Why small business should invest in a website?

Consumer behavior takes new height and changes over time to adapt to dynamic technology. It’s all about convenience in this new era. It has become a must for brands to be technically advanced in every move it takes. The word Digital has not only changed the business method big brands but also changing the entire business world despite the sizes of the business.

Let’s have a look at some inevitable facts and strategies for small businesses with digital advancement.

A recent study analysis found that digitally advanced small businesses

  • Per employee, revenue has increased two times
  • Experienced four times higher revenue growth over the previous year
  • Were creating three times more jobs over the previous year
  • Had six times higher average employment growth rate
  • Google has close to 46% of daily searchers who look for local information and 97% to find a local business.

1.No website means No consideration from consumers

A study found that a business is not considered as one by 30% of customers if it does not have a website. A company website is the number one marketing asset for a company. Nowadays, consumers expect companies to have an online presence, including a website and will consider a company as less professional if it does not have a website.

2. Online is the first place to search for anything.

Having a website means being where your customers are. It is the best way to reach out to customers in an effective way because the chances of rejection are very less. So many companies started to invest in a website with search engine optimization (SEO) because of this benefit. There are 3.5 b searches on Google per day which means at least 2 customers are trying to buy your product online at this very moment.

3. Every industry’s commercial transactions are influenced by digital website content

The impact of website content is huge. It is a sales pitch for your company.75% of B2B buyers do decision making based on the impact they get from website content and 62% finalize their purchase selection criteria based on a website’s digital content alone.

Now, every B2B buyer including industrial and manufacturing companies does 12 online searches on average before interacting with a vendor’s website and by the time they already completed  57% of the buying process before they want to speak with a sales representative. They consider your company website as a channel to reach out to you.

4. A website shows a company’s credibility

75% of customers judge a company based on the website and its web design. A  website is the first place they go to check for credentials, reviews, an average customer spends 10 seconds on a website which means a website should have a clear web design and the basic and main content about your company in the top of the website.

5. A website can beat big brands in the industry.

A website helps a business to get a prominent position in the search results page which means it can grab any customer who comes to the search page in search of a big brand product and service.

6. A website is powerful than Social media.  

Your company website is a direct sales representative of your company who pitches his product to every customer. And social media is a store sales representative who pitches any and every brands in the store. They both make a huge difference right?

Companies can use social media to grow the business but not as a mere marketing channel. It helps your company to influence public perception by creating and telling your own stories. You can share your company’s message, mission, vision, and personality through your blogs with your audience directly which creates a huge impact than any other promotional activities. Sharing social icons linking to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,  other social networking platforms will help your audience to share your content which adds so much value to it. In short, it works like a Word of mouth to other visitors.

7. Opportunity for data collection/lead generation.

By engaging with customers through a website can generate many leads in many ways. When receiving a newsletter or an ebook people enter their email address. This can help you to reach out to your potential customers directly in a personalized way. It is one of the effective and efficient ways of marketing which adds much value and conversion rate to your company.

8. A resource center for your staff.

Your company website not only helps your customers to find you but also can be beneficial to your employees. By creating  an orphan page (one that is not visible anywhere on the site so it can’t be found unless someone is given the direct link) with self-service videos,product information, instructional materials, or even internal forms you can also help your team  to learn everything they need to know on their own schedules.

9. 24/7 Business

Nobody can predict customers’ purchase time. People love to buy at any time in a day. A website can help you to be available to your customers all the time, not simply between 9 am and 5 pm. This can mean a dramatic boost in sales, especially when you factor in additional customers who are not restricted by geography. Your company’s online presence also supports marketing campaigns, customer service, client relationship building, brand recognition, and almost every other element of the revenue stream.

Some important factors to look for in website builders for small businesses.

Affordability: Price is one of the most important factors for small business owners. The best website builder software should be affordable in the beginning and also should allow you to scale up easily when you need to.

Ease of use: Your website builder should be easy to use and learn, with a wide range of templates for all situations.

Search engine friendliness: It should help you to make content appear in search results for your target keywords to attract your target customers.

We at Nextwebi It Solutions offer a value package that is suitable for all types of business. We offer a one-stop IT Solution for any business domain and size.

A good website builder company can help you with,

  • Helps you easily choose your domain name.
  • Offers a variety of website templates.
  • Has mobile design capabilities.
  • Makes photo uploads and gallery uploads easy.
  • Offers a shopping cart service (if you’re selling products online).
  • Syncs with your social media accounts.
  • Gives access to an attentive customer support team.
  • Has a pricing structure that doesn’t break the bank.

-Written by Tharani.

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