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Welcome to Nextwebi IT Solutions, the leading Ecommerce Website Development Company in Bangalore. With over 8 years of experience in the industry, we have served more than 800 clients, delivering highly skilled Ecommerce Website Services that drive results and maximize ROI.

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Our team of highly skilled Ecommerce Website Developers is dedicated to delivering exceptional value and service to our clients. We specialize in designing and developing ecommerce websites that are simple, user-friendly, aesthetic, and bespoke. Our Ecommerce website services is based on the Asp.net, MVC, .Net Core framework with C# and backend with a strong database of SQL Server, My SQL. UI and UX is built on HTML5, CSS3.0, jQuery, Javascript, Bootstrap & React JS. At Nextwebi we also specialize in Shopify website development services, WooCommerce, etc. We take pride in our ability to understand our clients' unique needs and deliver solutions that meet their specific requirements.

At Nextwebi, we offer the Best prices in the market for our Ecommerce Development Agency services, without compromising on quality or service. Our goal is to deliver exceptional value to our clients, and help them achieve their online business goals.

Whether you need a simple ecommerce website or a complex enterprise solution, we have the expertise and experience to help you succeed. If you're looking for the Best Ecommerce Web Development Services in Bangalore, You are in the right place. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you take your online business to the next level.

Ecommerce website development services made for your
business needs

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Responsive e-Commerce development

We build a responsive website that gives unmatched website visitor experiences irrespective of the device being used to reach them. The eCommerce website development services provide a platform for businesses running on multi-vendor merchandising models as well.

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Shopping cart development

Explore our expertise in building high-performance, feature-rich shopping cart that encourage conversions and revenue to the business. Build a custom shopping cart with customized business rules and offers more than a regular experience to your customers.

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Payment gateway integration

Integrate all domestic and international payment gateways into e-commerce applications to facilitate easy and secure online transactions and multiple methods of split payments, EMI options offered in multiple currencies across the globe.

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Plugin & utility development

Get customized plugin development and utilities that enhance your eCommerce stores with the features that work for your business. Provide your customers with an optimum shopping experience with additional features using extensions.

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Custom e-Commerce website design

Get an appealing, engaging, and conversion-friendly website UI/UX design and leverage your eCommerce website capabilities. Provide your customers a satisfying experience with the easy navigational flow and user-friendly information architecture on your ecommerce platform.

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Role-based login

We provide an easy accessibility feature for your team with a custom role-based login for your staff members and with permissions to access multiple features with access based model.

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Integration with external system

Integrate your eCommerce application with an external system, ERP applications, CRM tools, inventory system, shipping, accounts, and more.

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Reports & analytics

Custom reporting system and billing based on various SKUs and take control over the business. With our services, you'll get reliable analytics and responsive reporting for visitor monitoring, traffic segmentation, navigation analysis, abandoned cart, bot-based responses and more, so you can learn more about what your consumers are doing on your site.

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Security, maintenance & support

Custom ecommerce solution with SHA2-based encryption and external plugin-free, tested code using security tools like NESUS, and Load balancer. We provide round-the-clock maintenance and support services to assure a stable and seamless online shopping experience for your customers.

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Shipping & inventory management

Store, track and maintain a complete record of your ecommerce inventory with our custom ecommerce development services. Inculcate an accurate, efficient, and cost-effective inventory management process in your ecommerce website for easy order management.

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Multivendor marketplace

Our eCommerce development services Provide opportunities for multiple vendors to register on your ecommerce site and sell their products online through a single storefront with ease.

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Ecommerce API development

Take advantage of this extensible facility without developing it from scratch. Transfer information from one place to another through a single user interface.

Why choose Nextwebi as your custom ecommerce website design company in bangalore?

Nextwebi is one of the best custom eCommerce website development company in Bangalore, India. Our speedy and high-quality development best practices are made to meet your needs and help your business expand while constantly keeping up with all the newest technical advancements so that we can give up-to-date solutions.

