Static vs Dynamic Website

It’s very important to know whether websites are made static or with responsive designs.

  • The static website, regardless of screen size always fills the device screen with the same format while viewing on a smartphone one have to zoom in and out to read information clearly. Wherein a dynamic website contains coding written into the website design which allows them to expand, contract or even change the format completely based on device size, being used to view it. Such seamless transition from computer to smartphone creates a better user experience.
  • The theme and content for the static website cannot be upgraded because there are no codes used while creating them where due the flexibility in the dynamic website user has the complete control in changing the content or they can keep updating the blog or any recent informative updates.

  • A static website can be easy to develop with the help of an experienced person with a knowledge of HTML or CSS in case of the dynamic website it requires qualified developers to create, manage, test and maintain the security of database and application.
  • The static website has its own benefit too, it can be developed in short time when compared to dynamic one, they are economical and are the best solution for a startup or any other business that runs out of money. A dynamic website is arranged and easy to maintain and well organized, with good content and designs presentation that gives much professional and refined look.

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