Top Design Trends to Be Coordinated With Your Marketing and Web Development

In a technology engrossed modern world, a flawless design and digital asset functionality – which includes marketing materials, website, and social media content is one of the prime essential element for keeping the customer engaged.  A thoughtful blog or a first-rate outstanding product will go unseen if it is placed in a poor user experience website. It is really important for the marketers and the developers to keep up with the latest design trends and understand and value the customer expectations.

We would like to share few points on popular design trends that you can integrate with your brand.

  • Videos – Most of the visitors are visual learners, they like to watch instead of reading anything through hence integrating the video is the most prominent element. Videos will help the visitor to connect and engage with your branding in an emotional way, you will have 10 -15 second to grab a user attention and engage them with your website content.

  • Seo Landing Page – They are none other than a large block of text which are meant to satisfy google algorithm. But these days we are seeing more innovative and advanced design style on Seo Landing Page. When google favors user experience more, it’s important for the marketers to understand that heavy text pages will never be ranked higher.

  • Mobile-Friendly design – The majority of users prefer browsing through a mobile application and such interest has given rise to mobile commerce. For any website, responsive mobile application designs ensure a better and maximum accessibility for mobile devices used to deliver a seamless digital experience.

  • Interactive Experience – Any customer who come and pay a visit to your site, they always come with high expectation, from the moment of their visit through all sales funnel, you should always be prepared to deliver the interactive experience which would engage the customer and connect them to your branding in an emotional way.


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