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Client Profile

Aranyani is USA based luxury designer handbag & fashion e-commerce. With its Indian artistic touch and aim of sustainability, Aranyani makes handmade; crafted bags for men and women. Having tons of stories with each bag; Aranyani aims to take it with its aesthetic premium bags across the globe, to millions of people.
Client: Aranyani
Domain/Industry: Fashion
Tech Stack: SQL Server, HTML, CSS, AWS, dotnet MVC, dotnet core, Dot net, jQuery, Javascript

About Product

The Problem:

Being the premium fashion product company, the challenge was to provide ease of feel and accessibility to the global audience where users can experience the product understand the brand value and know about the story about the brand and craftsmanship.


To build a high-end website with a rich user interface and features that convey strong creativity and uniqueness and the capability to showcase premium products to Global customers. We made a goal to come up with a dynamic web-based custom e-commerce application to showcase products with a smooth user interface that allows users to see and feel luxury aesthetic products.

Our Approach & Solution:

With a clear understanding of Aranyani’s core values and audience through discussions with the Aranyani team, Nextwebi consulted to choose the best technology, right platform, video, and photoshoot of the product, as a technology partner of the brand we set a goal to have a custom e-commerce application, photoshoot, videos, branding, and digital marketing services.

Some key factors of the application are listed below:
For Aranyani Team
  • Seamless inventory system connected with warehouse and factory application.
  • Manage the online orders and payment from the system for seamless inventory and revenue management.
  • Manage the brand updates.
  • he centralized system of managing global store inventory with customer CRM portal.
  • Video Production | Photo Shoot | Website | Branding Plan | SEO | Digital Marketing
For Customers
  • View the elegant and luxurious handmade designer bags and other accessories in different angels and closer visuals which allows users to feel the material and the premium quality of the products.
  • Make an order in multiple currencies from different parts of the world, with exceptional customer experience
  • Videos and gallery that explains the craftsmanship of the products and its uniqueness.
  • A site where customer can engage and learn about the brand.


A brand clearly communicating its values and started farming its targeted community, with a 360-degree solution brand started taking its own identity with an online platform to position the product in the right hands. Aranyani gets great international exposure with its high-end website. With its exceptional user interface, Aranyani showcases its handmade designer products which allow people across seas to fall in love with it. The website gives Aranyani international reach and brand visibility. With its social media and online presence,  Aranyani reaches and engages its customers across the globe.  

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