What is Digital Signature?

A digital signature is a kind of physical signature, given in an electronic format, They are normally used in India for online transactions to File Annual returns, Company or LLP Incorporation, Income Tax E-filing, E-tenders, etc. There are 3 classes of Digital Signature. Class, I digital signature is used for securing email communication, Class II digital signature is used for company registration, IT Return E-filing, etc and Class III is used for E-tender and E-auctions.

Procedure for Digital Signature Registration?

Logging into portal

Select the right certifying authorities that issue DSC, from the options given and select the type of entity under which the DSC is required. It can be for an individual, an organization or any class of person.

Filling the form

You are required to fill in the following information: Applicant Name, Contact Details, Class of DSC ( Digital Signature Certificate), Validity of DSC, Type of DSC opted, Residential Address, Document for ID Proof, Document for Address Proof, GST No. & ID details. Once the details are filled in, you’re required to give your Declaration. Affix recent photograph. Provide details of the attestation officer and finally enter the payment details

Validity of DSC

The validity of DSC is normally 1-2 years and once it expires, the DSC can be renewed. Renewal of DSC is the same as that of registration, on the MCA portal.

The applicant can either go to the Certifying authority with the relevant certified documents or it can be done online.

Frequently Asked Questions

To require a digital signature, an application form for the digital signature must be submitted along with an attested copy of the applicants ID proof and address proof, and a recent photograph.

No, physical verification is not required for issuing a digital signature.

A digital signature is normally obtained within 1-3 days, from the date of submission of the application along with the required documents.

A digital signature can be attained by any person (Indian citizen and foreign nationals), and any type of business entity (Company, LLP, Partnership, etc)

It’s a physical signature in an electronic format.

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