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Nextwebi IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the market-leading custom eCommerce website development company in Bangalore, India. We excel in creating best-suited custom e-commerce solutions based on day-to-day business needs. Our eCommerce solution is based on the, MVC, .Net Core framework with C# and backend with a strong database of SQL Server, My SQL. UI and UX is build on HTML5, CSS3.0, jQuery, Javascript, Bootstrap & React JS.


Our Custom eCommerce website development solutions enable application capability of integration with any 3rd party application such as an:

  • External inventory system
  • Shipping partner
  • Payment gateway
  • SMS integration
  • Email API
  • RFID systems
  • Tracking with GPS
  • CRM system
  • ERP modules
  • Salesforce
  • SAP Systems
  • SharePoint
  • Bookkeeping system
  • Microsoft Dynamics & more

At Nextwebi, we meticulously comprehend our clients' needs and deliver custom e-commerce website development solutions tailored according to their specified business requirements and providing customer-centric engaging experiences.

We provide you with conversion-focused custom business workflow and lightweight site features for your custom eCommerce website which will help your business get a better ad rank on Google Adwords, Social Media & Digital Marketing platforms. Our dedicated team of professional developers follows unique techniques which are not dependent on any plugins to customize and develop your eCommerce website which adapts to your unique business needs. We provide our clients with comprehensive, sophisticated, and advanced features with high-security benefits across budgets and suitable for all requirements.

Nextwebi has successfully implemented our custom eCommerce website development across various verticals of business like:

  • Custom Mobile Phone Skin and Cases
  • Fashion Industry
  • Props & Gifts
  • Multilingual eCommerce
  • Holiday industry eCommerce
  • Hospitality Industry eCommerce
  • Global Flower Delivery
  • Customized Apparel Shopping
  • Aviation Industry
  • Adventure Sport Industry
  • F&B eCommerce
  • Cosmetic Industry eCommerce
  • Grocery store eCommerce
  • B2B eCommerce
  • Battery buy & sell eCommerce
  • B2B & B2C eCommerce
  • Multi-Level Marketing eCommerce

An eCommerce made for your business needs

At Nextwebi, we provide an Ecommerce platform with a customized approach and embedding the essential features to seamlessly address your unique business needs and requirements for high customer traffic, surging sales and higher conversion rates.

Responsive Website Development

We build a responsive website that gives unmatched website visitor experiences irrespective of the device being used to reach them.

E-Commerce Marketplace Development

We offer eCommerce marketplace development services for businesses running on multi-vendor merchandising models.

E-Commerce App Development

We implement the eCommerce advantage for businesses by providing marvelous e-commerce mobile apps to visitors.

Shopping Cart Development

Explore our expertise in building high-performance, feature-rich shopping carts that encourage conversions and revenue to the business.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate all kinds of domestic and international payment gateways into e-commerce applications to facilitate easy and secure online transactions.

Maintenance & Support

We provide round-the-clock maintenance and support services to assure a stable and seamless online shopping experience for your customers.

Plugin & Utility Development

Get customized plugin development and utilities that enhance your eCommerce stores with the features that work for your business.

Custom E-Commerce Website Design

Get an appealing, engaging, and conversion-friendly website UI/UX design and leverage your eCommerce website capabilities.

Custom Shopping Cart

Build custom shopping cart with customized business rules and offer more than a regular experience to your customers.

Coupon Engine

Build custom rule-based coupon engine for your customer and marketing team and have seasonal offers and discounts on your website.

Role Based Login

Have a custom role-based login for your staff member and show what is allowed to access for them.

Integration with External System

Integrate your eCommerce application with external system, ERP applications, CRM tools, inventory system, shipping, accounts and more.

Reports and Billing

Custom reporting system and billing based on various SKUs and take a control over the business.

Repeat Order

Build a cart where your customers can come again and again and reorder the products on a single click.

Custom Shipping Rules

Make custom shipping rules based on the location, order quantity, products and customers.


Custom solution with SHA2 based encryption and external plugin free code tested code using tools like NESUS.

Ownership of Application

Custom solutions developed by us give you full ownership of the application with copyright on everything.

SEO Friendly Code

Lightweight SEO friendly website code followed by the schema guidelines, free from duplicate template code make your website to rank higher.


Front-end Technologies

jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, Responsive, Bootstrap, SCSS, React JS


SQL Server, My SQL, Mongo


AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Godaddy, Google Cloud


Asp.NET, .Net Core, Asp MVC


ASP.Net, C#, .Net Core, Web API, Restful, JSON

Why Nextwebi

Nextwebi IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is constantly delivering custom solutions to the leading businesses around the world for more than 7 years; we have crafted many business software solutions and simplified the business processes with help of the latest technologies.

Our holistic project management approach with a strong leadership team makes sure to match the expectations, timeline and project schedule. We believe in transparent and scalable business processes.

To look at some of our works visit our portfolio page.

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Benefits of Custom eCommerce Solutions

  • Possibility to have custom CRM and Integration with other CRM
  • SEO friendly code and based on schema guidelines
  • No need to change your business workflow
  • Custom UI as per your requirement
  • Not dependent on the plugin
  • Custom API's for Mobile App Development
  • No unwanted code high performance on SEO
  • Conversion focused custom business workflow
  • Higher security no unwanted plugins
  • Role-based authentication for staff members
  • Enhance user capacity and serve more
  • Custom Tax rule implementation
  • Less training to staff members
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Customized & feature-rich application
  • On-Time Cost no Recurring Payment
  • Better ad rank on digital marketing campaign
  • Infinite possibilities of implementing custom business logic
  • PCI agreement and security managed solution
  • Get own branding and ownership on application


Due to custom UI/UX design and business logic implementation Usually, it takes about 30% higher time to develop custom eCommerce solutions. it also depends on the project requirements.

Yes, the client can own their server and we provide migration support to move the files at client-server.

Yes, based on the requirement we do provide knowledge transfer and migration support.

Yes, with custom eCommerce web development you get the full ownership rights and flexibility to move the project to any development team.

Yes, it's possible to make changes in the design or features even after the online portal is developed. custom eCommerce solutions are agile and it gives full flexibility and scalability to upgrade or change your website feature with minimal cost.

Yes, based on the project requirement and client needs our developer overlaps the working hours based on the client's location.

Don't Worry, with our standard working practice we have 3 rounds of regressive testing which is scenarios-based, tool-based & real-time that eliminates the possibilities of any errors. However, any bug after the website is developed, and gone live will be taken care of by the expert development team & support team. We also provide 12 weeks of free assistance after the development of the website and you can also opt for our maintenance and support at any time.

It is possible to build a completely customized eCommerce web application based on your business requirement, from the custom UI/UX design of the application you can customize user flow on the website which gives you better conversion and save your marketing cost.

Custom eCommerce applications are very cost-effective and build with long term thought and you save lot of money over a period of time, no recurring payment, agile & scalable application gives you full ownership on your eCommerce Application.

Absolutely! Your current website design can be modified and built up-to-date with the latest technologies as per requirements. Our UX design team will evaluate your current website layout and provide recommendations for website improvements.

Yes, We do provide monthly/yearly website maintenance and support services. You can pick from the packages monthly or yearly to retain the website maintained.

No, there will not be any limitation on the number of users or products with the solution we develop. But the solution needs to upgrade the hosting service accordingly.

The security of the website is a prime concern for us and we take every measure to extend the website's security. Every data of your website will be well secured with our website security services.

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