Custom cross-platform API integration company

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Our team of expert API developers at Nextwebi, a leading cross-platform API development company develops well-documented, dependable, scalable, and secure APIs which adhere to your specific business requirements.

API or Application Programming Interface enables interaction and felicitation of data between devices softwares and application, it works on cloud hosted environment and cloud based applciations. Simplifying the development process with custom APIs enhances the overall user experience, boosting user engagement and enabling users to access numerous applications. Specialized APIs are utilized to enhance advanced applications, enabling our developers to augment and improve services.

The skilled developers at Nextwebi can integrate any enxternal APIs in accordance with your business specifications or can develop the api for your application to improve and extend the services you provide to your end users. We have successfully worked with and integrated multiple APIs across various industries like hospitality, real estate, travel, ed-tech, accounts, reatil, aviation and much more.

API solutions with custom business logic

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API consulting

We help businesses and industries understand which API integrations are helpful and can help them optimize their business workflow. We help you analyze and understand how to simplify your work process with custom APIs.

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API testing

At Nextwebi our testers ensure the APIs are functioning smoothly and secure and effectively without hindering your business workflows. Rigorous tests and conducted and issues are resolved which might affect the applications’ functioning.

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API architecture

Regardless of platforms, our API architecture offers flexibility and scalability for adaptation. We build application ecosystems that are modular, reusable, and perfect for microservices.

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Third-party API integration

Sync data between applications, add web service capability to existing apps, and integrate diverse business systems and processes. Integrate web service APIs to implement performance and connection security.

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Custom API development

Extend the functionality of your application to various systems, platforms, and devices with secured custom APIs. For your desktop, mobile, online, or cloud, our development team specializes in developing simple and secure custom APIs.

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REST API integration

We create .Net framework integrations for REST APIs. It makes it simple to download all of your website's products, orders, and other information and manage them on other programs. Our programmer's process data in many programming languages using the SOAP / REST API protocols.

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API consolidation

Different applications api's can be integrated into one system and can be made one type of api's which gives an stractured data response which may be platform-specific or cross-platform.

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API as a service

We introduce API as a service to construct application building blocks. For the purpose of implementing API as a service, our API developers focus on web protocols like SOAP, REST, JSON, EDI, AJAX, XHTML, XML, HTTP/HTTPS, JAVA, and TCP/IP to help you communicate with third-party APIs and manage your own custom APIs using API as a service.

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Multi-Channel API

we create cloud-based APIs for social networking, ERP Solutions, CRM, Warehouse management, Inventory, Accounting, storing and sharing documents, images, and other types of data, among other things. By creating API layers for business services, you may connect apps and data across several clouds.

Key differentiator

At Nextwebi, a leading custom API development company, we effectively create APIs with high performance, security, and suitability for any industry or business type and your particular needs. Our programmer's process data using cutting-edge techniques in a variety of computer languages. We focus on your requirements and consistently fulfill client expectations.

Business-centric development

We develop and customize APIs to increase efficiency of the applications that gives a competitive advantage by addressing companies' internal needs, meeting consumer expectations, and maintaining regulatory standards.

Secured and tested APIs

We ensure that APIs keep your sensitive and critical data protected and avoid any kind of data loss or leakages and provide limited access.

Reduced development time

We evaluate your needs and present the best option to that helps to reach your objectives, whether they involve changing your current operations, integrating third-party APIs with your website or online apps, or something else entirely.

Scalable API architecture

We create a high-quality API that can scale and function with the business ecosystem and necessitates careful consideration of every decision, starting with the execution environment.

Process of cross-platform API integration

API Requirement Gathering

Requirement gathering

We understand and align your business objectives and cross-platform API integration requirements.

API Development


Our development team develops and integrates an API that fits right into your business workflow.

API Testing


Rigorous functional testing and security testing is done on the application to ensure that it is bug-free and performs seamlessly.

API Integration

API deployment

Deployment and monitoring the performance of the hosted api’s , we prefer a secure cloud environment such as AWS or Azure or local secure intranet systems.

