Resource Augmentation Services @ NEXTWEBI

Nextwebi expertise spans the technology expert spectrum and includes such skills as IT consulting, systems programming, software development & administration, systems and application management, testing & system support engineer, front-end developers, server security services, and more. We also advise highly specialized abilities in a variety of high-level technologies. We understand that our clients require flexibility and scalability to meet the fluctuating requirements of their businesses.

Our professionals can be engaged:

  • As needed during gearing up for a worker-intensive project.
  • When you expect advanced technical skills beyond your in-house abilities.
  • To fulfill short or long term skills gaps created by sudden incidents or planned leaves of deficiency.
  • Improve your internal skills as a member of your team, consumed for a particular number of hours/month.

Working with the client:Nextwebi assists to determine the skills required and the scope of work expected. If a company did not need a full-time employee in the role. Instead of that, they contracted a fundamental Nextwebi programmer for the set number of hours/month & years, with the choice to increase the professional’s hours as required for projects. The company additionally leveraged Nextwebi's support for entrance to skilled programming resources on nights, weekends, or holidays as demanded. Nextwebi’s Resources Augmentation Services have saved the company money and provided them access to deeply skilled resources on whom they can depend.

Why should you choose Nextwebi for Resource Augmentation?

Nextwebi advises customized Resource Augmentation Services tailored to satisfy each client’s unusual requirements. We believe in long-term client relationships. We’ve developed based on the achievement of our Resource Augmentation engagements.

  • Technical expertise in the variety of technoscientific skill sets over a wide range of technology environments.
  • The in-house team of certified technical specialists, available to deploy when demanded.
  • Highly experienced telephone technical assistance services available.
  • Capability to leverage partnerships with top technology corporations.
  • An unequivocal dedication to the client relationship and your organization’s progress.

Benefits of Resource Augmentation Services

Accordingly, we will customize the eCommerce page to satisfy the requirements of the business. If the client is not having any immediate option of online business, we build everything from the basic level itself. In case, if the client already has something, we will provide it a fresh new look and enhance its productivity level.


The ability and expertise of our resources empower them to perform fast and meet the project deadline.

Overcome Training Expense

Overcome Training Expense as our resources have all the essential skills to administer a project with the highest productivity.

Reduce payroll processing

Payrolls are designated for permanent staff. With our resource augmentation services, cut down the payroll for your temporary staff.

Increased Flexibility

Flexibility to reduce or expand the workforce at any given time. This way we ensure maximum productivity throughout the project time cycle.

Easy Recruitment

No more promotion for vacancies, and cut down hassles to filter profiles with recommendations and interviews. Directly call us and we will provide the most qualified resources handpicked by our specialists for various requirements.

Reduce Operations Cost

Nextwebi's resource augmentation plan can save your expenses on HR, administration, and other additional employees with benefits, combine as insurance, and medical claims.

Why should every organization have a Resource Augmentation Plan?

It is a huge challenge for many organizations to attract, maintain, and train a specialized IT talent. Also, including the rapidly growing nature of technology and business requirements, the requirements of IT resources can vary dramatically. Project execution frequently requires additional resources or expertise beyond the in-house IT staff. Hiring, training, and maintaining additional permanent, full-time team members are not always achievable or cost-effective.

Organizations are dependent on smooth and continuous service delivery from their IT Departments. The deficiency of experienced resources, planned or sudden, can induce delays that cause productivity and financial damages. More unfortunate, a loss of critical experiences can leave a department helpless to react to the problems that arise. The coordination of your IT team can influence your business outcomes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Resource augmentation is one of the outsourcing processes that allow staff hiring to ensure up-to-date delivery of a particular task. WE have two types of stuff/Resource augmentation services - short-term and long-term or for a client and project ones.

Resource augmentation is the process of hiring external workers to complement the skills of the current in house staff. The majority of the project would still be done in the house, while some minor roles will be assigned to the external team for support or assistance.

On the other hand, Project outsourcing is the process of transferring the entire project work to an external outsourcing team. The resources, strategy, and output are all done externally with the usage of the devices and facility of the outsourcing team.

Resources are outsourced by the Nextwebi based on required skill set and duration at the client location on a fixed monthly cost.

Resource Augmentation: It is an additional hand to your team temporarily with expert knowledge in a particular field.

Outsourcing: In Outsourcing, you hire a team from an agency or from a different business that accommodates skilled workers for an amount of time or a particular project.

The cost of the service depends on the type of service and location. It can charge hourly rates or fixed rates.

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