Intensifying a data secure organization to secure data with the reach of a powerful web application.

Data Protection, employee monitoring, user behavior analytics.

Client Profile

As majorly categorized into Data security, employee monitoring, and user behavior analytics, Datsolve is a Gurgaon based company established in the year 2000. Along with the above solutions, it also provides an insider threat response system, intellectual property theft, workshop productivity, tracking executive positions, monitoring exiting employees, data exfiltration intelligence, corporate cyber intelligence and products including inDefend, secure Email gateway, secure printer gateway, and Mobsec.
Client: DataResolve Technologies (P) Ltd. INDIA
Domain/Industry: Data Protection, employee monitoring, user behavior analytics.
Tech Stack: SQL Server, HTML, CSS, AWS, dotnet MVC, dotnet core, C#, jQuery, Javascript

About Product

The Problem:

With the mission of becoming a leader in the area of data protection, employee monitoring, user behavior analytics and to provide it as an integrated business solution, Dataresolve thrived to be a universal solution provider for brands across the world. It needed a digital support platform with a powerful website to take its solutions to various organizations. 


To present an athletic web application with unconventional integrals such as user interface, web designs, and technology. Designing the website in a way that flaunts all the products and solutions to its customers in a vital manner.

Our Approach & Solution:

As a solution provider, the Nextwebi team got the nook and corner of all the solutions and products of Dataresolve. With the help of inmost communication throughout the project, Nextwebi chose framed

A quick look at the essentials:
For Dataresolve Team
  • Showcase all the products and solutions in a simple and effective manner.
  • Provide ample resource materials for a broad understanding
  • Manage the organization updates.
  • Detailed information for business collaboration.
For Customers
  • View and understand the products and solutions of Dataresolve with details.
  • Detailed information and form for business collaboration.
  • Online and offline resource materials.
  • A site where customers can engage and learn about the brand and solutions.


With a detailed and robust application, Dataresolve having a wide global presence across organizations. The website helps organizations to understand the various solutions provided by Dataresolve in a detailed manner that takes increases the ways of providing a single integrated solution worldwide. The website also helps Dataresolve for business collaboration with various vendors and organizations.  

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