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If you own a business and sell products online, you already know that advertising is essential for attracting customers to your site. But what if they aren't ready to buy right away when they come across your store? Or what if they get sidetracked before making a purchase? It turns out that 97% of visitors who come to a site for the first time depart without purchasing anything, and then they're gone for not your good unless you're able to resurrect them. After visitors leave your website without purchasing, retargeting advertisements remind them of your products and services.

We at Nextwebi help you to retarget users who have visited certain pages and offer them relevant visual or text advertising when they visit other websites. Google Ads, Facebook retargeting, LinkedIn Ads, and other retargeting advertising platforms are used to run retargeting campaigns. Retargeting is a critical tool for serious marketers like us today to engage with your consumers and improve sales and client loyalty.

Work With Nextwebi - A Professional Customer Retargeting Agency

Retargeting is a long-term marketing technique for firms with an established audience. We are a Google partner agency and we help in Google remarketing advertisements for you and increase your website monthly visitors. We help in promoting your bestsellers, and for a fact retargeting advertisements are a quick and easy method to highlight your best-selling items. Additionally, advertising goods that your current customers enjoy will help convert visitors into customers and boost your ad's return on investment.

When you introduce new collections, we assist you with customer retargeting. When you're releasing a new product collection, people who are interested in your brand and visit your website are a fantastic audience to target. Your retargeting advertising will capture their attention wherever they go on the internet, directing them back to your business to see what's new. We do this using Google AdWords display advertising or a Facebook remarketing campaign.

You've definitely faced slow-moving goods as an online merchant at some point. Retargeting advertisements are a low-cost, low-effort approach to display potential consumers' excess goods from your business and we at Nextwebi are experts in doing so for you. We assist in the development of brand awareness. Most people want to feel like they know you before buying your product or service, and retargeting advertisements keep your brand in front of potential consumers who aren't ready to buy when they initially come to your site.


We assist you with retargeting the correct audience

We segment your audience to successfully retarget your consumers, and an agency like Nextwebi may be precisely what you need to efficiently segment your customers.
We categorize your clients under the following categories:

Cart deserters

With these clients, retargeting would likely be the most successful strategy, given they're already one click away from completing a purchase and were abruptly diverted for a variety of reasons.

Newcomers to your website

Something sparked their attention, but convincing them to return to your site and make a first-time purchase may take a few tries. We provide you with tips and tricks in attracting these new customers.

Recurring customers

Because your firm has already established a relationship with these individuals, it never hurts to remind them that you still exist and have a few goods that could be of interest to them.

Latest visitors

While we created a terrific first impression on these consumers, enough to keep them coming back, so we help you seize the opportunity while it's still hot.

We retarget at the appropriate moment

When customer retargeting is done at the proper moment, it is the most successful. The sort of audience member we're targeting and the type of product you're selling will influence when we begin your retargeting campaign. At the following moments, we retarget:


If a consumer leaves your site, we may easily track them down by placing a retargeted ad on the next site they visit. Retargeting them with the item that's still in their cart if they abandoned it, giving them a gentle nudge to urge them to finish their purchase helps and there’s a hefty chance that they purchase your product or services.

One-time events

Around the holidays or special occasions, we readdress your audience in a more subtle manner, making it a fantastic opportunity to retarget clients. A new product, a service update, or an event might pique their interest.

Items that are about to expire

Another fantastic approach to retarget your consumers is to detect that a product they bought with a shelf-life is about to expire and offer them the opportunity to repurchase based on their purchase history. This may apply to food purchases, cosmetics, printer cartridges, a subscription about to expire, or even a Broadway performance about to close. We help you keep track of all your customer’s purchases which helps better reach them and benefit both you and your customers as it acts as reminders.


We make sure that the frequency of your consumer retargeting is evenly distributed. This will make you appear less intrusive while also protecting you from overstaying your welcome. Also, we make sure we don't bother a consumer with the same ad after they've converted. We help you with a system that recognizes when a purchase has been completed and either stops the ad from showing or rotates it to another as a cross-sell opportunity.

We retarget with the most appropriate message

After we've figured out who we'll be retargeting and when,
we follow these five guidelines to put together the right message:


We make sure to add your company logo in your retargeted ad so that your audience knows it's from you. We make sure it's appealing to the eye and has a well-placed call-to-action (CTA).


We use an active verb in the CTA with the fewest words possible to avoid overburdening the ad. Also, we make sure the wording emphasizes the items' advantages rather than their qualities.


Target cart abandoners and recent visitors with items left in their carts, first-time visitors with a special offer such as free shipping, or repeat customers with customised recommendations based on recent purchase etc when highlighted give an impact and we have seen great results.

Attach Link

When your retargeted consumer clicks the CTA, we direct them to the product or service page. Giving clients a direct link improves the likelihood of them acquiring your products and services.


Customers may be segmented depending on their interests, allowing us to provide a more tailored offer, thus increasing the chances of a conversion.

Our retargeting and remarketing campaigns

The terms "retargeting" and "remarketing" are quite similar in that they both refer to the same thing. The strategies employed to achieve these aims are what distinguishes retargeting from remarketing. Retargeting is a type of paid advertising that is used to target people who have visited your website or social media accounts. Remarketing is a type of marketing that focuses on customers who have already done business with your company. Nextwebi is a strong marketing agency that lets you turn website visitors into consumers after they've left your business site.

With our structured campaigns we assist you in:

  • Engaging your audiences that have already visited your website and are familiar with your brand.
  • Targeting customers who are most likely to buy.
  • Establishment of a long-term relationship with clients by increasing brand awareness and recognition.

Nextwebi :Where retrieval matches your marketing strategy

To guarantee that none of your clients fall through the cracks, we use more than one marketing channel. According to Google, integrating retargeting with other forms of advertising can help you sell 50% more products. All of the tools you need to develop integrated campaigns are in one place with Nextwebi.

We use email, Facebook ads, or Instagram ads to drive visitors to your website. We then retarget them with an ad if they leave without purchasing (product retargeting). We send a welcome or first-purchase automatically when they make a purchase and you get their email address at checkout to keep them connected with your business.


If a consumer leaves your site, we may easily track them down by placing a retargeted ad on the next site they visit. We retarget them with the item that's still in their cart if they abandoned it, giving them a gentle nudge to urge them to finish their purchase.

Customers are served advertising on external websites based on their past browsing behavior on the firm's website, which is known as retargeting. It's an effective approach to re-engage clients who have previously connected with your business over the internet.

However, when it comes to attracting individuals back to convert, retargeting works. Furthermore, retargeting efforts are very inexpensive in comparison to other forms of advertising. In addition, rather than running awareness advertising to lead consumers down your buyer's funnel, you may provide ads with a greater ask.

Remarketing is significantly less expensive than a traditional pay-per-click search campaign. While a Google PPC search ad may cost between $2 and $3 per click, a remarketing ad can cost between $0.25 and $0.60.

In a nutshell, we are rapidly approaching a future free of third-party cookies. The need to track user behavior online, on the other hand, will never go away. Advertisers rely on retargeting advertising much too much, therefore it's just a matter of time until third-party cookies are phased out in favor of other technologies.

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