Next cohort starts: 1st of every month

Limited no. of seats available

Program duration: 6 months

At 10 hours/week

Online training

Learning format

React training overview

Get step by guidance and training to develop React applications that work seamlessly across all devices. Leverage the potential of React to develop scalable web applications through this immersive instructor-led React training at Nextwebi. Get hands-on training on developing and deploying robust and modern front-end solutions for clients based on their project requirements with this extensive React Training at Nextwebi.

Build interactive user interfaces with this versatile Javascript library with instructor lead React training. Master the web development skills required to create a dynamic react application with real-time projects and IT exposure. Gain an in-depth understanding of react concepts to create and deploy dynamic front-end applications using React features.

React training details

React training course is developed and taught by industry experts to help to become a professional React developer. This extensive React course trains you with live projects on:

  • Learn React-based concepts like ES6, Redux, React hooks
  • Build components with React and structure, and API integration
  • React State and Props, React Event Handling, Routing in React, Styling React
  • Developing interactive single-page applications
  • Building scalable React web applications using component-based programming.

Prerequisites for react training

The candidate should have completed a minimum diploma or a graduation degree to enroll in this course. React training also requires the candidate to have a minimum knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Tools & technologies you learn

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React hooks

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Skills covered

  • React
  • Redux
  • React hooks
  • ES6

Training options

Corporate training

Weekdays Weekend

Train your employees and equip them with the latest skills

  • Customized learning module
  • Real-time project learning and execution

Online training

Weekdays Weekend

Learn from the personal guidance & expertise of Industry experts.

  • Individualized learning and career guidance
  • Personal assistance in real-time projects.

At office training

Weekdays Weekend

Get corporate exposure to learn and develop websites

  • Learn from industry experts
  • Real-time project with corporate exposure

Full course syllabus


  • Why we go for React?
  • How to display view/template to the end user (components, JSX)
  • How to handle events.
  • How to take data from input controls (3) and validate.
  • How to handle AJAX.
  • How to render text dynamically in the view.
  • How to apply styles dynamically.
  • node js basics
  • React Code(client) + node JS(server) + MYSQL (End to End Application)
  • React Routing (create-react-app, create-react-component to get u r application structure)+ build + deployment.
  • Reusable components
  • Life cycle methods
  • HOC
  • Communication between components
  • Context
  • JSX
  • Lists (map), keys
  • Conditional rendering
  • State less vs state full
  • Controlled vs uncontrolled components
  • React fragment.
  • Test cases using Jest Framework.
  • Integrate with other libraries (React Table, React-spinner, React-Modal etc.)


  • Introduction
  • Array Helper Methods
  • Let and Const
  • Template Literals
  • Arrow Functions
  • Default Function Parameters
  • Rest and Spread
  • Destructuring
  • Classes
  • Promises
  • Fetch


  • How to implement redux in react.
  • Redux logger
  • Redux thunk
  • (react + redux) client + node JS(server) + MongoDB


  • useState
  • useEffect
  • useRef
  • useReducer
  • useMemo
  • useCallback
  • React hooks(client) + node JS(server) + Mongo DB + webpack

Live projects in react training

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Tourism website

Create tourism website with HTML, CSS, Javascript and React

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School website

Build a responsive website for a school with React

Alternate Text

Restaurant website

Build a responsive website for restaurant using React to manage orders

Alternate Text

eCommerce website

Build Responsive eCommerce website with React

Alternate Text

Todos application

Build a Todos application to manage and organize activities using React

Alternate Text

Wikipedia search application

Build a Wikipedia Search Application using React.

Job opportunities after react training

React is one of the highest growing and in-demand careers globally and among the highest paying IT jobs. The salary of a fresher full stack developer is 6-7 LPA whereas those of experienced developers range more than 50-60 LPA. The individual's salary is also affected by industry, job description, job location, and much more. React is one of the rapidly growing career options and has rewarding future growth.

“ Become a professional full stack developer with Nextwebi’s rigorous React training program designed to help freshers gain expertise and knowledge to excel as a full stack developer. "

  • Web designer
  • HTML developer
  • Javascript developer
  • UI developer
  • Front end developer
  • Web developer
  • React developer
  • React web application developer.

Why choose us

React Training at Nextwebi is designed to train individuals according to the latest industry requirements and advancements. The training module is designed to provide candidates with complete practical-based learning with various projects. Get an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the working of the IT industry and gain knowledge from the expertise of industry experts. This one-of-the-kind React training module is a way for freshers to kickstart their careers in the IT industry.

  • Real-time projects and assignments
  • Live instructor-led training and expert guidance
  • Experience of handling live accounts
  • Training experience from an IT company
  • Corporate exposure with technical knowledge
  • Explore your professional network
  • Certification and recommendation letter
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Grow your career with industry-oriented react training

Upgrade your technical knowledge with Nextwebi's React training, taught by industry experts to boost your career in React in 6 months. Get an immersive, interactive, and intricate learning experience with the right React training for your career.

Who can join?

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Pursuing graduation

Learn practical concepts with real-time projects under the guidance of industry experts while pursuing your education.

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Passed out

Start your career with Nextwebi's on-the-job training program and enhance your technical and corporate skills.

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Career gap

Restart your career after the career gap with Nextwebi's intricately designed training program. Learn and grow.

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Career change

Switch your career with ease by gaining relevant and updated industry skills required in the current industry.

React training certification

On successful completion of React training at Nextwebi get a certificate of training completion. The certificate will be provided after completing the training and completing all the projects and assessments successfully.

This certificate will be beneficial to your career growth and a great addition to your resume. Companies accept the React training certification by Nextwebi across the globe.

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The duration of the React training will be 6 months.

The cost of React course for 6 months is 85,000 INR.

Yes, once you complete the training successfully and submitted all projects and assessments the training completion certificate will be given.

Yes, you can enroll in this training without having an IT background as we will be training you right from the basics.

  • Web designer
  • HTML developer
  • Javascript developer
  • UI developer
  • Front end developer
  • Web developer
  • React developer
  • React web application developer.

The candidate should have completed a minimum of a graduate degree or a diploma.

Yes, you will be getting a course completion certificate after the completion of React training.

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