Video Marketing Benefits

Have you ever realized the difficulties of doing nothing?

Whenever I travel by bus, I always pre-plan to spend my “bus time” since I happen to spend more than an hour on the bus.

Needless to say, it would always be watching Netflix.

On some days, I try to destroy the time by thinking when I do not get a place to sit.

It will be very interesting (not that my thoughts are that crazy) since I stand and get to watch other’s phones and their activities.

Most people text or watch something. When I happen to watch a video on someone’s phone, I try very hard to take my eyes off. Though I know it is wrong to watch other’s phone, it is hard to avoid the video.

I guess by now you would have figured out what I am going to write about today (though the story is not so interesting).

It is obviously about videos. Needless to say, videos have become a part of our daily consumption. It is food for our eyes. In some or other ways, we spend to watch videos for any purpose.

If this is the case, why would it not be on the brand’s top list to optimize?

Video Marketing!!

Let’s start with the history of it. Interestingly, video marketing was started in 1941 by Bulova, a watch selling company for its commercial on New York TV.

Then top brands started to optimize the tool to reach out to the mass of people. It reached its heights in 2005 in the name of YouTube. By realizing its impact, Google bought YouTube a year later. The rest is known.

Video marketing can be explained as doing marketing for your brand through videos.

Why Video Marketing?

Though we all know the answer, let’s go deeper.

1. Your Brand is Visible.

Through Video Marketing your brand ad will gain enough attention to be in the top of mind of your target audience when they have a problem with the solution you have.

2. High Conversion Rate.

Videos engage customers in such a way that it persuades a person into a lead which is very close to a customer of that brand. Brands witness a very high conversion rate through video marketing across channels.

This is one of the proven marketing approaches that give a good return on investment. It is a go for the technique for brands.

3. Gets you closer to your customers.

Videos not only deliver the content that a person needs to know about the brand, but it also creates some connection with that person which changes the game.

As we know it is not easy at all to go closer to a customer in this heavy competitive technological market, Video marketing does it in an effective way when it is connected to customers with some emotions and stories.

4. It makes your E-mail marketing easier.

When it is attached and subjected as video in an email, people tend to open it and consume the video instantly irrelevant to the email sender and video duration.

This increases the click-through rate 4x times which helps in lead conversion.

In this way, the brand has a stronghold on their existing and new customers as they personally approach and create a connection with them.

5. Builds trust.

Whether it is a local or an international brand, videos build trust in a particular brand by making customers understand what it is.

This creates a huge impact on the customer’s minds towards the brand in all ways.

6. Google becomes your brand ambassador.

People love videos so Google loves it too. Google promises to give a proper solution for any search.

As people consume most of the content through videos, Google just hunts the best solution in the video format and hands it to the customers.

In short, Google promotes your brand indirectly and directly in the form of search engines, YouTube.

7. Boosts your social presence.

As people consume videos, they share it with others through social media when they find it engaging and good.

This just spreads your brand beyond your reach.

So, what are you waiting for?

Written by Tharani.

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