Professional Tax Registration

Professional tax registration is mandatory for businesses within 30 days of employing staff and for professionals within 30 days of starting practice. The professional tax has to be deducted from the salary/wages paid. Tax rates are varied across states, however, the maximum amount that can be levied as professional tax is Rs.2500 per annum.

Steps for Online Professional Tax Registration

One working day: You have to provide a PAN Card, Address Proof & ID Proof of all directors/partners/proprietors of the company. Also, required to furnish details of all employees working under you.

  • The application form of professionals will then be submitted to the concerned authorities. If documents are all provided in order, then the process won’t take more than 2 working days.
  • Within 5 to 7 days, the basic acknowledgment will be provided. In case, the documents are not in order, the officer will ask for the missing documents. Once the missing documents are provided, the process will be completed. The registration hard copy is then issued within 10 days at all major cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once payment is made online, you will get an acknowledgment receipt, which has to be downloaded. The receipt indicates that the payment has been made successfully.

A person who is liable to pay professional tax must file returns by 31st December, each year.

Income tax is a direct tax, collected by the Central government from all taxpayers. It’s charged on a certain percentage of their income. Professional tax is an indirect tax collected by the state government. It’s normally charged, based on a slab for people engaged in business or occupation.

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