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Technologies we work with

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.NET Core
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Corel draw
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Visual studio
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Visual studio code
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Office 365
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Microsoft dynamics
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Google Cloud
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Digital ocean
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SQL Server
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Technologies we work with

Integrate cross-platform APIs to reduce development and operational costs

Nextwebi develops and integrates secured, well-documented APIs that will enable your apps to easily connect to and work with your clients, vendors, and business partners while increasing your business revenue. Contact Nextwebi, one of the best cross-platform API integration companies for scalable, structured, and robust APIs.

Cross-platform API integration features

Nextwebi helps you meet the needs and requirements of your application with customized cross-platform API Integration, reducing the overall development and operational cost. Enhance client readiness by harmonizing company processes and gaining greater connectivity by modifying standard and custom APIs linking to third-party applications and websites.

Organizations and enterprises improve the quality of their online services and provide better client experiences with the help of scalable cross-platform API Integration. We understand and are aware of the significant impact APIs have in optimizing the business workflow, hence utilize the advanced tools and technologies to provide you with a service that will enhance productivity and revenue generation.

  • On time integration
  • Customized, scalable, and innovative
  • Security and accessibility testing
  • Reusable code across platforms
  • Reduce development time and enhance productivity
  • Protects data and reduces risk
  • Process-driven and high reliability
  • Fuel innovative business growth
  • Strategically developed and trusted
  • No dependency on UI
  • Apply custom business rules on the go

Related services

Learn from our work

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We are proudly associated and have maintained long term relationship with several clients over the years. Meet our esteemed clientele with whom we are working.

Scalable cross-platform API integration service

Any external API integration or utility development

We have a great team of experienced developers and we have worked with multiple types of systems and developed utilities which communicate with the API’s that process the data provide returns and responses, with extensive tools uses and development capabilities we can integrate any API’s either it is SOAP based, XML, or JSON restful we have experience in all. We have also worked with lots ERP, CRM, POS applications and the solutions from the eCommerce domain and travel domain. Contact us to understand our capabilities and consult for innovative solutions.

  • Travel API integration
  • eCommerce API Integration
  • ERP Solutions API Integration
  • IOT Solutions API Integration
  • CRM Solutions API Integration
  • Accounting Application API Integration
  • Aviation Application API Integration
  • HR Solutions API Integration
  • Hotels and Resorts Channel Manager API Integration
  • & many more.

Payment gateway integration

Nextwebi enables you to quickly and easily handle payments by integrating popular payment gateway APIs, with your current e-commerce business, website, and social networks. The gateways include:

  • Razorpay
  • Instamojo
  • PayPal
  • Authorize.Net
  • PayU

APIs for shipping carriers

For companies needing specialized shipping carrier API integration services, Nextwebi provides easy API integrations with market-leading shipping carrier APIs to increase revenue and ease of use.

  • Shiprocket
  • Bluedart
  • FedEx
  • Shipkaro

SMS and communication APIs

We use web service API integration to seamlessly integrate well-known cloud communications platform APIs, linking current business systems with communication features.

  • Twilio
  • Telesign
  • Plivo
  • Nexmo

Social networking APIs

Utilize our unique social API connections to link your website, online store, and analytics programs to your social media platforms

  • Facebook page
  • Instagram
  • YouTube channel
  • Twitter

Nextwebi your technology partner

  • Serving startups to Fortune 500s across the globe
  • Expertise in customized IT Solutions and Digital transformation
  • Experienced development team with training and upscaling
  • Consulting, Development, DevOps, support in-house team
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The cost of cross-platform API Integration depends on the projects, specifications, requirements, and goals. To know about the cross-platform API Integration cost for your project contact us today!

Contact us and our experts with understand your business workflow and need and get back to you with a free proposal.

Time taken to develop the project depends entirely on the project specifications, requirements, dependency and goals.

We will keep you informed and provide frequent updates once we begin working on your project, owing our project management team ensures smooth communication.

To protect the API integration from malicious attacks, our highly qualified API developers adhere to industry standards of security protocols.

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