimization for Sales Funnels

More and more companies are switching from websites to funnels these days. That is, you have several sites that are linked together by various buttons and links. To acquire as much targeted traffic as possible, we build sales funnels that rely entirely on sponsored advertisements because that's a smart approach in and of itself. We are very well aware that it is not the greatest strategy for long-term scaling so we conduct many split tests and ad campaigns until something connects with the market if we start by rating your sales funnel pages and then go on to paid advertisements.

Just like SEO ranking, this might take anything from a month to two and after we've perfected your funnel, you'll already be getting constant SEO traffic in addition to the advertisements you're running. If you have a lot of sales funnels in your organization, SEO Consulting Services like Nextwebi may be the best approach to grow it effectively.


The role of an SEO consultant is to develop a website SEO plan based on search term volume and phrases to help customers find your brand and items. An SEO professional can help with the SEO strategy and the creation of supporting pages to help the website content stand out even more.

5 Things a Good SEO Company Should Do for Your Company

  • Examine the current state of your website.
  • Learn more about your target audience, business, and objectives.
  • Improve your on-page SEO performance.
  • Outline a succinct and clear strategy.
  • Determine your competitive advantages and content gaps.

SEO services vary in price based on what is included. Depending on the scale of the project, most SEO initiatives in 2021 will cost between $750-$2,000 each month. A one-time job will cost between $5,000 and $30,000, and consultant hourly rates will cost between $80-$200 per hour.

Monthly SEO services, also known as continuing monthly SEO services, are SEO services that seek to enhance your ranks in search results on a month-to-month basis. On-page and off-page improvements, such as keyword targeting, link building, content creation, and more, are usually included in most monthly SEO services.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique for getting a URL or website to the top of a search engine's results page. SEO is a technique that companies and people use to increase the exposure of their websites and enterprises.

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