What is Branding in 2019!!

“Design is the silent ambassador of your Brand.”  

A brand is an asset to a company. It is a combination of every part of the company has and works for.

Without the brand, no company exists. The brand is simply a promise or a message that the company uses to convey to its customers what it stands for. A successful branding makes a successful company. 

Companies invest more and work hard to do good branding. It is very difficult for any company to reach out to people and occupy a place in people’s mind when thousands of competitors are trying to do the same with their effort and work. 

Knowing the importance of branding, companies should also know the upgradations in branding from time to time to match the customers’ speed and expectations.

As we see everyday, branding includes the company’s logo, advertising, marketing, reputation, vision, quality, website. 

Since the website has become the major communicator between customers and company, it helps the company to do the combined branding in an efficient and effective way. 

On the website, each and every aspect of the website adds value to the brand. It is very helpful to the brand to work on every aspect of the website in order to optimize it. 

Website as a whole should be appealing to the potential audience which takes an effort to come up with style, template, features, color, font, visual images, quality, content and more. 

Choosing the right channel is as important as the brand. Optimizing the channel is a real challenge to any brand. 

Since we are more about a website, it is better to dive deep into it. Without the help of any statistics or statement, we can easily estimate the importance and also the need for a website in this digital era.   

Dynamic Logo

A website is a channel where the brand directly reaches its consumers, more personally and at the same time as a WHOLE brand. 

To be precise, the brand can create a huge impact on consumers which ends up in creating a strong bond with them. So, brands invest much on their website.  

As the logo represents the brand, it should be appealing and remembered forever in the consumers’ mind. The website is the best way to do it with the help of advanced web designing and tools.

Along with the fit-in-all methodology, the logo gets into the next level of appealing. 

Now, logos are more about building a personal connection with every category of consumers with its’ designs. 

These designs vary according to consumers’ category and also clients while having the touch of individualization of the relationship. The real challenge here is flexibility. 

Changing the color, patterns, and images of the logo according to the targeting consumers will be more appealing and attractive to the consumers. 

Though this approach is followed by very few brands online, this new approach will create some impact for sure. 


There is no wonder once you read the above heading, you quickly understand what it is. As we know what it is, it is as important to know why it is now.

Communication is a way bigger and important for anything in personal also professional relationships. I bet you experienced it pretty often. 

So, for building, maintaining a good relationship with a customer is very difficult. 

Chatbot helps you to do it very smartly and quickly. 

Though it is just a part of a customer’s purchase journey, it really makes a difference to your customers. It plays a big role in retaining customers in a huge way.

To be precise, chat bots help your customers to understand the value of your brand and how you value them.

Keep it Simple

A simple website is the one that gains attention. People do have much more options to choose, to be dragged to and very less time to be impressed with.

It hardly takes 7 seconds for a person to decide whether to continue or stay on your website. 

So, in those 7 seconds, you can create a good impression by conveying the quality and value of the brand other than explaining the features. 

Choosing a vibrant design and color will do good !! 

Such as adding organic shapes and lines, retro color schemes of old times, optimizing images in a creative way, monochromatic color scheme, overlapping design elements, extra large size features, extra more white space and more are trending in designs now.

Beyond just Identity

While brand names represent a brand as a whole, it also conveys a serious message. 

It represents the value, promise, product and services it stands for. As a whole Branding is a lot more than a word when it comes to the website too. 

Nextwebi, the Next Web Interface does it effortlessly with lots of efforts helps your brand to stand unique with its branding strategies. 

-Written by Tharani.

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