SEO and Its Shifts

I recently went to Mysore for work. I got down from the bus and was ready to travel to my destination, then I remembered that I did not take a photocopy of the documents I needed.

Then I did what we all do which is walking down the streets(sometimes the same streets twice) for more than 20 mins.

Though I tried to get help from the shopkeepers, I could not get proper navigation to a photocopy (xerox) shop. 

After losing hope of being lucky enough to find it, I got a brilliant idea. Guess what… I googled it !!! (got the voice in your mind)

Being habituated to getting google’s help for major places and landmarks, I did not get the google idea in the first place but to my surprise, I was easily navigated to the nearest shop in seconds.

It was then I realized google’s reach and role in our daily life for almost all the needs.

Also how it helps even a small photocopy shop man to get his customers who have not even heard of him before.

This is exactly Search engine optimization does to any business. We would have heard this very often and would most of us know what it is in this Google era.

I will discuss this in detail now.

So, What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing the online content of a web page so that a search engine will show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.

To put in with an example, think I am running a restaurant and owning my restaurant website.

I develop and work on my website adding the menu, introduction about my business, recipes we specialized in, using particular words that describe and relate to our business so that when a customer searches for a restaurant in my location Google shows my website and location. 

There are many surveys and statistics to show the impact of SEO on any business. 

Few are,

  • Search engines play a huge role when it comes to the online experience. Its contribution has grown up to 93% in 2019
  • In B2B marketing, SEO is proved as the most effective marketing method by 57% of brands across the world.
  • 72% of digital marketers stated that Content marketing is an effective online marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization is getting advanced day by day according to technology and lifestyle changes. The following hot trends of SEO.

1.Voice Search

As we adapt fast to voice searches and witnessing all the statistics, we could easily say that voice search is going to be a part of our life.

Beyond just mobile phones, it touches our life in other forms such as home speakers. 

Here are some ways to optimize the voice search for your brand.


Content comes first above all the parameters.

Quality content adds so much value to a website and makes google to choose your website among thousands. 

Long-tail keywords

As we browse for service or product, we would have realized that we look for a particular solution in a short time without going through all the search results and websites.

So, we directly come up with a question for our needs.

Understanding this, Google started optimizing all the relevant resources and helping its customers quickly.

If you have long-tail keywords with FAQs and blog posts explaining the solution that your customer looking for, it will help Google to analyze your website content fast and show it to customers.

This brings huge web traffic to the website without much hassle. 

Optimize for “Near Me” Searches

Since near me searches are very handy and quick, it is becoming very popular in voice search.

Optimizing your local marketing will make a difference.

Use Schema Markup / Structured Data

Adding schema tags to your web content will make your content as a golden answer to the searches.

When a customer searches for a service/product he directly goes to the featured snippet without looking at the other options which means the possibility of turning him into your customer is very high comparatively.

This not only gives your website ‘zero’ rank on the search engine also increases the chance of optimizing the voice search directly.

2.Mobile-First Indexing

As mobile searches are drastically increasing in recent years, optimizing your website for mobile search is a must.

With mobile indexing, you help Google to establish search engine ranking bt crawling mobile web pages before it crawls desktop web pages.

It gives your website a huge opportunity of grabbing that 52 % of online traffic. Things to look after for mobile indexing are the below ones.

Mobile-Friendly Design

The website should be responsive so that it easily adapts to any screen size. 

Same Content on Your Mobile Site

Google also looks for the same content, links and other features across all mediums.

Site Speed (Page Speed) 

If you look at any top websites on the search engine, the will have a common feature of having lesser loading time which is lesser than  1.10 seconds.

Google algorithm considers page speed as one of the important criteria.


HTTPS works as a protector. It keeps your website secured from the unwanted things, also boosts the website’s SEO presence. 


AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, allows publishers to easily create responsive, mobile-optimized content. It three components of AMP are,

  • HTML tags:  helps common web patterns render information quickly
  • AMP JS: works as a library that manages the resources and helps for fast rendering.
  • AMP cache: a content delivery network that both loads content and ensures speed

AMP helps publishers to decide how they want to present the content with suitable technology. It enables higher performance and engagement of a website. 


It has become one of the main ranking signals as it helps to reduce the loading time of a website very effectively.

Structured Data

Using the same schema markup on both mobile and desktop versions of the website will allow google to crawl the website effectively.

Also, do not forget to keep the mobile version URL in the schema markup.

Social metadata

Make sure that you add OpenGraph tags, Twitter cards and other social metadata on both mobile and desktop versions.

3.Video content optimization

Presenting content as customers like it will be a clever move towards optimizing the content.

As video content consumption has increased drastically, Google tries to provide video content for almost all searches. Having video content on your website will help to have an upper hand toward ranking.

-Written by Tharani.

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