Points to Remember While Choosing A Payment Gateway

As most of the running business choose the digital marketplace to expand their business as a result, plenty of payment gateway industry have come forth.

It is quite advisable to consider few things before choosing a payment gateway.

  • Payment Schedule – The money from the transaction takes 2-3 days or sometimes 10 days to get credited into your bank account, hence confirm the payment cycle.

  • Payment Option – Choose a payment gateway that offers various payment option like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking which has to be must and also if they offer wallet options.

  • Payment Gateway Cost – It’s worth checking how much you will be charged for every transaction wherein some of the providers offer free set up and attractive offers.

  • User Interface – The interface should be user-friendly for both customer and merchants wherein all the service and options are clearly visible and available for them and do check if a payment gateway also offers plugins which are easy to update.

  • International and Domestic Transactions – If your brand has international reach, check with the provider if they offer you payment gateways that accept foreign currencies including that you have to check the charges as they are usually higher for international transaction.

  • Customer Service – It’s an extremely important factor as it needs to be efficient, responsive and quick in response.


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