What makes a good business website?

There are many ways through which a website can be created with quality design. Here are a few key elements that could be included in your business’s website design.

Easy Navigation

Users come to your website with a goal in mind, like finding the price of an item or contacting your customer service, so you need to make it fast and simple for them, to complete the goal. If your site looks uncluttered and confusing, where users need to click around and search extensively, it will result in frustrated customers who will leave and target your competitor’s website. Your navigation should be articulate and self-explanatory and include large headings with related sub-topics.

Responsive Website Design

With the world becoming digital, people are accessing web pages via smartphones and tablets, hence, it is imperative to have a responsive website design that works well on whichever devices, it’s viewed on.

A website should be adapted in a mobile-friendly way which helps to create a positive viewing experience such as, resizing pages, adjusting menu formats, and integrating drop-down tabs. You need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, because search engines, when crawling, first take into account the layout of mobile pages. It could also help a long way in making your site rank higher in search engines.

Consistent Branding

Having uniform branding helps to create a sense of coherence and professionalism. Ensure that your site has the same layout, typography, and color on each page so that it will help users to know, where they are and on which page, the relevant information is available, which they require. Also, having a selected style guide will make the process of adding pages or elements to the website, quick and easy.

Purposeful Images

Although images and videos are more engaging than text, adding only videos and images on the website can go a little overboard. You need to ensure that your website is not overwhelmed with unnecessary images.

Place a relevant image or video after the text which illustrates or supports the text. In this way, you are conveying your point and engaging your customers. Try to balance the website with well-structured text and relevant images, which will make it appealing to users.

Strong & Articulate copy

Words on a page are a significant part of any website, as these words convey the necessary information to the user. You must ensure that they are well written, structured, and error-free so that it clearly conveys your message in an engaging way to the users. Your style guide should include guidelines on how your copy must be written to ensure consistency across websites and all branding materials.

Call to Action

A call to action is a process where a customer is directed to complete an action, once they click or subscribe to a newsletter. Your CTA buttons should be clear and appealing and conform to your branding.

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Fast page speed

Page speed is a vital part of your website ranking. You should ensure that your site is loading faster, to avoid the bounce rate. Your website’s speed forms one of the vital factors in google search ranking. You can use Google’s page speed insight to see how fast your site is loading and also helps to analyze the areas where you can improve the page speed.

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