Best coding practice

Our eCommerce website developers are trained to write managed code with version controls, integrations, and reusability and follow efficient and best coding practices.

Custom business logic

Our Ecommerce development services provide infinite possibilities to enhance your ROI by reflecting your business logic in our ecommerce platform.

Role-based authentication

Provide access to your staff members based on the requirement with our role-based user authentication feature.

Branding & ownership

The development of our ecommerce websites is highly customized as per your branding guidelines and provides authority to own the IP of the application.

SEO optimized

Our eCommerce website developers ensure that the code is designed based on eCommerce SEO guidelines guidelines, schema-rich, dynamic on-page SEO optimization to provide better visibility on search engines and higher traffic

Scalable hosting infrastructure

Managed infrastructure for an eCommerce website with multiple hosting options such as AWS, Azure, and Google cloud with backup and security.

Nextwebi’s eCommerce website development process

eCommerce Requirement analysis & consulting

Requirement analysis & consulting

We understand and align your business objectives for ecommerce development with the valued addition of our experience.

eCommerce development roadmap

eCommerce development roadmap

A detailed project planning and choosing the right technology with documentation and hosting infrastructure planning.

eCommerce UI/UX & development

UI/UX & development

With complete wireframe, user story, and test cases our development team builds a scalable eCommerce website.

eCommerce Website testing

Testing & go live

A code level and usability testing are done for the eCommerce website to check the functionality in real-time before making it live.

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eCommerce web development technologies & tools we work with

It's important to stay up-to-date with the latest Ecommerce Web Development Technologies & Tools in order to deliver the best results for our clients. At Nextwebi, we work with a variety of platforms and tools to ensure that we are always delivering the most effective solutions for our clients' needs.

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.NET Core
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Corel draw
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Visual studio
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Visual studio code
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Office 365
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Microsoft dynamics
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Google Cloud
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Digital ocean
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SQL Server
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eCommerce web development technologies & tools we work with

It's important to stay up-to-date with the latest Ecommerce Web Development Technologies & Tools in order to deliver the best results for our clients. At Nextwebi, we work with a variety of platforms and tools to ensure that we are always delivering the most effective solutions for our clients' needs.

Empower your ecommerce business store to unlock your business potential

Nextwebi, a custom ecommerce website development company provides our clients with completely customizable designs to help them achieve their business goals. Our custom-built eCommerce solutions which are flexible, convenient to operate, and hard to break will strategically assist clients' efforts to increase profitability, shopper engagement, and ROI.

Custom eCommerce web development features

Nextwebi has a track record of assisting numerous organizations in achieving their ROI. We deliver exceptional solutions that bring value to your organization by combining development tools with our in-depth domain knowledge. We make the best of designs with great sales content to boost sales. We also do enough checks beforehand to make sure that your site provides a great user experience. Easy navigation, easy ordering, great shopping cart, faster checkout, and payment gateway of choice are the best features of our eCommerce web development services. Alongside responsive e-Commerce websites, we also develop APIs for fast and light mobile apps for an even better and faster sales process to guarantee your chances of being sold. Nextwebi, as the best eCommerce website development company provides the best features in the creation of fully customizable websites.

“ Great eCommerce websites don’t just happen accidentally. Those websites are planned delicately from start to finish, to convert random visitors into paying shoppers. At Nextwebi, we specialize in serving our customers with scalable, flexible, and customer-centric custom e-commerce website designs and development solutions. ”

  • Emerging technology integration
  • A platform that is SEO-friendly
  • Websites that are easy to navigate and load quickly
  • Secure & scalable solutions
  • Reliable & cost-effective solutions
  • Reporting & analytics
  • B2C eCommerce websites
  • B2B business ecommerce solutions
  • Multi-vendor eCommerce website
  • Upgrade, migrate & scale
  • Integration with the CMS, CRM, ERP
  • Integration & development of APIs and platform

Related services

Learn from our work

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We are proudly associated and have maintained long term relationship with several clients over the years. Meet our esteemed clientele with whom we are working.

