SMS Marketing

What is marketing? in simplest terms, it is communicating to the consumers about products or services that you are providing. Marketing has very less to do with getting customers to pay for your product rather marketing is thinking about the business in terms of customers’ needs and satisfaction. There are many different ways of marketing out of which the most direct and effective ways SMS (Short Message Service) marketing.

When mobile phones first became popular, SMS advertising was the only mobile marketing option available for businesses. Now two decades later despite the emergence of plenty of fashionable mobile marketing options like social media marketing and inbound marketing many businesses still rely on SMS marketing to get their message heard and build relationships with customers. Also, the popularity continues because of its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and its reach. 98% of SMS are opened and read within three minutes of delivery. This compares favorably when compared to emails which have an open rate of only 22%. Studies also show that advertisement coupons attached to marketing SMS have a redemption rate 8 times higher than when attached to emails.


There are a few common misconceptions associated with SMS marketing like, do we need our own shortcode, is it difficult to set up, where do we get the customer contact information database. We shall address these questions.

  • “no, you don’t need your own shortcode”.While large brands may find value in getting their own shortcode, most businesses and non-profits can save the expense and hassle. There are many SMS marketing providers who use shared shortcodes for their clients. This saves them money and allows them to get up and running quickly.
  • It doesn’t cost a lot and it is very cost effective. Frequently, marketers are surprised to hear the cost of entry-level cost of SMS marketing. For whatever reason even small organizations assume the investment to be very high (It’s not!).
  • It’s extremely easy to setup and manages. With a limit of only 160 characters in an SMS, it is more difficult to decide what the content of your SMS should be than it is to setup the software.

For growing a big list of mobile numbers a business can blast out messages to many people and they can then increase their database by capturing the email address, zip codes, survey response, product number and much more through text message. Focusing on the inbound parts of SMS along with the outbound parts will give you an opportunity to gather valuable data and feedback from your users.

SMS marketing is particularly effective because it is a permission-based activity. Customers will have to opt into a business’s text message marketing service before they can receive a marketing text message. This helps the business to launch SMS directed towards customers’ already Interested in whatever the business has to say. Apart from it all in order to protect the customers, the “Mobile Marketing Code of Conduct” prevents spamming and protects personal privacy. It governs how you should build your customer database, stipulates that you give customers the opportunity to opt out of receiving your SMS marketing and control the frequency at which message should be sent.

SMS marketing is used by many of the large brands in our country, but remains relatively Untapped by small and mid-sized is amazing how these well-known brands are using SMS Marketing today and how effective and beneficial it would be for small and mid-sized businesses especially if they can reach the audience where their competitors haven’t reached yet.

Long story short, SMS marketing is one of the most effective and underrated method of marketing, which is not only easy to manage and setup but also best for creating brand awareness and increasing purchasing intent.

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