SMS Marketing Strategies

We all use phones, either a smartphone or a feature phone. And we do still use text messages once in a while in one way or another.

It has become our basic and simple way of communication.

Though we use Instagram, facebook, twitter, Whatsapp we can not completely ignore SMS in our way of communication.

On top of it, we do not completely ignore noticing SMS even when we are totally engaged.

The reason is, SMS is simple, easy to read and most importantly it is a rare happening event. So we do notice all the SMS.

This conveys all the important roles of SMS. Let’s dive directly to all the important tactics to follow during SMS marketing.  

sms marketing


I receive approximately 60 to 70 emails and a few SMS every day. Though I do not open any unofficial emails, I still find myself opening emails which has my name in it.

It is human psychology.

I am sure everyone would have done it at some point in time.

When we see our name or something different which is made for only us we consider it.

This is the power of personalization. It helps you to make your SMS to considered to open in the first attempt or level.

This does not stop only with the name of the person.

It goes a little beyond it.

It pays you back when you take efforts to know your customers or audience. Since you already know the purpose of the marketing activity it’s must to know your customers.

It includes knowing their location, gender, income, preferences, history, purchase behaviour and more.

It helps you segment your customers.  

Keep it Simple & Friendly

Messages can be very simple and friendly which connects your brand to your customers instantly.

It is very simple tactics but it makes a huge impact on people’s minds.

Messages with clear information convey the whole point in seconds to customers.

No one wants to spend more than 2 seconds for reading promotional texts.

Making it fun, conversational and interactive will do good.

Give Value to get it back

Whatever your goal is, it should give some value to the people who read it.

Understanding your customers’ problems or to make them say, their behaviour will help you to do it.

And the solution should be a unique one.

Even Though your targeting thousands of people with similar interests, the solution should be exclusive to that one customer which the customer to consider your solution out of many.

Segmentation is very helpful here.

The same works for offers that you want to provide to your customers. It should be very exclusive not ordinary at all.

It is always NOW

When we realize that we can always get something any time we usually do not give much priority to that “something”.

So, the message should urge the customers to grab the offer or your solution now not anytime later.

Here call to action, should be very clear and quick to convert your lead into a customer. 

Time is Price


Timing is very important for anything.

A good joke loses its value if it is delivered at the wrong time. Similarly, a message should be conveyed at the right time.

Since it is SMS which is easily avoided, it should be sent at the right time.

It should reach your customers when they are likely to use phones.

Sending SMS in the early morning would not make anyone read it, at least immediately. 

The Brand Name

The message should be always leading or guiding your customers to your store or website.

It is a must to include links, location and Brand name in the text.

The simple and clear text reaches faster to customers’ minds. It boosts the conversion rate in a big way.

A way to reach your customers

Mentioning your location or ways to connect with you such as website link in SMS is a must so that customers know how to reach you.

SMS is not only for sending messages, but it is also for receiving back.

Since SMS has become very handy, customers should be feeling very convenient to reach you at any time regarding any inquiry.

This works best for local businesses. A service in need is a service indeed.

There is no better way to get connected to your customers. 

Keep it going

Marketing activity is a slow and constant one.

It should be constant always. Helping your brand name to keep in your customers’ mind is very important.

At the same time, marketing is a complete process of connecting with your customers.

SMS can be one of the ways to reach. SMS marketing is an unavoidable strategy and equally beneficial as other marketing strategies

Following your customers through emails, online & offline promotions are the other ways to optimize it.

Reasons for not to miss SMS Marketing are,

1. Immediate response

2.High deliverability / Open rate


4.Local connection

5.Real-time response

_Written by Tharani.

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