Ecommerce website development for versatile industry needs

Ecommerce website for startups

Take your business to a whole new level with our custom ecommerce website development service. Get complete control over designs, features, and accessibility with our customized ecommerce platform designed just for your business requirements.

  • Tailored website development with high scalability & flexibility
  • Responsive & compatible across all browsers
  • Helps boost efficiency and thrive in the competitive market
  • Maximizes your technology investment with security and support
  • Helps in building brand reputation and provides credibility
  • Run attractive and creative marketing campaigns

Ecommerce website for small businesses

Enhance your customer base by reaching out to them with your custom ecommerce website. Promote your products and brands with a customized website tracking your orders, products, customers, and other relevant information.

  • Create brand identity and customer loyalty
  • Greater reach and customer acquisition
  • Easy management and seamless user experience
  • Promote your website with SEO and social media promotions
  • Connect with your customers as a brand instead of as an individual

B2B ecommerce website

We help your business promote your products and services to other businesses with our highly professional eCommerce website development services. Provide a professional and personalized experience to the customers with enhanced features and easy navigation.

  • Enhanced analytics for better insights
  • Customer-centric experience and service
  • Expand and automate business reach
  • Provide a highly efficient platform for your clients

B2C ecommerce website

Create an interactive, multilingual, and feature-rich custom ecommerce website that includes custom functionalities to address your business requirements.

  • Bulk data management with backup features
  • Add and manage products according to the availability
  • Easy order and transaction management
  • Promote seasonal discounts and offers

Multistore ecommerce website

Register, create a profile, and sell your products online with multiple vendors with our multistore eCommerce development services.

  • Dedicated inventory management for each vendor
  • Control over making seasonal updates
  • Dedicated order and tracking history for each vendor
  • Super admin view for overall account management

Nextwebi your technology partner

  • Serving startups to Fortune 500s across the globe
  • Expertise in customized IT Solutions and Digital transformation
  • Experienced development team with training and upscaling
  • Consulting, Development, DevOps, support in-house team
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FAQ's on eCommerce website development

Due to custom UI/UX design and business logic implementation, usually, it takes about 30% higher time to develop custom eCommerce solutions, it also depends on the project requirements.

The amount of time it takes to construct a website is entirely dependent on elements such as the resources you require, the development platform you choose, the minimalist style you like, functionality, and so on. It could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to build an eCommerce website.

The website's design will be tailored to meet your needs. We create a unique website that is tailored to your company's needs, is fully responsive on all platforms and improves branding and promotion. We make certain that your website increases your return on investment.

Yes, the client can own their server and we provide migration support to move the files to the client-server.

Custom eCommerce applications are very cost-effective and built with long-term thought and you save a lot of money over a period of time, no recurring payment, agile & scalable application gives you full ownership of your eCommerce Application

Absolutely! Your current website design can be modified and built up to date with the latest technologies as per requirements. Our UX design team will evaluate your current website layout and provide recommendations for website improvements.

Don't Worry, with our standard working practice we have 3 rounds of regressive testing which are scenario-based, tool-based & real-time which eliminates the possibility of any errors. However, any bug after the website is developed, and gone live will be taken care of by the expert development team & support team. We also provide 12 weeks of free assistance after the development of the website and you can also opt for our maintenance and support at any time.

Yes, based on the project requirement and client needs our developer overlaps the working hours based on the client's location.

Yes, with custom eCommerce web development you get the full ownership rights and flexibility to move the project to any development team.

No, there will not be any limitation on the number of users or products with the solution we develop. But the solution needs to upgrade the hosting service accordingly.

At Nextwebi, the cost of ecommerce website development depends on various factors such as functionality, design, and features required. We provide custom quotes based on your specific needs and budget. Contact us for a free consultation.

Yes, We provide SEO services for ecommerce websites. Our team of experts optimizes the website for search engines to improve the website's visibility and drive traffic to the site. Visit eCommerce SEO Services to know more.

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