Ways to Configure Outlook Email on Phone

Before going to the main topic, let us give look about Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook is created by Microsoft with the aim of managing a person’s tasks and information. It is available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. It contains a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal, and web browsing. Though it is mainly used as an email application. It can be used for both personal and professional level. As in, it can be used as a separate single application, and also as with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft PowerPoint Server for organization level usage. It helps to organize all the information and schedule the tasks of multiple users in the organization. In that way, employees can easily share folders, meeting schedules. It is also available as mobile applications for various mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

Here are the steps to access Microsoft outlook from your mobile phone. The setup instructions vary to Android and iPhone.


These steps vary little as not all the android phones are similar. Still, the steps will be similar to the following guidelines.

Manual Setup

1.SettingsAccountsAdd accountEmail.

2. Type your Email address (username@nextwebi.in) and your Password. Then tap Manual Setup.

3.Tap Exchange ActiveSync account / Exchange.

4. Enter your info.

Domain/Username- Type your username@nextwebi.in email address in the box. 

If there are in a separate box, leave the Domain box empty and fill email address in the username box.

Some Android versions accept in domain/username format. (username@nextwebi.in, type nextwebi.in/username@nextwebi.in. For Exchange Server, enter outlook.office365.com.

5. As your phone verifies the server settings, you get the following Account Options according to your phone’s Android version.

    1.Email checking frequency.

    2.Amount to synchronize.

    3.Notify when mail arrives.

    4.Sync contacts from this account.

6. Select Next and Enter a name for this account and the display name. Select Done to complete the email setup and you can start using your account.



2.Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Tap on Add Account.

4.Tap on Outlook.com.

5. Type your Outlook.com Username and Password and go for Next.

6. Select the Services you want to enable and Sync with Outlook and Save.

You can use Outlook.com as an exchanged Option. Just follow the above steps and select Exchange option for account type and you can use other servers such as hotmail.com as your server. 

-Written by Tharani.

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