Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is the technology to monitor the signals and electronically record the presence of an object or item. This advanced technology has been in used widely across different manufacturing plants and organizations for identifying objects, packages, persons, boxes and a variety of other items.

RFID technology has been in great demand these days as it tends to reduce workload and guarantee precise monitoring with high accuracy. Therefore, manufacturing units widely use this technology today for access control, asset trekking, inventory control, and secure payment system. This technology is truly bringing a revolution in the domains where security, trekking goods, and logistics plays a crucial role and demands for accurate and close monitoring or data feeding. Nextwebi It Solutions specializes in designing unique RFID solutions for all businesses that guarantee easy and simple management.

Implementation of customized RFID solutions into your business can be a difficult and time-consuming job, but our technical experts make it easier for you as they have the right skills to design and deploy the solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. We at Nextwebi It Solutions ensure that deployment and utilization of RFID technology is as easy and affordable as possible for our clients.

Nextwebi It Solutions has the right skill sets to render customized RFID solutions that surpass the expectations of the clients and meet their specific demands in the best way possible. With our rich experience in RFID technology and a highly dedicated team of professionals, we successfully manage to develop and design quality and result-oriented RFID solutions for our clients. We are globally acclaimed for rendering cost-effective and targeted RFID solutions for a variety of niches and domains, which include manufacturing units and Asset Trekking Organizations that make use of our Active & Passive RFID technology.

To design and implement more efficient and result oriented RFID technology into your business has become easier with our services. We have the right skills and in-depth knowledge about varied RFID solutions to make the entire process easier and simpler for our clients. Our technical experts will work in coordination with you to better understand your specific needs and provide you with detailed information about different RFID solutions, including the turnkey knowledge about the technology with the user-friendly application.

Nextwebi It Solutions provide full-range of RFID solutions and has been working this technology for several years and have precise knowledge of installing and incorporating RFID technology into non-traditional applications, including, container tracking, inventory control, pallet tracking, parking lot access control, manufacturing line, car inventory tracking, hands-free access control, fleet tracking and much more.


All our RFID related services and products begin with the free site surveys, ROI illustrations, requirement analysis and our team of dedicated professionals provide complete support all the way through hardware supply, solution deployment, and integration.

Nextwebi It Solutions has been serving the industry with its exceptional services related to RFID Technology. We design and build unique RFID products and solutions that work exceptionally to offer the new approach for tracking objects and security in the 21st century. We understand the unique requirements of each business and hence we work dedicatedly to apply RFID solutions efficiently so that all the problems can be solved with ease.

RFID Solutions We Provide 

  • RFID Application Development – Nextwebi It Solutions specializes in RFID Application Development that allows organizations to directly track the objects in a cost-effective way. If you are in search of an experienced RFID application development partner then Nextwebi It Solutions is here to help you out. Whether it is related to RFID devices or applications, we have the skills to provide you highly experienced skilled, talented professionals to work for you and render RFID solutions that are a custom fit for your business. Our unique programming software and applications allow us to code and design RFID applications that are efficient and more robust in storage and tracking.
  • RFID Hardware Selections – Owing to our rich experience and expertise in the field, Nextwebi It Solutions can provide you with best suggestions in selecting the right RFID hardware solutions for the specific application that ensure to remain viable for years to come. We will ensure that the selection of RFID hardware elements incorporate exceptionally and can help you attain the desired ROI, right from the conception.
  • RFID Reader Selections & Types We also specialize in hand-held and fixed RFID readers that allow you to get instant visibility into your operations with keeping the overall cost as minimal as possible. Both the fixed and hand-held RFID readers use very low power radio waves to receive and send data between the readers and tags. It can read write and read hundreds of tags within a range continuously. From indoor customer-facing and carpeted environments to loading docks and warehouses, our hand-held and fixed RFID readers can definitely help you attain maximum visibility into enterprise assets. We deal in three different types of RFID Readers such as UHF RFID Reader, HF RFID Reader and Active RFID Reader.
  • RFID Readers and Frequencies Radio waves basically work and behave differently at different frequency bands and have advantages and disadvantages associated in using each of these frequency bands. The reader that behaved well with ultra high frequency is referred as UHF RFID Readers. The normal frequency band covered by our UHF RFID Readers ranges from 300 MHz to 3 GHz. Our UHF RFID Readers serve the needs of varied industries and can be used for different applications like wireless device configuration, pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting and retail inventory management. The frequency bands used by our HF RFID Readers range from 3 MHz to 30 MHz and these readers experience modest sensitivity to interference. We have been serving different industries and organizations with our HF RFID Readers and it is commonly used for payment, ticketing and data transfer applications.
  • RFID Active ReadersOur Active RFID Readers come with their own power source and transmitter. The readers usually broadcast their own signals to transfer information and details stored into the microchips. This reader is basically operated in UHF frequency bands and it is commonly used on large objects which are required to be tracked over long distances.

Nextwebi It Solutions take pride in rendering quality RFID solutions and services and believe in developing long-term business relationships. So, give us a chance to prove our skills and talent by addressing all your RFID related problems.  


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