The Essential Features of Mobile Web Design

Technology is at our grasp nowadays. Those days are long gone where sitting at a desktop computer to get the access to the internet. Everyone has access to the internet with them all times starting from smartphones to Wifi. Whether you are at airport or coffee shop it is absolutely possible to access the internet from anyplace.  

The number of organization nowadays centralized their focus on website mobile version instead of desktop version. At some times, the desktop version can be viewed on phone but the outcome of such scenarios are generally not very ideal experience. Therefore, while creating a mobile version, an extraordinary planning and effort must be put in place because the similar design for every device does not bring the ideal user experience.

Easy to find Contact Details:

Your business contact details must be the primary thing user search for when they got to your website. While you incorporate the contact form on a desktop version but for the mobile version, it is likely to be advisable to have clickable contact information. It could be a live chat option or place a call immediately, however, the visitors mustn’t spend more time at hunting the company contact details.

Flexible Images:

Since the phone screen is smaller compared to a PC, it quite important that we keep this point in mind while incorporating the images, it has to have an option for enlarging and zooming option for a better view. If the visitors are unable to see the images, they probably won’t buy your product.

Legible Text:

Reading on phone screen is distressing to the eyes. In a way, you need to ensure that text is large and legible enough.

Social Media Integration:

Every desktop site has incorporated social media buttons and it has to be same for the mobile version too. While incorporating the social media buttons one has to utterly sure that they are legible and easily found.

Fast Loading Speeds:

Desktop sites are usually quick, however, the mobile site is often disregarded. When designing a mobile site we have to ensure that it loads quickly as possible. The ideal loading time must be three seconds – or less. No matter which device the visitors access the site from, the loading time should be quick and rapid.


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