Online GST Registration - An Overview

GST (Goods & Service Tax), was implemented on July 1, 2017. A commercial tax applies to all Indian service providers, including freelancers, manufacturers, and traders. Taxes that come under GST are Central taxes like Service Tax, Excise Tax, CST, and state tax like Entertainment Tax, Luxury Tax & VAT. The entire process of GST registration is done online with no manual involvement.

 Components of GST

 There are 3 tax components in GST. First is, the Central component (Central Goods & Service Tax or CGST). The second is, the State component (State Goods & Service Tax or SGST), and the third is, the Interstate transaction (Integrated Goods & Service Tax or IGST).

What is GSTIN?

 A unique identification number is given to each taxpayer. To verify the number, a person with the GST number can log onto the GST portal.

 What is GSTN (Goods & Service Tax Network)?

 It refers to section 8, non-profit, non-government, private limited company. A one-stop solution for all indirect tax requirements.

Documents required for Online GST Registration

The list of documents required to register GST, for various business purposes, are as follows:


PAN Card and address proof of proprietor


PAN Card of LLP, LLP Agreement, Partners name and address proof

Private Limited Company

Certificate of Incorporation, PAN Card of Company,Articles of Association(AOA), Memorandum of Association(MOA), Resolution signed by board of members, Identity and address proof of directors, Digital Signature

The following can be shown as proof of address of a director:

Passport, Voter ID Card, Aadhaar Card, Ration Card, Driving License, Bank Account Statement

Who requires a GST Registration?

Any business or organization that's involved in buying or selling goods and services has to register for GST. For business/companies having an annual turnover of Rs.20lakhs (for the supply of services) and Rs. 40lakhs (for the supply of goods), it's mandatory to register for GST. As per the recent notification by the government, E-commerce sellers/aggregators with total sales less than Rs.20lakhs, have been exempted from GST.

Frequently Asked Questions

ARN stands for Application Reference Number. After conclusive proof of successful submission of the application and upload requisite documents online, the server generates the ARN.

Yes, GST applies to all types of businesses, service providers, traders, and manufacturers. It extends to any dealers, bloggers, and writers, import-export business, all types of startups and companies, whether they are LLP's, proprietorships, partnerships, or private limited companies.

Yes, GST registration can be applied online. You can register your business through the official GST portal and scan and upload all the required documents. Once the application is received and acknowledged, a GSTIN (a unique 15 digit ID) will be generated and a temporary password and login will be sent.

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