COVID-19 Awareness Program – Symptoms and Prevention

COVID-19 Symptoms

COVID-19 commonly called the Coronavirus. A person may be suffering with COVID-19 from 1 to 14 days before developing any serious symptoms. The prominent symptoms of coronavirus are fever, runny nose, tiredness, difficulty in breathing and dry cough.  

Coronavirus symptoms

COVID-19 Prevention

Here are the Points and easy to do Prevention:

  • Wear a Face Mask
  • Cover mouth and nose when coughing
  • Wash your hand frequently
  • Seek medical care if symptoms appear.
  • Avoid contact with animals
  • Avoid markets and crowded places

Do’s & Don’ts – Protect Yourself from Coronavirus

The best thing you can adapt to your daily routine. Take a few steps to protect yourself. Here is the best way to prevent illness is to avoid exposed to this coronavirus.

How to stay safe Important Precaution 

Simple and Powerful Hand Wash Process – Wash Your Hand at least 20 Seconds (Try and doing it with warm water will be more effective)

hand wash process

We Nextwebi, as a family wants everyone to be safe and follow these simple practices during this situation. Nextwebi wish you all a happy and safe life.

COVID-19 Awareness Program
COVID-19 Awareness Program

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